Watching the Word to Perform It
catch the wave, not emotions

by Dedric Hubbard
July 26, 2010

As I stood with God watching over his word to perform it there were four words that came up before the throne which were submit, authority, degrade and pride. There are some that God has already spoken to and it's in your spirit that you would have to submit your spiritual knowledge to another for enrichment and clarity on the things of God in this end-time season. But when some of the words were being released you thought they were degrading other people and that the people that release these revelations were operating in pride. It's because of your limited knowledge in the changes God is making that you feel this way for who can speak the mind of God with clarity and boldness but a prophet of God? Thus if the people were operating in a degrading and prideful anointing I would not be writing this email. It should be self-explanatory that the connection with God and his end-time prophets is as tight as the skin on their body.

Submit - 1st Sam 2:8 deals with how God wishes to raise some out the dust.

Authority - 1st Sam 4:5 deals with God wanting to bring Pentecost to the earth.

Degrade - 1st Sam 6:7 deals with God wanting to separate you for a new call on your life.

Pride - 2nd Sam 2:3 deals with the lesson that you can't save others until you are saved yourself.

If you can't control these four sins in your life because of your feelings over words, you are no more fit to be in the kingdom then the serpent himself. Stop mumbling and get your assignment and destiny in the flow of God so you can know what God is doing.

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