The Heavens Are Open Over Birmingham
For the thief has
sat watch over his word

by Dedric Hubbard
August 5, 2010

Finally got a chance to see why the temperature has been so hot In Birmingham, God has parked two chariots over this city. One with world 'life' written in fire. The other called 'death' written in fire. There are 5 thrones sitting in-between these chariots; Elijah, Moses, Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit sit in them. The thrones are positioned pyramid style like a capstone with the pointed side pointed at a hole in the atmosphere. Elijah and Moses have on priestly garments and in their hands are papers that God says he will pass to them daily while looking for the remnant which belongs to these six tribes: Naphtali, Dan, Judah, Issachar, Asher and Gad. Inside these six tribes are the people who will carry either an Elijah or Moses mantle and these will find the rest. Now knowing I possess an Issachar anointing, anyone who has this belongs to this tribe and also has an inheritance in the tribe of Judah. On this list they will find you according to the glow of your anointing which is represented by the stone in the breastplate. Because of false prophets and apostles, if the stone lights up on the breastplate they will have to reach inside and if your anointing and your inheritance is true, the Urim and the Thummim will be used. They will ask God six questions about you: Obedience, Character, Integrity, Humility, Honesty, and Judgement just to see if you are worthy of this Moses and Elijah anointing. The answer will determine which stone lights up, you will then have to pass the next set of questions: Relationship, Sin, Consequences, Generations, Spirituality, and Blessings. All of these are requirements to exercise governmental authority on earth and are necessary to climb the ladder that is going down from Birmingham to the earth. If you never understood why Jacob did what he did, it means some of you are going to have to become 'Jacobs' to climb up this ladder because this is where the sealing of the evangelists will happen for this season.

Moses and Elijah are Jewish and the entire atmosphere in the spirit has been changed to make them comfortable. The twelve months have the same seasons, but they are split into day and night seasons. 3 months will be night and 3 months day, rotating months in these months one of the God heads works the whole month with Moses and Elijah calling for their champions in the flesh of the faith. So what am I telling you? While many of you were asleep, half-asleep, and sleep-walking worrying about what others are saying and doing, God has come in and sat his throne on Birmingham for judgement and with that he has shifted the whole atmosphere to work like heaven because he has some manifesting sons/daughters on earth that are about to show his glory like never before. He told you the day would come like a thief in the night. Which means if you are not tuned into God's spirit you do not know which our night season and thus Elijah and Moses comes out in the night season and you will be sleep, which means your earthly days may be heavenly nights, or your earthly months that are days may be night.

Now you can run and buy your sixteen month calendars and your breastplate books and study, I think that's over in Daniel when you begin to run to and fro, but it will do no good because there are requirements to see as clear and hear and know what God allows me to know. One is holiness, sinless, and blameless, and right before God and not man, a priestly anointing, a prophetic anointing, apostolic anointing, proven knowledge of heaven and earth with details, descriptions, and information. The most important, a heavenly spiritual father (not some warlocks and witches saying they are "birthing you out"). The Holy Spirit is the only mother that gives birth, God is the only midwife, and Jesus is the only gift giver. Your heavenly spiritual father is the only trainer and whoever he assigns in the spirit to help him is your instructor. And people on earth are just ones who hold natural information for spiritual beings and are called teachers. Any other people in your life are just making a fool out of you. Now what does this mean for all the people that are behind the throne? In the secret place for one, all your enemies that you have accumulated in your walk with Christ, your fake friends, spiritual gossipers, the ones who say "who does he think he is?" The ones that say "he offended a lot of people," yep those people. Every person ministry, and/or church that has mistreated you they have two ways to find their season one is a ladder that leads directly behind God's throne where if you take this route you get a Jacob anointing and have to wrestle for your mantle (and believe me Elijah and Moses will be watching). The other way is that you go before the throne and get on your knees and ask God who has the information you need. Before he releases this information he is going to ask you to count the cost and then you have to bring the person a peace offering of God's choosing and his measure for it will be according to the information you seek.

See my enemies, what my spiritual father did is gave the bones to God, put the name on each religion and person that has attacked me and thinks we don't see or hear no matter how big no matter how small. With your name he took the soul and made a ladder out of it and Elijah asked the Holy Spirit to burn weld it into a ladder. So if you have to come to me, you are going to wrestle in hell on a hot ladder, representing your spiritual leader that said he rather burn in hell then to ask me for help. So Moses says tell your pastor let his people go, either by fire or by death. It doesn't matter to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Moses, Elijah, or me and what that symbolized is that somebodies grace has just left. On September 5th a pastor will complain of arthritis while preaching the gospel. This will symbolize judgment is over that house and that pastor's soul will be sent to hell and tormented for destruction of the flesh and if he does not recognize what is happening he will be given a dream as a warning and it will confuse him so that he will ask who interprets dreams; that will be Jesus coming to look for his gifts in that house. When he gets the interpretation, Jesus will remove that pastor gift and everyone in that church's gift and in the spirit it will be marked with the "isolation of desolation," meaning a house full of dead souls. You can follow a man all you want, they are leading you all to hell. Now since I know who my spiritual father is I have the seasons of heaven and my inheritance in the saints, what about you? Selah.

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