C.H.A.N.G.E (Part 2)

Careful How A New Glory Enters

by Dedric Hubbard
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As we settle into this next level of glory God has bestowed upon us one can only ponder whether everyone will be a recipient of this visible manifestation that is clearly taking place in the kingdom. As I left a glorious encounter with the Lord at a prophetic flow hosted by one of my friends my phone rang and a well-known pastor was on the phone to my surprise. After a brief discussion of what the issue was he was facing, I understood one thing: God has moved into phase 2 of his plan to reclaim his church according to Eph. 4:11. Thus God reminded me of a word I posted sometime last year which warned the church to be careful how a new glory enters (change). So as I sat and pondered about the ways God will put into effect this next phase of his plan, the Holy Spirit began to speak and stated: God’s church must understand that not allowing and/or recognizing the prophetic and apostolic gifts in the house has caused the tide to shift. These two gifts work hand in hand mainly because they are directly sent by the Lord and if operating correctly are the two main equipping gifts for the church and the saints. But what we must be careful of in this C.H.A.N.G.E. is that you do not know who God intends to use because whenever there is another level of God to be revealed there is always another set of people with the instructions. This is where the phrase that a “changing of the guard” will take place in the prophetic language which is where the problems will arise. The people must realize that Moses is gone (old wineskin) and it is now Joshua's time (new wine skin) to lead the people.

All prophetic people will not participate in nor will they be a part of this new glory that God is leading the church into. Most people wouldn't realize that the prophetic vein of God was tainted; you really have to be in the flow to know what I am saying. For that purpose, 90% of the prophetic voices that you will begin to hear have been commissioned, trained, confirmed, and are being released by God himself. In other words, they have been confirmed in the spirit and released in the flesh. Their first order of business is bringing integrity back to the prophetic office which will make way for the coming apostolic move that is about to happen. Because these people are new to the ministry scene this doesn't mean God hasn't equipped them to do their job. Believe me I have meet a few and the anointing that God has given them is quite impressive. The first battle they will encounter is the infighting among other prophetic people who will call them amateurs and say “they don't know what they are talking about,” “God hasn't told me anything” etc. In other words, the bitter prophets will become backbiters instead of understanding that if God has not told you about this new move this is because you are not a part of it. What the seasoned prophet should do is take them under their wing and help nurture them but in the world we live in that will be an act of love and because we say it and don't practice it that may not happen. For this reason God has them covered and will direct their paths when trouble arises.

Once the prophet has made his place in the church the real work must begin, the stronghold of religion must be broken in the church. We have softened the gospel to where we preach more messages of encouragement and hope than deliverance. We tell the people and sing the songs “we got the devil under our feet” when actually he is guiding your steps. That's why it's easy for you to sit under the word and still go home and shack, have sex, smoke blunts, or whatever you do; there is no penetration to the heart. We then want to go to the enemy's camp and take back what he stole and the devil is just looking and laughing; he hasn't stolen anything, you gave it to him. You keep going from man to man and woman to woman, and you let the man kill your self-esteem. Because of your ungodly desire he is just giving you what you want and he laughs every time you stomp because he knows you will be back. That's why the prophet is needed back in the church, to tear down these carbon-copy ministries and these openly gay pastors because the saints haven't been equipped to intercede to bring down these kingdoms of darkness the devil is building right in the churches face which is a slap in the face to compromise the gospel. A gay preacher is not going to preach about homosexuality neither will a cheating preacher about fornication.

Lord send us the prophets who will tear down these walls of shame and rebuild with walls of praise. The devil has firsthand knowledge of who you are and what you are called to be. That's why when you do decide to trust God there is only so far some of us will go, because when it touches the flesh we back up. It is as simple as you know God has told you to leave that man alone, but you weigh the options “how am I going to pay this and that if I put him out or stop sleeping with him.” The devil has just caused you to worry. Maybe you need to struggle before the blessings but the fear of people has you crippled wondering about what they will say. The reason most christians really haven't entered into the blessings of God is because you really don't trust him whole-heartedly. This is why God is releasing a fresh set of prophetic voices who are not ashamed to tell you they had to sit in the dark, they had to exchange sexual favors to get by; they are here and coming to a station near you. They will preach a transparent gospel; not the sin-soaked, user-friendly, story-telling garbage you have become accustomed to. God has released it but you must be careful how the new glory enters.

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