I know you,
....but do you know me?

Inside the Judgment Hall of God

by Dedric Hubbard
July 24, 2010

As I was sitting mediating on my life and how far I have come spiritually the Lord asked a question, "Do you want to see?" And I said "yes" (anything the Lord wants you to see has to be good). Immediately I was brought up in the spirit behind the throne of God, but this time there was a transparent shield of clear gold along a narrow hallway with many doors on each side, and the twelve tribes were separated by the tubes, six on each side, and their stones of color were on each door. Before we left God says “wait for the rest because I want to walk through this tunnel slow to take it all in for no one has seen it in slow motion.” As the Elders lined up God called everything in order of spiritual authority with me being last and with God leading us as we went through the tube. All of a sudden I was now behind, God and the rest of the elders disappeared and it was me and the Lord. As I asked what happened he stated “they have earned their inheritance and they are going in to see their tribe.” He then explained that when a person has an out-of-body experience they pass through the tunnel and the lights that they see are actually the color of their tribes and as I move them through their family will know I am judging their tribe. As I walk I can hear people screaming my name in some languages I have never heard but I understood them in my spirit. As we made it to the hall I could see the white throne with a smaller throne inside of it the white throne is the color of blood at the feet and as it goes up it really is clear blood that's transparent and it looks white, clear white.

The chair in the front of the white throne was made exactly like God's but it was the color of blood. As God sat in his throne he said “sit in that chair.” As I sat the chair turned the same color as God and my face appeared in his eyes and two angels brought in a mirror and sat it between us and God came next to the chair and when he looked in the mirror he was like my twin. I was shocked but not surprised and as he went back to the chair our image remained in the mirror and duplicated itself four times. Jesus then came in and smiled and touched my heart where he did yesterday and the letter appeared and it was the color of blood. He then gave it to God and smiled and left. God laughed at me and said “son are you not afraid?” I said “no, I have done everything you have told me since you called me to be a prophet.” He laughed again “that was your foundation to get here; I called you to be my son.” I said “I knew that.” “Well you didn't say it.” So God stared and laughed at me again and I smiled and I said “God are you judging me?” He laughed aloud and Jesus came in laughing as well as the elders for they came in the hall. It was then God said “I had to come get you because one of your friends say you are going to hell for lying on judgement day, so to make them understand that we are real and accessible in faith through the spirit (for that is the only way you enter the kingdom), I had to come get you and judge you for lying and the reason we were laughing is because when we were talking your chair was actually on its back and we were looking down on you while you were looking up to us. So we were doing that to symbolize to your friend, how can they see what you see, they must be higher than me? And so when she reads this she will know the authority that you have now because when you sit in that seat the only thing you should see is me resembling you because you all were made after my image in you and no one else.

He then placed my chair in front of his throne and it matched it perfectly, except for the size and he said “sit” and then he showed me the path of judgment which is the narrow hall. If you know who your spiritual father is, their tribe brings you on in until the day of judgement and this is your heaven and you are reunited with all your loved ones who knew who their spiritual father was (and it isn't a natural man). If you are not sure of your father but you understood your foundational gift you are kept in the second level of heaven and you get to talk with other fathers of the faith when they come down to evaluate the gifts of the earth (and a minister is not one of them). If you are a part of a religion and felt that you have done everything right you go straight to the judgement hall and if your reflection does not show in God's eyes you are taken down to the first level it's at this level where if you don't know your foundational gift, your callings and/or anointing, failed to distinguish between the voice of God and man, religion, denominations, and idols... you are kept here until the Holy Spirit finishes his work. Your souls are kept here and God releases your spirit to run upon the earth unknown to anyone because you failed to listen, which means you were full of pride. Upon Jesus reclaiming the earth your spirit is connected back with your soul and then you are set afire. God states that this revelation was important for I seen many well-known prophets and pastors, both local and nationwide, whose souls are sitting at this level and yet they continue preaching and you continue listening to them. If you sit in that seat in a matter of, I will call it milliseconds, and your reflection does not come up in God's eyes that means you were more in tune with a man than with God and wherever that person's fate is there will your heart be also.

So if you don't know who you are as an individual then you will never make it into the kingdom so you can keep running behind your pastors, prophets, apostles or whatever but you best make sure God telling you and you not moving out of a flesh. The thing about being in a relationship with God he will tell you everything but you can't say a word you better know who you allow to give you a word because they are just shells looking for a spirit so they can suck life out of. And thus without a shadow of a doubt we who are the chosen don't have to prove a thing, but my gift today was a seat of my own in the judgement hall so if I come from son status to a prophet foundation if I say you wrong we say you wrong because my seat has been established and marked. So know God has my list of enemies that I couldn't retaliate but know he has made them my footstool and I owe no man nothing when I step on them to open the atmosphere of the burning rain.

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