The Stairway to Heaven
or eat your way to hell

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 7, 2010

Leviticus 23:2 "These are my feasts, says the Lord."


The separating of one's self to bring clarity and understanding to the nature and movement of God is essential in this season. As I peered into eternity from heaven it is then that I discovered and the Lord explained that while many have been going through religious motions and rhetoric, God has made some significant changes in the atmosphere as of how we are to conduct the Bride's business as he separates ministries, people, and prophets from churches to build a kingdom with God's power at their disposal. Although I understand and have seen what God has done this season, I have no time to revisit certain revelations. But it is important in this season that out of all things, many need to understand the importance starting this year with taking the Lord's supper and the feasts of the Lord. God stated in an open heaven vision that showed many people taking the Lord's supper without full knowledge of what it really symbolizes and with that many are subjecting themselves to take on and learn Jewish feasts without consulting God concerning the significance and the season in which these feasts are to take place. Meaning many are partaking of the Lord's supper and his feasts out of habits, traditions, and routines and this has made them common among the church, heathens, Jews and those who wish to imitate Holy privileges thinking it will make them closer to God. Thus many are charging people to teach observances that they themselves know nothing about. We have to realize that everything which has to take place concerning the coming of Christ has been lined up, starting with Pentecost this season. Many have no clue that God has shifted his throne as to reflect the changes he has made behind the veil and many will be caught in judgement for paying attention to the feasts of God and not the God who made the feasts and I am saddened but yet delighted to inform many that when God moves his throne it changes the season in which many have celebrated this feast and as with many who have no clue nor have the relationship with God to know his plans in English words it means that he himself has made a leap year unto himself which is why his throne now sits over the state of Florida as he watches Israel closely, preparing to judge the church with a fury that is more deadly than Sodom and Gomorrah.

What will happen in October of this year is that four of the Lord's feasts will be observed by God himself and he will institute a fifth which will only be known by the unction of the Holy Spirit, meaning that many who still observe the old ways and practices and have no clearly defined relationship with God and partake of these feast will be taking damnation unto their souls for following man's traditions and not God's spirit. It is also wise to mention that within those feasts there will be three tribes who will need to understand, know, and reach their spiritual inheritance because in October God will also open seven gates that will lead from earth to heaven to eternity. The three tribes are Judah, Issachar and Zebulon and they will have access to the Dung, East, Ephraim, Essene, Muster, Sheep, and Golden gates and access is only allowed if you are operating in spirit and in truth meaning Judah is that you worship God in your spirit, Issachar is that you know God as a person, and Zebulon is that you know God as your provider. The catch is that this will only work if your church, ministry, etc., is operating in the foundation that God has stated in the Bible (Eph. 2:20), meaning if any one person has complete control and say over a ministry, access to be able to walk right into heaven will be denied. God will only allow humble people to enter into his Glory. What God states this signifies is that when the rapture happens and many will begin to leave, if you are operating in the correct foundation when you disappear in a twinkling of an eye you will leave and be directed right into eternity. Now when taking the Lord's supper it is important to note for leaders as well as individuals in a little while you'd rather not take it then to take it in ignorance. God states that for many of you when he says examine yourself he is not particularly talking about sin in your life, but “do you understand and know who you are in Christ?” Meaning if you have a leader and they know you have a foundational ministry and yet you are not recognized as such then that person who you look up to is denying you your inheritance in Christ. Meaning you have made that person your God for allowing them to belittle because of what they call a title-mentality, if you know who you are and all you answer to is the title of a minister and yet you are called to the high place to help in the supper, then you are not fit for the kingdom for allowing yourself to be humble for title sakes. God states that everyone that partook of the Lord's supper in Jesus day had a foundation and knowledge of who they were in Christ; even if Mary was still a whore she knew who she was.

God states that since many have taken on a title mindset concerning his gifts and many are afraid to speak for themselves, he will speak for them through his feasts and through the Lord's supper. If you will not humble yourself enough to learn from God's end-time prophets and people he has in place because of your so-called position mindset, then he stated he will humble you himself in a horizontal position. Starting in 2011 many will partake of these feasts and will either die suddenly without cause or on the spot and it will force ministries and people to humble themselves so he can reach his end-time remnant that must produce the bride of Christ. In the spirit God has taken the power and knowledge of his feasts and has placed them on the left side of his throne representing the judgment of people taking his feast and participating in the Lord's supper while standing in an authoritative mindset and an inadequate foundation that has idolized one position over the others. As I close this revelation, many are searching and wondering what is the significance of the feasts this year? It is because God will watch each and every feast and person who partakes and if any pride and/or idol person is involved you might as well call the van. As a word to the wise if a person does fall in the midst of the sanctuary, don't rush and touch or try to revive them, leave them be. Either God has taken them or they are gone somewhere. I would suggest calling the paramedics and have them touch them instead of you trying to because the fury God has for the church is between God and the powers that think they control the flow.

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