The New Bridal Structure

by Dedric Hubbard
June 2, 2010

God says everyone has questions about how the Bride of Christ will be built, therefore I have come down from the mountain of God with the ten commandments of the end-time bride. Failure to have these in place constitutes blasphemy of the Holy Spirit when the indwelling comes for he will judge all things according to his word.

1. Make your callings and elections sure because this is the Bride of Christ. Anyone who wishes to participate in a personal ministry or full-time ministry must have the five office gifts in place. Not according to any human judgment, but be Holy Ghost led. Failure to reason within yourself and pick someone on a human basis will be not in your best interest.

2. Respect for each office. These gifts are not titles, but biblical foundations used to build the Bride. These are not stepping stones but leveling stones. We must realize that one is not more important than the other, therefore competition is not necessary for the one that seems the most knowledgeable is the standard that everyone must achieve.

3. Understand your office. If God tells you and someone confirms you, that is what you are in God's kingdom. In God's heart there is a power side and a knowledge side; these five gifts flow out of Jesus. If a person of authority does not recognize you, but yet calls for a prophetic word knowing who you are in the spirit, this taints the purity of your anointing causing you to unknowingly feed from all five gifts making your words seem like you are rambling and thus fleshly.

4. Reproduce the gift and not the man, every individual is different. Make sure that they are looking and acting like Jesus, not you.

5. If the structure is in place, healing and deliverance is automatic. Anyone that struggles with a demon ie, screaming, hollering, and laboring is out of order in their life. Jesus always spoke and it left, he did not struggle. This is flesh trying to crucify flesh with no authority. In this case the seer should have the vision that the demons are communicating in the spirit and actually attacking the individuals. This is false signs and wonders...

6. When the ministry has been established for some time according to the Holy Spirit they must pick the prophet and apostle of the ministry to begin kingdom ministry.

7. Everyone must be taught to read the Bible from spiritual knowledge and with spiritual eyes, for books will come to naught at tribulation time for they will be found to have been written by fallen angels full of witchcraft and deceit.

8. All rules will be introduced by the Holy Spirit and weighed by the spirit of the Bible and not the letter of it.

9. Anyone who joins a bridal church must be granted spiritual access by the house prophet and apostle, then weighed by the spirit according to kingdom knowledge. This is to protect the house from falsehoods.

10. If a person leaves the end-time ministry without the Holy Spirit introduction count him as a brother, but intreat him as a friend for pride may have entered in and therefore, he/she has sealed their own fate.

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