Inside The Enemy's Camp (Part 3)
Strategies, Structures, Tips, Instructions, Techniques

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 1, 2010

I hope everyone took the tips in part two and accepted everything the devil said about you, we have to understand heaven and hell are real and to sing songs and quote phrases makes us the hypocrites the world calls us. For how can we go into a camp that you have never seen, and only heard about in bits and pieces? Thus when God wants to really free his people he releases a whole to make anew. For this revelation is that which is perfect and complete for I not only speak from knowledge but actual experiences and being a prophet of God you can't steal or take nothing from the devil unless you know where your goods are stored. So if we believe Jesus and he went to hell we should know he would release the revelation when the time is right to tell us how to overcome the forces of darkness. So if you took my advice we move up to level nine and we subtract at this level what we consider bondage. See I got the revelation that if I did hear God the devil won't let me go peacefully because he has studied me long enough to know my weakness. So me and God had a system to beat the devil at his own game in which I will let him think he's controlling my actions and all the time I was crucifying my spirit for I understood my body belong to the world until I be transformed into the image of God, but my mind would belong to the lord.

Level 9 in the devils kingdom is where he stores your strength, emotions, ideas, dreams, conversation, and patience. So whatever the devil called you yesterday and you accepted it, take 10 of those things and divide them according to the ten commandments, 5 relational and 5 governmental. Once you do that decide which ones you want grace to cover and which ones you want mercy to cover, write them in a straight line (it doesn't matter how many) and write G over an issue for grace and M for mercy. Once you have done that write the grace issues on one side and the mercy on the other. If any of grace cross the mercy side or vice versa it means a few things: you don't hear God clearly, your life is unbalanced, and you are confused of who you are in God. Now this is where I teach you how to take back what has been stolen from you by thinking like the devil. Take another sheet of paper, write all the grace items on one side and the mercy on the other. Write power on the right side and knowledge on the left and put five on power side and five on knowledge side. Now you take what the devil stores of yours that he stole from you while you were in the church and the world which were the 6 things I have named. Take another sheet, write “church” on the left and “world” on the right. Ask God to name them on a scale of 1 to 6 their strength in your life and their weakness; not what you think but God. Then you name what importance the world is to you in those same items, if you have faith tonight when you pray ask God to show you David's kingdom. Just say, “Dedric said you will allow me to enter.” What you will realize in heaven your name is everything and you may hear God speak, but if the angel that guards the way doesn't know your spirit he needs to hear a name, because this is my inheritance that I suffered for. What will happen is when you sleep you will either see a spirit or hear a spirit and they will talk about the sins of your youth. If you are sincere in your heart Jesus will speak and he will take you before God and God will tell you if your struggles are either a sin or thorn. There will be no more than four thorns, but God will merge them as one.

The reason for this is there are 3 God-heads so you are allotted one thorn from each and your weakness as flesh is the other, but this is where they build your anointing through these thorns. If you don't get to talk with God it means you have a foundational gift you need to acknowledge and accept before God will tell you. Now pray between 3am and 6am and you will get instructions directly from God during this time.

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