Time for Bridal Counsel
Breaking Religious Idolatry Destroying All Levels

by Dedric Hubbard
July 3, 2010

Well, had an important roundtable discussion in the judges chamber. Elijah asked God for a lawyer and in came Jesus in his priestly garments for the prosecution. The elders are divided in levels according to the nature of the one being tried. God sits behind the throne in his priestly garments. I am here fearful being the lawyer for the defense case as well as the one being tried. I have against me the charge of being foolish enough to believe every word, encounter, and experience that I did was for my faith. All to see if this man named God is real and now that I know, have seen, and experienced what I had to for the sake of humanity, I have to prove to God who taught me, birthed me, and helped me get to the level in God that I am at. I had few human instructors and few spiritual fathers and even fewer churches, for they were non-existent. Everything I needed when I needed it the most, advice, impartation, direction, and support was given to me either by angels, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or nature. Advice, counsel, support and directions were none, limited, inadequate or based on fear, falsehoods, deceit, cunning, pride, or hate; and these were people and/or ministries that called themselves Christians, pastors, friends, apostles, and my favorite church. Except for my last stop which represented what God is and was looking for but because of what they were taught although limited, now because of what I suffered from at first not knowing who or what I was in God they will become a mighty bridal party.

So in this discussion I had to prove the purpose of the church according to biblical standards. Did it meet all of my needs or did they have knowledge of it when I was in their presence? I had to answer “no.” Were my gifts, callings and anointings equipped, imparted, or taught in the church? I had to answer “no.” I had to answer was I shown the love of God in these churches I visited? I said “yes, one.” And God stood up and told me to walk toward a door in the rear of the room to the left and blow out three candles and call for a light and he will call me back when they are ready. So I did as I was told but when I called for light to come forth they came in the form of humans with angels holding them in their hands like candles and a mist kept coming every time they dimmed and would light the candles back up. On the table was a book and I heard the Holy Spirit say “choose between knowledge or good and evil” so knowing God was outside the door I was about to ask he stated “good choice” before I could ask so I got the knowledge of both.

The lamps were symbolic of people I had known who proclaim the gospel according to their standards and not God's, so as I blew out the candles it represented God removing their angels of protection. The mist are the souls of the people that they have led to hell because they refuse to move with the spirit of God and every time God shows them their weakness instead of healing them they overlook them and puff their pride up so they are guilty of idolatry. The book was the religious structure that the church has built using the good knowledge of God to do human evils and thus it has to be destroyed in the spirit before it manifests in the natural. After this lesson God summoned me to come out. As I sat back in my seat God apologized for the foundation of the church not being there for me and he cried, “Jesus apologizes for the gifts not being in the church to help” and he cried. Elijah laughed and cried because he gets to show the people who God is. The Holy Spirit came from above and asked for the book and explained to me the reason that I had to be led and trained by him alone. “Everyone reads my words but no one understands it and therefore, The Bible that you hold is good and evil and those that have misrepresented it have made themselves as God, knowing the good I tell them in the spirit but yet choosing evil; so I am sorry and I apologize.” The Holy Spirit started crying. As he reached for the book I gave it to him and it turned to fire. His tears opened up the heavens and they were dropping toward the heavens and he went into the room and grabbed the lamps from the angels and sat next to the throne of God. Jesus also went and sat next to the throne of God.

They called Elijah forth and the Holy Spirit touched his priestly robe and it turned to fire at both ends; they all looked at me. Elijah says “I am sorry but your testimony has sealed the fate of religion and the church.” Elijah looks at God and God says “guilty on all counts.” God called in the warring angels and although I listened I am not allowed to speak on certain aspects of heavenly conversation. The church has become like the hanging gardens of Babylon and thus it will be destroyed at all levels. Anyone who stays in a church with a religious structure once God has told you to leave will be considered as an enemy of God and thus die with the structure you idolize. There will be warnings given out of nature because God's nature is now upon the earth. The next major earthquake is the last warning for the remnant to get out of religious structure, non-denominational and denominational. This will also be a warning for the organic churches, God's end-time ministries, and those who hunger for God to begin to discuss and build the bride.

God will speak first because he is the foundation. The next sign will be intense rain, thunderstorms, and floods; this will be Jesus removing and securing all his gifts that man has tried to hold in bondage as well as identifying those who are operating in deceit and falsehoods. It will also be a sign for the Bride to start being equipped and preparing for the battle of the religious structure. In it you will find the Joshua's who will lead the way. Then Elijah and his army will speak identifying and destroying every demonic stronghold by name, church, organization, individuals and groups. Revealing hidden secrets, motives, bank accounts, thoughts, ideas, intents of the hearts, bogus relationships, and anything that has prevented you from becoming all God has called you to be. In other words Elijah will operate in the flesh and how you say it call you out in the flesh. They will also be responsible for equipping the bride and anointing to do battle with the spirits of Jezebel and Ahab and other Nephilim spirits that are among us. Elijah will be introduced in unusual weather patterns; tornados, windstorms and lighting just showing up all of a sudden and without warning. Then the Holy Spirit will constantly be speaking, pushing, and telling you to leave until he removes his breath from that which you love more than God be it person, place, or thing. This will signify that grace is leaving and the Bride is emerging in full power. Get right and repent so you can get gone.

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