The Veiling of the Bride

by Dedric Hubbard
June 26, 2010

Being summoned before the presence of God earlier this morning I was eager to see what was going on, for my spirit was extremely excited. As we cleared the atmosphere I could hear the sound of wedding music and my angelic escort was all smiles and the angel told me to close my eyes. As I felt the soft grass under my feet a few seconds later, I was told to open them and as I looked at the individual in front of me my sprit was excited for I could tell he was of extreme wisdom and power because the anointing in my spirit just began to rise and he never spoke a word. As always, before I could ask the question the man said “I will explain it to you later.” One thing I have learned is when you are summoned to heaven, never ask again when they say they will tell you later. We walk along a path and everyone is smiling and laughing, we get to the center of the path and there is a blue and purplish cloth in front of us and the angels are walking through it, for there is no opening because it reaches from miles either way. So as I stood the man explained that he was going to allow me to enter in by myself, come out and then we will enter in together; but the catch was anything I saw behind the veil was not to be mentioned in specifics because it was a finished product. As I walked through the veil I was astonished by what I saw in so much that at the first glance I immediately fell to my knees, turned, and crawled right out on my hands and knees. As I got out and looked up I saw everyone laughing at me who I have ever met in my spiritual encounters, along with others who I had not seen.

As I stood back up the man states “tell no one,” it was then I realize who this individual was and he smile and said “yes son, you have learned the spirit of who I am, you have learned the heart of who I am, now you must learn the person of who I am.” And when you first met me the person it has already been entered into your spirit, what you saw behind the veil was the bride of Christ. Now my burden is your burden and my thoughts are your thoughts. For in yet a little while as you see it that shall it be, as I awake the others there is still a little work to be done, but for now let us go behind the veil to see the work this time” as the person of God led the way back through the veil. I had my eyes closed for the sight was too brilliant for my eyes, but God said “keep them open” and what I saw was no more but instead was a view of the world according to ministries and individuals. God stated that he has been judging individuals, churches, prophets, apostles, pastors and ministries and those he has found worthy of being his remnant that will build his bride. He has been sending words, angels, and confirmation to them but the pull of religion is to strong on them, for they look to the past for the word and the word has already been released in the now. As I notice a sparkle in the distance I ask what is that shining God? He states “that is the place I wish to birth out my bride” and he sends an angel to go gather evidence. When the angel returned I noticed the name of the ministry as well as the people connected to it. I smiled and laughed for I realized something: this is the best place for God's glory to show, and Elijah whispers to me “this is the site of the next outpouring.”

So son, what you saw was the ending from the beginning, for I have them under construction behind the veil and what you saw shall be, for that which you saw was the finished work of all the outpouring that I will release upon them for I have already released it, that is why you see it no more. I have released upon them the spirit of the Bride and just as the star led the wise men to my son, so those who are wise shall be led to them for their assignment is upon them to do what I have ordained them to do. They are naked with a dresser and I wish to clothe them in righteousness for they are chosen for this season to usher in the kingdom. They will not seem to be as others want them to be for they are peculiar people and when they accept their mission I will release the spirit of the Bride and they will walk in the person of who I am. For they need the knowledge, to access the power, to walk in the anointing and become the person of God who I have called them to be. They know who they are for I have already released the word to be for now; they are praying for confirmation directly from me. So what was your part in all this? I need you to tell them the veil I have over their ministry is the covering of my hand. Anything they need I will provide through the land. No one can see the anointing of their ministry or the depths in which they will grow, except for the ones whom I have assigned to bring their anointing forth.

Tell them there is a person who I have called into the light. He is the human veil that has been assigned to surround you with my veil of protection to keep darkness out of your life. Although you may not see him physically all the time just be comforted spiritually he is not far. He has all the answers and information you need for growth at this time. Once you reach where I need you at, watch your ministry spread for I will remove the veil and introduce the bride of Christ in finished form. And all will know that I the Lord will dwell within that place. Tell them the reason I had them move to that spot is that the woods that are behind them now represent the woods that are in front of them, for they have come there by faith. And now it's time to cross the street and develop the woods they see in front to a land of milk and honey, which means it's time to grow. Selah

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