10-10-10 Prophecy Fulfilled Again
(Elijah 3 for 3)

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 27, 2010

As I sat waiting on the final outcome on this week’s storm to release the hidden message inside the storm I was led by the Holy Spirit once again to the fulfillment of a third prophecy; one which should call all Elijah Prophets to arms for their ministry will be needed upon the religious ministries and denominations to thwart their one-way ticket to hell. Many will begin to understand through God’s fulfilling of these prophecies that Elijah prophecies speak to a whole different generation and as such they are not counted among the familiar for Elijah is not familiar and anything that isn’t familiar is terrifying. No wonder he is called the dreaded one. As we unfold what God has to say it is of importance that those who are in the flow of God stand and be counted for all hands are on deck.

2nd King 2:10 – This verse will speak after the prophecy of 1st Samuel in which many will run and seek the training, knowledge, and wisdom of Elijah prophets. The catch is you have to find the prophet who holds the mantle of Elijah to release the anointing of Elijah.

Prophetic Completion – God will speak through a major divorce symbolizing the prophets have come to understand their need for connection with an Elijah prophet to be able to operate in any form of prophecy as it relates to God for the end-time harvest.

Father - Billy Ray Cyrus

The use of this name speaks to the kingdom-mandated authority Elijah prophets have they are anointed and appointed of God to build his kingdom at all cost it is with this fulfillment of prophecy that Elijah prophet's realize the authority they have according to the following scripture: Isa. 45:1

God says the anointing of Cyrus is upon the earth. I have filled my chosen ones with all the weapons they need and if ever they are fearful in a time of distress, remember one thing: you are God’s best.

17 Years of Marriage – 17 speaks of victory

The years of marriage speak to the years of preparation that many Elijah prophets have gone through in order to display God’s power in the earth and as such there is nothing that you can do at this point to separate you from the love of God.

God says there are many prophets of Elijah that I have given the overcomer's crown to. You have won many victories in the face of despair as I watch you, preparing you for this battle of religion and many of you have passed the test. And now I will fight your battles for the places are already straight, just enter into my spirit and give them the glory of my son and I God will honor you in the presence of my son.

Achy Breaky Heart – The mentioned of one of Billy Ray’s most famous songs speaks to the Elijah prophets favor in God, once you understand realize and connect to those who will release you into your assigned place you will enter into a cycle of favor as never before seen.

God says that many of you are his favorites but you have not completed the task of answering a king’s call and yet you appear before man as if you understand it all. And now I speak to a level of wisdom that only few will comprehend for I have raised my standards for prophets. Many of you wasted time filling the air with lies and now Elijah is loose. Watch as the world opens their eyes.

Miley 17 – 17 speaks of Victory – This speaks of the miles of trials, tribulations, and obstacles the Elijah prophets had to face and it speaks to the trials they have ahead to destroy anything that is not of God.

Many of you struggle in the wages of sin. It’s because my appointed voices pointed you all toward a man and yet Elijah's speech is terrible and offensive at its best. But the voices in the wilderness are those who passed the test and are pointing you toward me. For I the Lord have a higher glory for you to see. Just ask an Elijah prophet, they will bear witness to their glory in me.

Briason 16 – 16 speaks of Love – This speaks of the love God has for all of his creation and yet there must be order in the house of God and as such Elijah has been called to be the enforcer for the house of God.

God states there are those who love religion and have refused to leave it’s nest. I am trying to cover you with my wings again and for some I wish for you to lay in my breast for I am all the answer you need and yet you run to a man. This is the last warning from Elijah, I will destroy your land.

Noah 10 – 10 - speaks of law and responsibility – This speaks of the separation that is taking place for those that want all God to enter into the spirit of Elijah and follow them as they take you to your designated ark of safety, for not all churches will be bridal churches.

God states that as Noah built the ark in the days of old many laughed until completion and then the rain grew cold and all who laughed were drowned for none wanted to be saved. So I release Elijah and many are offended with his hate. Do you understand the wisdom of God? If Elijah knows what’s to come hate always turns to love if you ask the man to explain his sin. And yet many are offended at Elijah’s speech. Now ask yourself a question. Does religion, denominations, theology and my foundation not being in place, does that offend me?

Adopted - Trace and Brandi – This speaks of Romans 8:15 signifying that Elijah prophets are God’s children and they operate as the manifested sons of God and yet they are priests before the throne continually

Elijah prophets are my son manifesting in the flesh. I didn’t help my last one for he taught you how to pass the test and now my sons and daughters understand I the Lord will protect them for I am holding their every being in my right hand.

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