The Parable of the Lost Church

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 2, 2010

God states that the church is lost in doctrine, gifts, traditions, mindsets, relationships, leadership and identity. They are all wrapped up in the swine of religion and have been eating from the filth of theology, denominations, corruption, adultery, pride, human wisdom, idolatry and greed. They are looking for the new wine anointing but they don't want to change their religion to get it, so God allowed the younger brother to go away from the church and learn the truth of the state of the world while all the time perfecting his relationship with God. So while checking out the skin of what he came out of the bride realized who she was called to be, but she previously did not know because she was wrapped in the form of a man wanting to be accepted. So the bride decides to go back into the walls of religion as a member so she can work her way up to reveal the transformation that she had learned in the world. But before she could get back the father saw her, “no dear you were in training all the time, now I will introduce you to the rest of the servants of the bride so we can celebrate.” But the church heard all the new revelations and signs miracles and wonders because the bride has the choice gifts, so the church got mad because pride wouldn't let them ask for help because they have all the degrees, and went to the expensive schools and all the younger had was a GED and a lesson in world living. So the church got mad because all the members went to see the changes that the young bride was talking about, and they saw the anointing and mantle that was upon the brides' back and their feet are blessed and covered in the gospel. And the bride celebrated all the way home.

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