Get Ready For Uncomfortable Gospel
behind-the-cross style preaching

by Dedric Hubbard
May 22, 2011

Many have been introduced to God as a compassionate loving father who speaks, helps, and disciplines his children with love. But many have let the leaders of this dispensation introduce fables into the Gospel such as “love people where they are at,” “hate the sin love sinner,” and “God knows their heart.” Allowing the average church attendee to feel comfortable in their sick, twisted, perverted, sinful lifestyle as they are taught God is love and they are sinners saved by grace; hiding from the ones who expose the deep hidden spirits that are concealed in these children of God. Many have fixed and twisted their lips to call the prophets who have been activated to expose the sins false, operating in witchcraft, not hearing God and just plain offensive to all who read what they are revealing in this season. It is in this season in this revelation we release the side of God that many may not have been introduced to because of passive pastors teaching love and compassion and not preaching the conviction against sin, which is needed to really understand God’s hatred of those living in hidden sin. God is releasing prophets who can pinpoint the hotel room in which you commit your hidden matters of worldly discord. We introduce the foundation of Galatians 5:20 which begins with sexual immorality in which many do immoral acts or practice in that they have become consumed to midnight booty calls with men/women they only call for sexual favors. Which leads to their spirits being impure and they trust to led the praise songs and preach the Gospel of God. In order to hate the sin you should expose but the gospel of “love them where they are at” allows you to sing, preach, prophecy with impure spirits, perverting every person who accepts this so-called worship. This calls the debauchery of the morals of God to fall. It is this fall that allows the church to lean and rock, two step and electric slide in the house of God and the leaders who approve and allow this sinful nature, speaks that they are not living a life of the Gospel but compromise leading the sheep astray by a worldly pastor at the helm.

In that these leaders have become idols leading the people to idolatry as they follow the ways of the world but say it’s for God in that they introduce to people into witchcraft as these leaders teach “there’s nothing wrong with leaning for the Lord.” These bastard pastors are nothing more than the devil’s hit men, and when the prophets preach or talk against what these have become accustomed to, they react in hatred to those who preach against their foolishness. And yet they preach out of a Bible that clearly explains that these people will not enter into the kingdom of God. God is a selfish God and besides him there are no other and yet many run to Pastor Two-Step and Prophet Pitiful, and Apostle Arrogant for advice, ignoring the Father who always has his ear open and yet you reject what his voices say because it requires you to change. Thereby you settle for comfort instead of conviction, paying offerings instead of being offended, hiding in sin instead of exposing your faults. We live in a generation that to be offended for the cause of Christ means the one that is offending is seen as not showing love, and yet all throughout the Word Jesus offended the mind to reveal the hearts, which to those who are mature saints he convicts the spirit to release the sin. We are in a season in which a believer who says that a person offends them with words, revelations, actions, and/or their response to situation means you are not on the cross but gambling beneath the cross. Thinking what you are learning will get you in the gates of heaven it is not until that you are not offended, ashamed, and convicted that you are on the cross, anything less and you are just saved and not delivered. In that you cannot be a sinner saved by grace for if you were, you would understand grace is no more than the period of time from when you became saved up until the time you are delivered. Thus grace is not something you live by, it’s a point of reference that you can gauge your growth in Christ, not something that people such as a well-known pastor teaches that you have the capacity to live in this manner of life. And the idea that you are “safe in grace” this is the nonsense the church has allowed to enter into the confines of people’s ear gate and have built ministries out of teaching one-sided versions of gospel such as prosperity, faith, grace, prophecy, and healing. It’s not until the church is able to preach all doctrine in completion not one more than another. A selfish God has come to strike this unbalanced nature of teaching and offend those who don’t agree. Hell has now become an option, choice, and a mandate for those who preach “sinner saved by grace,” and “love them where they are at” because you are not preaching the Gospel of Christ. Hell is open and wide!

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