The Order of the Elijah Prophets
stand back and watch them work

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 21, 2010

Proverbs 6:16-19 There are six things the LORD HATES, seven that are DETESTABLE to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

In this particular scripture are the sins the church, prophets, and leaders have committed on top of operating ministry without foundational gifts. Each sin has 100 new prophets of holiness assigned to them as well as four who operate in a priestly anointing and two of those operate in kingdom mindset which means there will be 704 Elijah prophets about to emerge but because they are counted as one they are released by twos which means in human math there will 1408. In this figure is the wisdom of God: 1000 meaning the divine completeness and the Glory of God. Each prophet walks in God's glory and his authority, 40 meaning Trails, probations, and testing. The prophets are fresh out the wilderness and were taken immediately to the secret place to be kept by God until the appointed times. 8 meaning new birth, creation and beginning all of these prophets are a different breed they have been recycled from the days of old and failure is not an option for they have been specially equipped with missions of mercy, hope, power and restoration. These will be the reformers of the Christian faith for they are holiness unto God and not man. The haughty eyes are those who cannot and will not submit for they consider themselves the status quo for ministry. The lying tongues are those who came forth with a God-said in which God didn't speak. These are the workers of iniquity which fleece the people and speak falsely into their lives. These are the people who rush to see the familiar spirits at work who have them in spiritual bondage with them being considered the authority on God's dealings. These are those who take revelations and administer them as their own in order to stay in the know. These are the leaders who have told the flock to separate from certain vessels.

In this company of prophets there are 8 who are equipped to train the end-time apostles. In it they will never speak of themselves as themselves but will use spiritual language to point you to spiritual truth as with Paul when he says he knew a man... this scripture is the essence of these prophets. They are so in tune with heaven they don't know where they are operating from because they have obtained legal residence and power to operate in heaven and earth. There are no end-time Elijah apostles as of yet and be leery of anyone who claims it; you will know an Elijah prophet by their words, for if the apostles of old would have stayed on their post many a prophet would not be able to go from region to region without the ok of the apostle in that region. I didn't say your friend that wants you to preach, I am talking about a God-sent apostle who controls the prophetic atmosphere in his/her region. The prophet's job is to expose the bondages of religion by speaking the fresh end-time oracles of the Lord. This will in turn catch the ears of those in organic and home-based ministries who are looking for the formation and the sound of the Bride. They will leave and/or send for these leaders that are emerging and in this they will either move to support or the leader will move to form this bridal masterpiece.  This will please the Lord that at the instance of the Bride forming he will immediately release new warfare strategies, anointings, and revelation that are hidden inside the prophets. The secret is that in order to keep the integrity of the Bride most of their anointing will not be released or activated until they are in the positions that God has ordained as bridal structures. There are only 8 Elijah prophets who have knowledge of the entire plans of God in order to confirm when a person is in place as led by the Holy Spirit. The key to this whole plan of God is finding one of those eight in your midst for two operate in Moses and Elijah mantles as one and therefore may be the hardest to understand and/or figure out. Their priestly anointing is only activated and the Glory shown is when you spiritually acknowledge who they are for their identities are hidden by God as to protect the integrity of his Bride for these carry tribulation revelation as well as they are called “deaths door” by the angels that protect them. To offend one in this season is not wise for they will be vessels that the spirit of the Lord may dwell in to watch his plan form and if ever someone has been in the presence of one that has been used, their eyes light as actual fire.

These prophets are dead in God and will only submit their knowledge, gifts, and anointings to vessels whom God has deemed worthy of the honor of marrying his son. Therefore many shall watch and pray for the day of vengeance is upon this land.

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