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The Thief In The Night

by Dedric Hubbard
July 20, 2010

Sitting along the river of Eternity while the stream flows into the garden of Eden The Table appeared in the water and then everyone appeared. The Godhead stood by as Judas spoke and summoned the sons of God to the table for manifest updates. Judas states that the Lord will allow him to start repossessing the gifts that were given to the church and handing them to the bride as they have to be one with the bride to be one with Lord. For everyone who was ever tricked out of their heritage, money, gifts, calling, or anointing because of a spiritual judgment that was spoken in the spirit, those responsible will be held accountable for their misdeeds. This anointing will flow out of Elijah spirit and expose and reclaim everyone who has not come and repented to the Lord correctly, and only an Elijah prophet knows the correct way of repenting because the church has taught the people incorrectly. We are after the leaders first because the head must be destroyed. If you have been sexually manipulated God might pardon you based on false teaching, but any leaders who have tricked their wives and/or congregation and had any kind of sexual contact whether physical or spiritual will be judged accordingly. Any leader who has tricked their congregation out of money because of false prophets will be judged accordingly. Any person who has failed to honor the foundational calling on a person's life will be judged accordingly. Anyone who has been consulting with false prophets will be judge accordingly.

The spirit and wisdom of all those who were shortchanged by lust will now come forth and destroy those who are in position of power due to lust. Judas’ story as told in the Book of Life reads as this: he spent more time with Jesus than any other disciple because he was in charge of the monetary treasure and Jesus had the spiritual treasure. Jesus choose him as a devil not because he was one, but for people who have spiritual ears and eyes to notice his lifestyle, Jesus understood that the devil loves to control money and so Judas was to play the decoy. He used the treasury money to indicate how some people try to buy the anointing on other people's life. 30 is symbolic because in the book of origin, lucifer interfered with the operation of heaven in the tenth dimension of creation with means he interfered with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit's creation in the tenth dimension. This is why it had to be exactly 30 pieces of silver signifying redemption. Judas’ death was symbolic of religion paying monetary gifts but won’t accept spiritual gifts. Judas was already a prophet and he was symbolizing to other prophets who will be able to interpret scripture from the spirit when they made it past heaven, because they would then speak them back into existence. The hanging was symbolic of how God will let religion hang itself until the bride comes forth and then God will use the power of Elijah to expose the insides of the church and thus it will clear the house as people run to the bride for comfort, support, and safety.

But because everyone wants money and no one wants God, you are not able to interpret scripture in the spirit so you run to your schools of earthly wisdom and theology to understand a living God through dead men's eyes. Here is my second prophecy to the world: theology, religion, and any type of certificates of accomplishments are not allowed in a bridal church, because they will not be seen in heaven. If you have them when the rapture happens you will remain because your all is in man and not in God. So to those who are studying in any school that teaches bible classes, you are wasting your money and time when you can sit at the master feet and learn all you want for free. Or you can pay me and I will be allowed to teach you out of the books of the spirit and then you will understand the bible in truth. But go ahead and pay your money where you don't get an increase. You are not peculiar if you learn how the world learns for I am just a thief who moves in the night.

When an Elijah prophet comes in a religious setting and he sees a person operating in the flesh in a gift, when the prophet leaves the gift leaves with him so beware the spirit of repossession in motion. And no I didn't finish Judas’ story, he will tell his testimony to those who make it behind the throne into the kingdom. We know pastors like to steal revelation because they do not have access in the spirit to get their own.

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