The Four Glories of the Blood

by Dedric Hubbard
May 27, 2010

1. Human Glory - Based on the principals of human wisdom they say the glory has fallen but there are no visible or noticeable effects. This is a sin because the person is speaking out of pride and therefore, they see themselves as glorious.

2. Jesus Glory - Based on the finished work of the cross. God sees the leaders pride, but he sees the need of the person needing to be ministered to out of compassion. He will allow the prideful person to be used in order to heal the broken-hearted.

3. Holy Spirit - Based on the spirit in which the atmosphere is set by the leading of the Holy Spirit (usually revivals or gatherings) in order to make himself known Jesus looks past the human nature and this is when miracles just happen at random. Wherever the Holy Spirit and Jesus move it is in this nature the spirit leaves the body and moves through the room and sits on a person until the natural body comes to that person to command the healing.

4. God's Glory - Based on God's decision to make himself known or reveal to everyone their faults so he can heal them. The realm in which no one in the room moves. You are stopped in whichever mindset, position, or state of your heart you are in. Everything stops because you have entered into heaven's domain and heaven does not operate in time, which means you are frozen in time. There is no time for whatever. And no human can call it down, but the spirit that has sat before the throne because he knows how it operates and exists.

Therefore, if you didn't know this is how heaven operates in order and in authority you have been

1. Using the blood without authority

2. Have no knowledge of how it operates

3. You have been out of order

But because we who are chosen of the promise who will walk in apostolic anointing there are 3 more he has revealed which completes the cycle to actually walk by and people will be healed, which means while some were sleeping the standard has been raised but God will not release the revelation when the church is out of order. And God will release it to the sent ones, which means God would have judged you today according to your traditions, mindsets, and conversation. So to the pastor who felt he was a master, God said he has destroyed your wisdom. According to your conversation you were judged and he says now you go somewhere and get taught. For if you have heard the truth there is no more sacrifice for sin; it's in the Bible since you said I don't know (it which I don't). But hey, I know the Spirit which wrote it and he knows all things so to comfort you he says repent and be made whole and the next time he sends you a warning, don't look at the name (you fool) which is what you said, look at the spirit.

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