The Missing Hand

by Dedric Hubbard
June 15, 2010

Nothing too deep in the spirit world this morning, just had a vision of a left hand with a nail scar in it and the blood was oozing out of it. Judgement is what it represents. We as Christians have failed to keep order in the church. Not preaching about sin has caused the church to adopt any and all policies they deemed spiritual. We have watched leaders fall and in such cases allowed them to chose their own rebuke, punishment, and how long they stepped down for. We feared and didn't want to judge them because we thought "God will take care of it," and who am I to say something I have my own hidden sins that have not been exposed (yet)? This attitude and mindset has crippled the church in its position to be the light of the world. Buying airplanes, gold toilets(???) for which to release your humanly waste, and all this is confirmed by someone with a little authority and a "God said." So we allow leaders to speak into our lives their own view of righteousness and not God's view and so their exploits are covered by the very gospel of love and acceptance they preach because they understand that they can show a little emotion and a sense of humility and they are right back to their dirt. This method and operation of the church has many people and congregations headed straight to hell for giving one man too much spiritual authority in your life. They wound you from the pulpit, stagnate your anointing, and ignore you or defame you when you don't go along with their spiritual manipulation and from that point on you are considered an outcast. All because somebody says "that's the man of God you better not put your mouth on him," but you fail to realize he/she has put their mouth and tongue on you in more ways than one. So how did the church get in this position? They attempted to silence the watcher of the church, the one equipped to make sure things are done in a God-ordained environment. And who is that the prophet? Some don't understand how God judges individuals and churches because they are lacking a certain justice God desires called being equal. God says when he showed me that left-hand, certain prophets are being released with God's spirit of judgment. You may not understand why they say what they say but the targets they are after understand very well. They know exactly what they have done, the way they did it, and using a God said to confirm it and bring validity to their life because they are in a position of authority and have to show strength even though they were weakened by what they considered a lesser vessel. People are going to realize that the term "favour ain't fair" comes with God's vengeance when you deceive people for not recognizing God's individual call on that person's life. Many have built their ministry around key people whom they manipulate spiritually and the untrained and gullible person is mistaken, being bewitched for loyalty. Now we all have church horror stories but it's the way you react to the individual or circumstance which determines whether God gets the glory, meaning he is responsible for the vengeance. Many to whom God is releasing this spirit will not be in danger of retaliation from God if you humble yourselves and move on without hateful words or wishes; just a "God I hear you. Forgive them for they know not what they do or say." You didn't bad mouth them or their ministry as they did you so you must understand the Bible has to work the word in it.

So let them talk. You have your own relationship with God and a person can't hold you accountable because God wants you to leave and go somewhere else or start a ministry, that is you and God's business. So if God gives you a revelation of what happened to you and he wants you to tell it to set someone else free, go for it. You have to understand they may have preached and talked about you from the pulpit without calling your names because it was in their spirit to do so, but God likes specifics so when he brings the judgment around for what they did to you, there are going to be some names where you have to talk about the good and the bad. Some people don't know what a spiritually manipulative atmosphere looks or feels like so you have to be specific to set people free. You have to understand (especially prophets) he reveals things to us first. Not everyone gets it first, but you get them according to your testimony and anointing to deliver people. As I enter my spiritual atmosphere this morning I have my second gift from God wrapped in warfare and stamped with vengeance in red this time, because this person has wounded many from behind the pulpit and in dark conversation. Yes they have an end-time ministry and yes God hears their prayers, but the anointing you need and the answer to your prayer about your ministry is in the mouth of the one who you thought you would never have to see again. Like I told the first one you can get a word about your ministry, you can even call someone in and say they are going to release the anointing, but rest assured it won't be the word or the anointing you need and if you get it any other way you are a robber and a thief. For deceiving your people because you don't know how to humble yourself and apologize, their souls will be on your account for allowing pride to get in the way. With this, the end-times church must recognize God's vengeance is the best, especially when you are a prophet. So to the leader of this church, we have your word and sense that you liked being honored. When you eventually call, don't forget to offer a gift. So yes, Bro. Hubb knows something. Yes, he may sound a little hard. Yes at times it may seem he doesn't know love, but when you're talking about judgment in this season the way you dish it out is the way it's coming back. When you didn't show love it won't be shown back. God's rules not mine, but at least we are giving them a space of time to repent before we unleash the judgement God has prepared.

Don't like it? 'Delete' will do. Don't understand? Don't visit my website, because we are going to enjoy this whether they do or don't repent. Either way it will be to the glory of God. Obedience is better than sacrifice.... but I have now come to enjoy that the Lord always fights people with their words. What this means is somebody has been snared by the words they spoke in anger and disappointment. I am waiting........

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