Elijah says:
There are some whores in God's House!

by Dedric Hubbard
Sunday, November 7, 2010

You are Dressed in Righteousness; Covered in Filth (you were bought with a price)

As we come out of the war room with our instructions for today we step into a battle that is sure to please our God for it is here that Elijah states he wants to expose mystery Babylon in all it subtlity. So we discuss the attire of the harlot; I wait as my scribe angels stop laughing so we can begin. You have power in Christ when you have one who feeds you the revelation of God and one who writes how you release the revelation. It is then you have obtained Jacob’s ladder. “Who is the harlot of this house?” Is the question God asked me and I responded “God you know it’s those people in those buildings.” “How did they get there?” Is the next question God asked me. I said “the prophets, pastors, and the apostles of Baal let them in because the evangelist of Baal called them in and the teachers of Baal instructed and taught them on how to dress.” It was then God asked the question “well, what are you going to do son?” I said “well God, I think we need to strip search the house of God.” “Do you think that is wise son? They are going to hate you in such a way that you will be silenced among the heathens right up till judgment day.” So I thought “being hated or exposing sin. Hmmm, Well God, I like exposing sin“ is what I said. “Good answer son, spare not the rod. Punish those shepherds who worship falsely among other gods.” Howl oh you heathens and come forth. My God has called for a strip search of your church inhabitants and we will call you by tens, for you are dressed in righteousness but clothed in filth. How dare you come in the house of the Lord with the attire of harlots from many years ago.

Those who wear this attire we call your name and summon you to the top of Mt. Carmel for inspection and if you do not change we will call the fire of God to expose your shame. Baby Phat, Enyce and all the rest are made with the spirit of the seductress herself. Jezebel always wants to seduce, now do you understand why perversion is loose in God’s church? And yet none of you are ashamed, for your pastors of flesh are lying with the sheep. Do I hear a bleep in my ear? Someone has a secret with a sheep. Should Elijah expose this carnal affair? Or will these vessels change the attire they wear. Sean John, Ed Hardy and all the rest; do you not know that Ed Hardy is Ahab's dress maker himself? And you wonder why the women's skirts are so short and their jeans extra tight, because Ed Hardy and his men are laid back and cool, waiting on that seductive spirit to enter into the room as he whispers sweet nothings in that morning service and passes the key to the hotel room. The spirit of fornication has entered into the House of God and there is no room for error so satan moves to worship with his fornicating whores leading the songs and Jezebel enters into Ed Hardy souls as she thinks of the love between the sheets. Ed Hardy enters into Jezebel as he thinks of the ways he will toss her around. All those disgusting beastly acts are going on in their heads. Now the atmosphere is right and the prophets want to talk and the pastors want to speak. Dumb Christians can’t see the atmosphere is set in the church building today. Jezebel is speaking, her worship is playing, and she is prophesying in your churches this morning and no prophet is guarding the house because the pride of life has bought them all out.  

Elijah Report: Christians cannot look like the world and any Christians who have tattoos on their bodies and wear the clothing named above are not prophets of God. You were bought with the price of blood and yet you have traded your souls for the latest the world has to offer. You wear clothes without researching who or where they come from and yet your Bible states that in all thy getting, get understanding. Anything that is made to show off, reveal, or enhance a woman’s body is always a Jezebel spirit at work. As for the men and women you must understand the designer of your latest fashions is a tattoo artist. At the top of Mt. Carmel the false prophets cut themselves as a sign of disrespect for their gods and to get their gods attention. This means any type of behavior in which blood is drawn to enhance your body is demonic in nature, especially tattoos. I don’t care if you and your wife have matching tattoos, it’s a demon and you are not a prophet of God. Anyone who runs out to buy the latest fashion just because the world has it is not a leader but a follower. Just because a person acknowledges God in their award banquets, tv shows, etc., doesn’t mean they have a relationship with God. Satan acknowledges god and yet he has no relationship with God. Anything that covers a Christian's body must be consulted of with God before it is put on. Every time you buy air Jordan’s you put yourself in bondage because you know what they make as opposed to what you pay for them and as such you are not walking in Christ but are in bondage to the pride of life for you are satan's little whores and bastards who are his walking billboard. The average prophet if they are of God can see that anytime you wear pants with a man or woman's name across your butt and you display it loudly, this means you are their female dog (bitch). Excuse me you are still in the world, you know the language.

For they are bought with a price, my son’s blood is pure and yet they go whoring after another man’s price. Do I not care for my children son? Can I not clothe them and put shoes upon their feet? It’s because they are not near to me to unlock the door of witty inventions I have to corner the world in clothing. My sheep are naked before the devil for they trust in his riches are better than mine. Shall I loose a plague and tell them of the time? When they come into my house wearing the filth of this world and blood outlines upon their skin saying to one another they love them by drawing one another’s blood. My son my sheep are asleep; wake them up so they can see the error of their ways for they are taking a destructive path and yet if they fail to cast off the attire of Baal and his angels of wrath, I have no choice but to summon them to the top of Mt. Carmel and destroy them in a blood of fire in which this time Elijah will not run. But watch the earth open up as hell receives its rewards from ignorant sheep.      


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