Elijah Exposes Himself
Daniel- Rahab - Ezekiel - Abraham - David - Elijah - Destiny

by Dedric Hubbard (November 22, 2010)

Sitting among an elite force of Elijah prophets in worship as most prepare for a battle of historic significance in which many are still playing "church" while the ark and/or foundation of the Bride is being built, it is this revelation that will speak to the true prophets of Elijah. Those who are just along for the ride will begin to fall off for there is a mighty army that is being released upon these buildings of idolatry. It is at this point that God begins to lay down the law for his special forces. God spoke and said around December 14th he will release his first outpouring of his Glory in which the Holy Spirit will be released without measure to those who are hungry and thirsty for God. In this outpouring there will be 5 spirits who will release. An Elijah prophet will direct the people into their destiny. If you don't have one of these prophets you might try humbling yourself and sending for one (in particular one who operates in the mantle of Elijah). How can you tell if they operate in the mantle? They have the secret of each churches failures hidden in their spirit. Many have already been assigned their territory and know who you are before they are contacted. The spirit of Daniel will first be released upon those of a prophetic nature. In this the mysteries of Daniel will be unlocked, not keeping with the traditions of the "church" in which many have practiced Daniel fasts as rituals to seek God. In doing this, the church has made Daniel's fast an idol in the spirit realm. When you worship a spirit's identity you worship the man of that spirit and not the God of that man. As such God has released 2 more forms of fasts in which when Elijah decrees a fast among his prophets you must analyze where you are in God pick your fast and go with his flow; unless he is bringing spiritual communication among his prophets worldwide in which the fast will be named.

1. Fast - When declared it means to hold on to information, revelation, and/or connection for God will use that to move you to a higher level in the kingdom quickly.

2. Fast - Requires total intimacy with God in which you become isolated by the Holy Spirit; every word and move you make is by the Spirit of God with no hesitation.

3. Fast - In which you shut your entire life down and rest in his presence; no work, church, children etc. In which God will see how much you truly know him as your provider. *mainly for the vessel who is birthing ministry out of their loins*  

Rahab's spirit will be upon those who know there is more to God than they have been exposed to when Elijah prophets speak just one word of revelation for you to leave the church scene grab the cord and go. For when they come they are destroying it all and friendly fire is not punishable when you have been warned.

Ezekiel's spirit will be upon prophets who will begin to speak and prophecy in symbolism that many will consider gross, demeaning, etc. but it is the substance in which they speak that makes this group of prophets unique in themselves.

Abraham's spirit will be upon those who God will wake up and say move, get out, in this many who have been stagnant in churches bound by manipulation, witchcraft, and traditions will take a step into their destiny. It is here whole congregation will begin to close doors and worship with other congregations in a move of the Holy Spirit.

David's spirit will fall upon those who will build kingdom churches not mega-churches in which everything reflects the person of God not the person of a man.

Elijah is just Elijah and those who have the mantle sometimes will operate out of all these spirit to spark the anointing in individuals lives. Many cannot and will not understand this spirit of Elijah until they have been taught by him. Everything he does leads a person, ministry, and/or church to their destiny because he has outran the chariot to understand the move of God.  

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