Somebody needs to tell satan
I will be back with an increase

by Dedric Hubbard
March 4, 2010

You have been on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Today God wants you to get off the roller coaster ride and enter in a season of stability. The problem with these simple-minded church folks is that traditions, customs, and religion have put them to slumber. They have been taught the nice song, “go back to the enemy camp and take back what he stole from me.” You can't go into an enemy camp and just take anything you gave him. Some of you give the devil legal rights to invade your space every time you lay next to that man that's not yours, sleep with that man/woman for any reason and you are single, buy those counterfeit merchandise (bootleg in the ghetto), copy the cd instead of buying it, etc. You ain't taking nothing back, you and the devil is just trading one sin for another a spiritual swapmeet is what it is. The problem is why would you want something back from the devil when God clearly declares he will do a new thing, you know that house note killing you but you want to keep it to look blessed, you know the car note is overwhelming you, but you got to ride, you know Johnny, Chris, Eddie Lee, Bryan, Susan, Jackie, Jillian aint good for you but you need help on the bills and you don't want to be lonely. You know those clothes are fake but you just gotta have the latest fashion. The devil is a lie and Jezebel is exposed; she lures you and he pays you. Some of you need to take that car to the lot and leave it, tell the bank you can't pay for it, change your locks and move home with mommy and tell him you celibate. Some of you guys zip it.

This time when you go to the camp leave it all and declare “I don't care what anyone thinks God, I am waiting on you to give it to me.” These monetary burdens have the church so locked up because the devil has pressured you so much to live like the world. You know you can't afford that phone bill but you want to talk. All that pressure and strain has got you so in bondage that you don't hear God. That's satan, that's why your ministry is at a standstill. That's why you're restless at night, too much clutter in your life from yesteryears. How can you move on with God to the future when you are stuck in sins from the past? You need to shout right there “satan I will be back with an increase in anointing, in power, in word, and in action.” But at last the spirit of pride is so strong on you to live the life that you won't do a thing, but keep going to the enemy's camp swapping out sin for sin. You either break yourself or God will do it for you.

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