The Seven Sins of the Church
and the Leaders that approve them

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 10, 2010

Proverbs 6:16-19 “There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: 17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, 18 a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, 19 a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers”

Ephesians 2:20 “Together, we are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.”


As God gets ready to judge the church and it's leaders with a mighty sword many will wonder why death and judgement will come suddenly to some and without warning. Many will cry in agony and disbelief as many begin to leave this place one by one. As I spoke in the spirit concerning the judgment of the church, God reminds me that every church will be judged by the word they preach and the revelation they release with that word and any and all material associated with the releasing of what many call God-inspired messages. Be it known that God states that every church which claims their leader hears from God must themselves evaluate their surroundings for many are unlearned and are ignorant of the fact that they have been deceived for years by traditions of denominations. If that house in which they go to for spiritual enrichment has not God's foundation in the end-time season and they have knowledge of God specific plans for his church then those who look, and/or continue to fellowship with these will be now considered as unbelievers before God and will reap destruction of themselves as being rebellious people. They will then be judged according to those things the Lord hates and be considered as an abomination to him and with this judgment of people comes a removal of those things which have allowed many to become one with God. In other words he will cancel all communications with you and let you continue to be deceived and taught by man's rules before he turns you over to a reprobated mindset (not just mind) in which he will allow you to believe every prophetic word that false prophets will bring and thus you will be an outcast living as Cain on the earth.

It is those sins that many people who preach under the pastoral foundation has broken and continue to break without warning and yet there are those who know truths and yet are afraid to speak to them for fear of rebuke and/or punishment from God. As I pen this revelation not from among the elders, behind the throne, or any other heavenly place I may have visited I pen this right from the lap of God as being held like a child and whispered softly in my ear to not miss one word, one revelation, nor one judgment. This is one revelation of liberation to those who have boldness in the Lord and are tired of the dictatorship that many people in the pastoral position have risen themselves up to while allowing their congregation to be spiritually and morally raped by those who serve under their leadership using a spiritual principal such as a tithe to deny them the right to operate in spiritual gifts that were given to help the church. So those who are afraid of people in so-called leadership position as pastors, prophets, and apostles I pen this part of the revelation in boldness as which Michael the archangel wishes to make himself known as in Daniel 12:1 on this 2nd day of Rosh Hashana. For everyone has not came to the spiritual maturity to understand nor see an angel of the Lord for they are being blinded by the church religion. So as with that Michael says that any ministry that does not acknowledge, operate, or put in place the Ephesians foundation in this end-time season is doomed for destruction but as for those who names are written in the book of life and yet trapped in religious settings you have a space of time to come out of bondage or face the same fate as your leader.

After a few more instructions that were for me I have been instructed to release a revelation that many have missed and say it with the same boldness and fear as when God released it to me: any person that holds a pastoral foundation is not and have never been anointed for that foundation is a position of dishonor that was used by the serpent when he deceived Eve, for he came with false and/or misleading information or counsel in the spirit to the left of God's throne where hidden knowledge is kept. It is explained that the pastor position is short for past-oracles which means the serpent listened to what God told Adam and Eve but because he was fearful of the power they held he tricked them into giving up their authority thereby misleading  them into spiritual death. In God's plan to bring his kingdom to earth it must represent the heavenly blueprint. In this blueprint the detail will be put in the four rivers that flow from the throne of God and it is already named from right to left apostle, prophet, evangelist, and teacher for all pastoral counsel will flow directly from the throne of God once again so no pastor, bishop, deacon, boards, trustees; these are no longer needed. Most need to find their place and foundation in God and not man, and a 'minister' is not a position in heaven which means it's time that most find their position among the rivers of God. And as I saw last many are already being positioned on these rivers which will be nothing more than the 144,000 evangelist being sealed to bring heaven down to earth for they have found their pearl of great price and once all are counted they will release a constant flow of anointing, revelation, and power, directly from the throne of God they will be divided equally among the rivers 12,000 for each and yes the rivers have a specific meaning for each gift but it will only be revealed through God or a person who operates in a priestly anointing in the end-time which happens to be those of God's elite Elijah prophet.

So many of you have been a victim in which people who holds pastoral position have made themselves anointed by instilling fear into their congregation by fear, false revelation, and not knowing the origin of the position in which many were called to. Any foundational position God had Jesus to bring to earth has an origin and that is only revealed in the presence of God if you are one who will not use revelation to try and intimidate, manipulate, and/or further your ministry career. And with that being said I don't care who your pastor is, if they are not conforming to be a bride across then they and their congregation are going directly to hell for their rebellious ways and as one of God's prophets put it “infecting the people.” God states e doesn't care how many churches, people or how much influence they have on tv or in their domes, if it's not God's way then it's not protected by God in this season so many of their sins will begin to become open to the people for disobedience. So to those who are intimidated by these so-called men of God I call them all cowards, selfish, prideful, and manipulative destiny-destroyers for wanting honor but not giving it. They want praise to a position that (watch this) is not even part of the foundational position and in God's eyes if they would have asked, a pastor position is a position in which God will give you either a mandate and/or favor to be a pastor of a ministry. It was then your job to not search for a mission-statement but search the scripture for the foundation of how to start a church which must possess a prophet and apostle and then you search for a mission statement from God. You then remain in a pastoral position until the prophet and apostle speak your true calling and elevate you spiritually. It is of interest to note that most people called to the pastoral position are those with tribal lineage where one of their forefathers practiced or was involved in witchcraft and in that position you are to pray and reveal that is in order to save your generation in which most pastor don't possess a prophetic anointing to understand the gifts in their congregation because they are not healed completely themselves so the spirit that is still in their lineage is afraid of prophetic people because then it will recognize that it must come out. Now stay if you want in these infected, rebellious, witchcraft environments or start yourself a home ministry for end-time revelation because in a little while it's about to get ugly and smelling of death. 

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