Elijah Speaks
The Glory of Separation

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 2, 2010

As many worship in a religious culture of denominations in which they claim Jesus as their Lord and savior, they fail to recognize separation as God introduced it and for this misguided revelation we quote scripture from front to back. As those under our authority yell from their submissive position with such phrases as preach pastor! Black man! Daddy! Etc., I sit and review the comments made from some people's mouths and although they have been Christians for 20 plus years they are still unlearned in that of the spirit for as I review just a few of the so-called test phrases I have written nothing stands out more than those which have racial overtones and acknowledgment of human glory. Christians who are to be a part of this first outpouring of God’s glory must understand there is no racial separation in the kingdom and to most we understand that Sundays, although being uplifted a little, are the most separated time on this earth. The Glory God is dispensing is for everyone who understands the nature of God’s plan on this earth. To distance yourself because of race and release racially-biased prophecies and revelations speaks to your level of relationship with God. The Glory of separation is that one-on-one time with God the Father and yet we miss it every single day that we give Glory to another for God’s presence in our life. And as I stated before like I will state now, how many prophets and/or spiritual leaders have went the way of the heathens by calling man ‘father’? We take a walk through the book of Matthew 23rd chapter ninth verse. It is in this verse that I seek to offend many yet it will bring life to some, for I enjoy revealing the religious traditions that are sending many to hell if they don’t change their ways. Matthew 23:9 speaks of “call no man father on this earth” and yet you have learned unlearned spiritual leaders that love to hear the phrases as the foolish sheep say “that’s my daddy” and “his daddy is etc.” To Elijah prophets this is Babylon bastards at their finest, idolization upon multiplication in which I love to swing the sword to cut this tower down to size. Let’s take a trip into the mind of God in which most people don’t know the Bible can kill you two ways and heal you only one way.

To offer yourself as a spiritual leader and quote every scripture in the Bible is death. To offer yourself as a spiritual leader and never have a spiritual experience in which God shows you the workings of heaven is death. You then preach a powerless gospel, depending only on your revelations in the flesh and never reaching the spirit. The question I asked God while he was releasing this revelation was “if you were to come today and everyone that has adapted to the traditions of spiritual fathers/mothers as well as the leaders who allow this practice, what would happen?” I laughed for I already knew the answer; its death to see a scripture and acknowledge it, but yet never get the full revelation of it. You need a revelation in the flesh and a revelation in the spirit, so to all these so-called spiritual mother/fathers I wish you a happy destruction day, for to keep on accepting a glory that the Bible prohibits speaks to you being your own god. And your followers your own children but let it be known that any with this mindset will not receive the glory nor enter the kingdom for obedience to his word is better than sacrifice for honor.

And yet we move into The Glory of Separation as found in Genesis 1st Chapter and 9-13th verses where we find God separating the things that represented that which was dear to him. He gathered all the waters in one place but still made mention of that which he called dry land. Spiritual leaders need to understand that they don’t control the flow of water (revelations) God does, and as such no one man can father you in the gospel. The separation that is taken place is because God wishes to water the earth with a freshness of Glory untouched, unlearned, and unopened; only to those who he wishes to reveal his end-time secrets to. No one is yielding fruit of the God kind but of mankind. The Glory that is about to revealed and released will only cover those who are one with God in the flesh (meaning it’s under control), the soul (which means you are dead in Jesus), and the spirit (which means you are in constant communication with God). We now move into a spiritual realm to unfold what God is really saying:

Grass – Represents the flesh in which many times you have grown wild and God has to cut you down to size and now through the work of Jesus you are no longer an unkept yard, but a well-manicured lawn and now when people look at you they take notice.

Herb yielding seed – Represents the soul where you are no longer looking for man to produce you in the way they see fit, for you have been taking everything in and yet they are not allowing you to put out as God sees fit. Always being uprooted and repotted they get a taste of what you have and if it doesn’t fit or sound like them you are placed on the backburner.  

Tree yielding fruit (seed within itself) – This represents the man in his dominant state aligned in flesh, soul, and spirit confidant in who he is and what he represents. He depends on God for all of his needs and never looks for the confirmation of man, because he has the Glory of God and is doing what he was called and born to do. He tells the other trees “this is how God birth me out for he is my father I didn’t have to carry no shoes, Bibles, coats, sow seeds (any extra weight). I just carried the load he gave me which consisted of faith, obedience, and humility and over time I sprung forth.”

The problem with this Glory that will be released before the years end is the question God told me to ask which is how bad do you want it? You can’t call a man your spiritual father/mother and partake of this Glory. You can’t have a person thinking of you as a spiritual father/mother and partake of this Glory. You can’t have spiritual sons/daughters and partake of this Glory. Because this is the Glory that will produce the tree-yielding fruit, meaning it will be God’s way of separating you from anything that’s not like him. This is the Glory that will cover the manifesting sons and everyone is not a son. For even to read this revelation is a Glory all within its own because my hands are washed. I will never tell another soul to separate, for when the Glory comes it will separate people all on its own. And yet many of you have told God “whatever you want to do, whoever you want to move, whatever you want me to do.” Sound familiar?? I hope so. Because God states to those who have destiny on your lives, these were vows and it is now time to pay for if you don’t separate from those people, ministries, etc that are hindering your destiny he will release the Glory upon you anyway and everything you couldn’t separate from he will destroy and then you as well because after all obedience is better than sacrifice. Now go tell your daddies and mommies that God says their Glory is over for his has come. And remember there is a Glory in being separated.

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