Elijah versus The Pastoral Foundation
showdown on the mountain of religion

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 26, 2010

Jeremiah 17:16 (A Pastor's Last Stand)

Sitting in a realm of Glory (of which shall remain nameless, for there are imposters among our midst) waiting for the fresh winds that God releases in this season and so I remain quiet about my spiritual surroundings. Not for fear of my life but for those who don’t understand the things that are about to take place. Thus walking among the evergreens of heavens I was interrupted in my time of solitude by an angel that comes with the prayers of a pastor. In this prayer he asks for understanding of things to come, not for the sake of being right but of being wrong for his eyes have been open by the multitudes of Elijah revelations that have been released and the fear of the Lord has come upon him. It was Jeremiah who understood the ways of God and as such he knew without a shadow of a doubt every word that came out of his mouth was indeed from the Lord because Jeremiah had a relationship which was coupled by visitations and visions from God. The question is how can people trust men to speak spiritual words if they have not experienced them outside of books? That in itself should speak to the relationship that any pastor has with God. Prayer is good, revelations are good, leadership is good, and knowing scripture is good, but an encounter with a spiritual God in a spiritual atmosphere is beyond good, it is the greatest; it speaks to the relationship a person has with God. And yet all many pastors have are testimony and no out of body spiritual experience with the God of this universe so how is it you can speak for a God that hasn’t shown you himself pass your Bible verses?

Quite simple, the church is saved but no one is delivered and as such the church is bleeding beyond measure for its failure to stick to the mission and foundations that God has sat before them so now they run a pastoral vision built on his foundation and as a result the church has become a slut, a type of whore if you will where any and everybody can come in do their business and leave. It is now we take a pastor’s authority before the throne for judgment and see its basis for the authority in which it now holds for those who have an ear to hear and eyes to see will understand the nature of God. So we teach from the 21st chapter of John 15th to the 25th verse in which Jesus speaks to Peter to feed his lambs and as such the church should notice the difference between lambs and sheep’s for their age, maturity, and meat is different. Likewise in the church spiritual age, spiritual maturity, and spiritual gifts are different and it’s the humble nature of people in which Jesus was speaking to Peter. As such Jesus was speaking to Peter’s spirit for him to understand that as every animal is different so are people and you cannot feed people milk and they desire meat. Before a man can minister to people he must understand people, before a man can be a pastor he must be able to distinguish that he is responsible for anybody that he has not allowed to grow in care because of his ignorance to spiritual things. It is that ignorance that has led to man’s tradition that a person can’t eat off two plates and/or be under two pastors and as such those that have ministries that equip the people in their God ordained gifts are more spiritual in nature and those who equip everyone under the title ‘minister’ are more of a fleshy nature. It is then those who have this frame of mind call God’s word into question and as such he states the foundation of his church Eph. 2:20, Eph. 4:11 God states the order and quantity of the church, 1st Col. 12:28 God shows the completed view of his church when the foundation is place. It is here we sidebar to let the people understand that as the Lord prepares for his arrival in his true bridal church pastors and evangelist will not be a requirement although they will be present, for when the gifts of God are in order all the church needs are people to work the work.

Next we look at Peter’s answer to Jesus. We noticed the word “grieved” in which when speaking to a risen savior there should be no grief but joy. It is then we understand Peter’s state of mind. He was receiving Jesus words through a damaged soul in which true deliverance had not taken place for people answered to authority but yet failed to question authority. Meaning Peter never understood the spiritual reason why he was grieved when Jesus kept asking him about it. He was showing Peter his forgiveness and yet Peter hadn’t forgiven himself and you cannot truly love Jesus when you forgive others of their trespasses and can’t forgive yourself of your own. It was after this Jesus released the prophecy of Peter’s natural death that many have preached of how Peter displayed his loyalty to Jesus. And as such so shall it be in the spirit for we take you unto his spiritual death in which a person is truly humble before God when you reach a certain point in your spiritual walk when you know that God is changing his voices and to submit yourself as a spiritual leader and allow someone to come in and speak the fresh winds of God into those who are under your spiritual leadership is no greater glory to God, for humble obedience speaks a mouthful. And yet just a few verses down after this prophecy of death we see the weakness in Peter’s life emerge again as he asked Jesus a question about the affairs of another and when he couldn’t get a simple answer Peter made up an answer in which he said the man shall live. As such, those with spiritual eyes see the spirit of a liar had crept into Peter’s soul. For not understanding his own need for inner forgiveness unto himself, the enemy used this as a way into Peter’s life in which he was more concerned about another's affairs that he lied about the answer just to be the first one to give a response, and yet he didn’t understand his own life. Isn’t it strange that in this present day and age many pastors run around handling the affairs of others and don’t really take care of their own?

Now as the spirit renders judgment on the scripture all pastors use to justify their authority in so-called “feeding the sheep” we find many flaws with consistency in the spirit of the revelation and not the word of the revelation. For if read from man’s wisdom and his interpretation we understand that many will think that it’s Biblical sound, and yet we submit a picture-perfect case that is seen in the spirit of the Bible and not just words alone. We understand the foundation of God, we understand the knowledge of God, we understand the wisdom of God, and we understand the end-time plan of God. It is with these proofs that the Holy Spirit finds that any who use this scripture as a foundation scripture for the pastor to feed the sheep are guilty of using human wisdom, for this scripture is one of self-evaluation in which Jesus was leaving a message “how can you feed someone else until you have been fed yourself? How can you forgive anyone until you forgive yourself? How can you lie about a revelation from God about someone else because he won't reveal their purpose to you?”

It is with this evidence that anyone who stands in a pastoral foundation be warned that you are being summoned in the spirit to the top of the mountain of religion and as such just in the days of Elijah we are encircling you with Ezekiel 34:10. As such if you don’t release your unrecognized authority over God’s sheep and step down to the vocation unto which you were called and institute the foundation as required by the word of the Lord, you will be judge under an Ezekiel anointing for it will symbolize the wrath of God upon your life.

Elijah Prophecy – For not following the end-time revelation of God many pastors will begin to complain about arthritis (this will speak to their failure to move in the revelation of God) heart attacks (this will speak of their hardened hearts toward the revelation of God) strokes (this will speak to their failure to even try to communicate with the end-time prophets of God).

Casualties – Many Elijah prophets are still in a religious frame of mind and attend religious events and as such, if your spiritual leaders begin to complain about said ailments this means it’s time for you to leave. This attack of fire from God will be from moderate to severe, there will be one known pastor who will suffer hospitalization. In this God will speak the intent of his anger toward the prophets who are failing to operate in their anointing because of familiar spirits holding them in religious churches.   

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