The Eulogy of a Funeral
the death of a covering

by Dedric Hubbard
June 5, 2010

As I watched my lifeless body lie there while my spirit ascended up toward Heaven I knew this was going to be good because I had four angelic escorts this time. As we reached our destination in this lush valley on a hillside in heaven there were not many people but more than a few. As we sat and talked we knew each other by name as soon as we looked at one another. I was thinking I wouldn't trade this for nothing in the world and two people walked out and answered and said “we wouldn't either.” Behind them was so many other people, prophets, and apostles it would take days to mention them by name but our spirit gave utterance to who they were immediately. I noticed some wore bracelets and were handcuffed together but some were not. I could see the throne of God at a distance and they stood near watching the gathering of people, but this time I could see King David standing out front. I heard him speak “bring them in brother.” As everyone got quiet my spirit understood the two speaking as being Elijah and Apostle Paul for they had changed in appearance and looked much younger than when I had first seen them. Two angels brought out a silver I guess music stand and said “talk and set them free, for some are bound in heaven as they are on earth.” I heard the Lord say “testify son” and I begin to speak I could see my words leave my mouth and turn into music notes. As they went out toward the people who were bound, my spirit understood they wanted to know my secret of success in accessing the heart of God.

I told them “be yourself” for I told God “why I can't pray like that? Why I can't cry like that? Why I can't do this and that like I see them do?” And he spoke “you are not one of them; find your own way.” So I told them about a man determined to see this God and Heaven they preached about, at all cost my way. As I spoke the bracelets were becoming thinner and God said “now get to the good part. Who is your covering?” I shouted “everything in heaven when you are in line with God!” and the bracelets and chains disappeared and the people started clapping loudly and worshipping God with a fury I have never seen on earth. And then Paul and Elijah each leaned over in my ear and said “they were bound by their covering on earth and now you have set their souls free in heaven. It's time to unleash the Beast.” Elijah shouted as the Eagle appeared; this time Paul jumped on and they went toward earth. I said to myself Elijah is bringing Paul for a release of Apostolic anointing and power, now it's going to be good.

So what do people think a covering is I said to myself? And the Holy Spirit begin to articulate the answer ever so greatly. God's kingdom is the greatest you can have behind you, over you, on the side or in front. So we begin a short walk through the Bible to find what God constitutes as a covering his way:

Gen. 4:9 Then the LORD said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know," he replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?"


We find here God speaking to Cain about his brother Abel. We all know God knew what Cain did as well as Cain himself but because some spirits called deceit, lying, denial, murder, intimidation and some others entered in he was distancing himself from the Lord and his brother for he didn't want to own up to his responsibility for what he had done. It is of interest to know that Adam did teach them about being responsible for one another. (1st Enoch)

1. A covering teaches equality not superiority meaning we in this together as equal partners not big i's and little u's.

1st Corinthians 14:32 The spirits of prophets are subject to the control of prophets.


We find here a very familiar scripture but in this season God wants us to understand the fullness of it and the spirit in which Paul wrote it. See God says that we have some prideful prophets running around saying God is the only one who can rebuke them, correct them and all that headstrong talk. God states that if you are operating in an Elijah anointing you have an Elijah Mantle which means in this season until order and foundation is restored unto the church you are flowing out of the same stream if you are getting the same revelations or confirmations. This means that if a prophet sees another prophet running renegade they have the authority to question, rebuke, or confront the individual, in love of course. Meaning if you get the same word two or three times about your behavior, humble yourself and state your case because we don't know it all but have the capacity to know what God reveals if it needs addressing.

2. A pastor cannot train, understand, or teach a prophet; only another prophet can. God states that because people don't understand the spiritual operation of each gift they seek advice from ministers and pastors who they think are equipped to advise them. The only gift that can equip, train, confirm, activate every gift in the house is a vessel who operates in the five ascension gift office. If not all five a prophet or apostle can do the same if they have been trained the right way. God states the reason we have so many carbon-copy ministries is we have prophets under pastors who don't have a clue of what to do. So they train according to their nature and end up killing a prophet's spirit because they are taught too much in one area and not enough in their area so they become confused in the spirit realm second-guessing God's request or choosing words to soften a blow when God wanted a deep cut.

Matthew 23:9 And don't address anyone here on earth as 'Father,' for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father.


3. Yes sir, it's tight but it is right. God says with a covering mentality many of you have adopted a father mentality in the Gospel, calling men daddy, granddaddy, mother, and all that foolishness. This is neither scriptural nor delightful. This is why the witnesses were bound in heaven for it is a tier rated system of the Babylonian mindset. You have placed people in idol status because you look to them for your spiritual guidance and nurturing. So the next time you spiritually father/mother someone in the gospel, you my bro/sis are in sin to the throne of God and not the cross. Haha you'd better get it right so you can go home.

Matthew 23:8 "But you are not to be called 'Rabbi,' for you have only one Master and you are all brothers



4. Some of you have taken on the names of Chief and Master to try to show superiority over others to gain fame unto yourselves. There is only one Master and he is in heaven. Be cautious for if you continue this practice for it will send you straight to the dark side. If you look to someone for spiritual guidance because of what they seemed to have achieved you unknowingly put yourself in bondage and servant status when we are all equal in God's eyes. If you respect one gift out of the five more than the others you are making an idol out of that gift, they are all equal with different functions.

God says you are operating in error if you participate, practice, or receive homage for any of the above for the sake of spiritual enrichment, monetary advancement, or hidden motives/agendas. The benefits and power of this end-time Elijah anointing is for the remnant to understand God is in control and he is operating. Many are not getting the revelations and information that others are getting is because you are trusting in man and/or coverings for your spiritual guidance instead of listening to the Holy Spirit. The information that the Holy Spirit is releasing will cut against everything you have considered as being "church" as a need for covering. God is trying to inform the church and people that he is the only covering in heaven so you will need to understand that on earth he and he alone is your guide.

The Elijah anointing works in the atmosphere of equality; everyone is the same as the other. A pastor is no more respected than a man on the street, and a prophet is no more respected than a person on the pew. The difference is the work they have to do to achieve God's purpose on earth. Why is respect important? You have to understand the heart of God to answer that question. Each gift flows from Jesus which is represented by the Jewish menorah, and the gifts flow from the seven spirits of God. If you acknowledge a pastor more than a prophet his light burns brighter and in God's heart this is uneven. For when you call for a prophet in your midst and he is not recognize as a prophet his flame becomes dim and thus it's unequal in God's eyes.

If you don't care about which foundational gift you hold in God kingdom you are without light for you are tossed by the wind. The gift you received from God is where your anointing lies and to not care one way or the other is in God eyes a disgrace of the cross for he died that you may live and sent forth the gifts along with the Holy Spirit to guide you in the usage of these gifts. They are not titles as stepping stones to lord over one another, but foundations upon each one builds a layer of God's kingdom. Many of you must humble yourself and realize that you have been taught wrong because one person had a bad experience with a prophet and thus has tried down through the years to limit a prophet's mantle to confirming and blessings. This has only angered God to the fact that he has given unlimited authority to the prophetic mantle, for when Elijah and Paul left on the Eagle together it signified the activation of the prophet's power. They will operate under an apostolic anointing to prophesy the word of God. This means certain prophets receive details and specifics from God, not “I think,” “I believe,” and “he is up to something.” They know these are God's power prophets which means they have legal authority to speak a church into existence if they will go by the bridal structure revelations we released a few days ago.

In order to operate in this end-time move you must come out of man-made bondages and structures. You have allowed people to put you in bondage by adding other laws in order for you to preach and teach ie. you have to evangelize so many hours, you have to take this many classes, you have to have this much fruit, you have to write this many this and that. Because of someone's bad experience they had with someone when they came to leadership or ministry they make up a law for you to prove yourself to them. You have to prove yourself to no one but God, for he does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called. If a person has been waiting on a license to preach they are in error for the simple fact that if I was to tear mine up today (and I will) does that mean I have lost my authority in the spirit to teach and receive revelations from God? No it does not, it means I am separating myself from the people or persons who wish to have a say in “I birthed this out of them” or “I made them do this.” You owe no man nothing but God. They were just a person in a place where God led you to build another foundation in your life to get to know him, but they want credit for what God already ordained in your life before the foundations of the world.

Thus many want to take credit for your success in God so they want to connect with you and/or cover you for a few bucks a month. The devil is a lie, you have just made yourself unworthy for humbling yourself to pay respect to a man/woman who is building a system of title and honor on earth. Therefore, they have received their honor on this side of heaven. God has not instituted nor does he acknowledge this systematic behavior in heaven according to this morning's experience. You are bound by another man's law who you think has your best interest in hand. According to spiritual surveillance they are being controlled by certain fallen angels to give you a false sense of Christianity. This is why many of you cannot access heaven like others because you are still bound in another man's house. You have to move like Abram and find you and your revelation of God your way, not like another man. Therefore if you continue in this practice, whether you believe me or not when you get to heaven (if you get there) make sure you haven't violated Hebrew's 10:26. Instead of worrying about a man's feeling worry about your soul.

Hebrews 10:26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left


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