What's the message in the marriage?

by Dedric Hubbard
April 30, 2011

As I reveal the royal revelation we chose to forego use of the words heathens, fools, whores, and ignorant for more choice words such as deceived, deceptions, blind and shameful, and our famous but yet tasteful parable for the prophetically sound. Therefore, you enjoyed your royal wedding with no expenses limited of course, it is their special day and we know church folks love to put on a show. All that is fine but what did the so-called intercessors feel? What did the watchmen see? What did the prophets see, interpret, and warn? How did the pastors guard? What did the evangelist speak? What did the teachers research? What did your prophetic council of elders say? What did Chuck and his buddies understand? What did Juanita say? Chuck? John Paul? Morningstar? Jakes? Long? Dollar? Stone? Hello!!! Is anybody watching and praying!! Nope! The filthy lucre, lights, pride, and ignorance of the subtle tricks of the devil have your choice and name brand prophets blinded by the lights. Being a loving man, I guess I will help those who are being deceived by the deceptions of the devil. Holy Spirit says when they announce the engagement (it was prophesied 3 months before the engagement that they would married) watch the wedding in prophetic terms, that means watch the spirit behind it to get the message.

Elijah Watchmen calls two days before the wedding “you getting anything about the wedding?” (Real Watchmen)
Elijah Intercessor calls 2 days before the wedding. (Real Intercessor)
Elijah Prophet calls and says “this is what is happening in the wedding.” (Real Prophet)
Elijah Pastor calls “I am going to tell my people they should not watch the wedding; there is evil in it. What do you think?” (I agreed) (Real Pastor)

So why did they all call me? Simple: if you are going to build a foundation use choice bricks. In addition, that is all I have to say in that on the day of your royal wedding they all called back with more in-depth understanding and were not afraid to ask for more information. Glad they asked. Prophetically speaking the wedding was at the end of the week and yet the beginning of a weekend, prophetically speaking 4 am in United States (and whatever time over there I do not care). On the 4th month 29th day of 2011 is the day of the event the world missed, by watching the wedding of humans and not the procession of the bride.

Somebody should have told you to read the 4th chapter of Song of Solomon, Somebody should have told you to read the 29th chapter of Proverbs, Somebody should have told you to read the 20th chapter of Job, somebody should have told you to read the 11th Chapter of Ecclesiastes. Why? Because if you had a real pastor he would have received the revelation that creation has found and married a son. Therefore, they control creation under the breath of their tongue. (Pastor)

A prophet should have told you that creation (4) has departed (29) because a son has showed himself worthy of speaking into the wind. They will redeem (20) the world from the curse from the man of sin. The sons speak judgment and disorder (11) because they have been dispatched from the Throne. All your name-brand prophets and pastors have been fired and their dispensation is gone. They must humble themselves if they want to be rewarded for their work. To stay in a place or position and you do not have the accurate word of God, you lose your own life. Even Peter should have recognized Paul had come to take his place, but since he didn’t he had to be buried with his face touching the ground because he did not see spiritual authority and prophesied his own death. This is what the Holy Spirit will be doing with all these people who refuse to step down. (Prophet)

So what happened in the spirit? Only the prophets of dispensation know. I dare not release the whole revelation because then it will take away the surprise, but I will say this. In your royal wedding you had gays, fornicators, women looking for husbands, men looking for wives, some priest reading a few words, some worldly music (sounds like church in America.) The revelation is that every spirit you saw in that wedding when you submitted yourself to watch it and you with all your oooh and awwws “I wish” and “I want that” and “I will do this and that when I...” -- you open your spirit to every spirit in the place and just because you sit at home looking doesn’t mean those spirits were not sensing and you now have become a gateway because of your youthful lusts and passions. And time your leaders talk about it over the pulpit and/or you, they come and give you the desires of your heart through a false prophets. That’s way the real prophets in this season didn’t watch that mess, we understood the spirit behind it. You married something that you never thought you would marry. And just like Noah I say what I have to and keep what I am told. The ark is ¾ finished and many will drown again because you are listening and feeding off the lust of this world through people who have been fired by God.

The snubbing of the president was nothing more than a prophetic move of God to show that real authority is not in the church because it will cause too much trouble for a man to submit themselves to women and/or other men for they have no revelation of what real spiritual submission means. The ones who have the authority are sent to watch over and analyze the destruction of man-mad traditions, and yet as the president visited Alabama it was no more than a sign that the prophets of this dispensation have touched down as judgment has now begun in the church. Why is it that any novice prophet can tell the president has a prophetic call on his life but he resembles the pastoral foundation of the church. As he watched the rubble since you are untouchable and do not want to hear what the prophets are speaking God uses Elijah prophets to speak destruction to tear down their buildings, in that it forces them to come out and see the hand of God move in fury. 

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