The Babylon Children

by Dedric Hubbard
March 23, 2010

So who are the manipulated children of this system and what are the signs of these offspring? Be careful the more you read, you could be one of them. The Babylon children are nothing more than carnal Christians. The enemy knows their weakness so they use these unfathered individuals in their carnal state because they are ripe for the picking. These are the ones who believe God, talk in unknown languages, and say they have been blessed but to look at their situations it makes you wonder. Then you have the half-ers who possess spiritual gifts but are carnal at heart. Thus they are able to use a God-said if they are in the right sphere of influence which mixes the truth with a lie (“prophetliars” is a better term). By them being carnal in nature the use of a church using and indulging in carnal activities draws them in. They mirror the world in song, dance, and enticing language then slowly manipulate them with their Babylonian gospel. These are the ones who stand at the brazen altar, but are too busy with their own agendas to see what God has to say to the Mary’s of this world. Their focus is more in the outer court with the workings of religion but never the spirit of it. See they stand at the brazen altar but never really get themselves cleansed of the things of the world. Therefore they never really enter into the presence of God or look through the veil to perceive what is happening. To cleanse at the brazen altar means no more shacking, bootleg clothes and cd's, false prophecies, blunts, weed, crack or alcohol. No pride, no cheating on income taxes none of that. So the enemy tricks them with an allusion of God's holiness and there is really no manifested presence because when the lights are on you know you. And that’s how you will be judged; concerned with numbers in your congregation, calling it a blessing and know it’s a curse. Yes the Babylon leaders are in for a big surprise because you know that your offspring are saved, but not delivered. Selah.

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