The Disconnected Connection

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 17, 2010

It is of urgent importance that people realize the foundation in which they preach, hear, or are taught the Gospel for they have a disconnected connection and have been since the installing of what many have called “church.” What is church? It should be a place where when God puts the unction of “you are needed for the kingdom” you should be able to walk into a place and everything you need to take you to another place in God should be there, for this is God's mind for this building of bricks. And yet we walk in never asking why we are here. We are automatically looked upon as outsiders, taught the ways of their purpose, taught their Gospel, forced to serve on their committees, and talked about if we don't give to their feast days, anniversaries, rules, tradition, etc. All this because of a disconnected connection. One is not loved in the house of God but tolerated until they can find out what your worth is to serve their purpose or to accommodate their needs. Why you are in their house as they call it. As being one that doesn’t “church hop,” the few that I have visited when they almost got me in their religious mindsets and their (non)denominational wars is that they are all the same even though they say they are different. You have some person in a pastor position who thinks they have full authority over anything that goes on in the church and they report to some person proclaiming bishop status because of a written test he passed or a few unknowing people who wish to sow into their lives and bring their ministry under a man's rules for covering aspects. Many have done and are doing this because they haven't accessed the Spirit for proper revelation of the scriptures. There are going to be many who make it to eternity, heaven, and the judgment hall and realize that the Bible is written in spiritual tongues and only through the pure love of God will you be shown the key to read the Word in all dimensions. It is this missing key that has allowed to church to move away from the mission of God and develop their own mission statement and force their mission on you if you want to be a part of their church. The Bible says a man that doesn't take care of his own is worse than an infidel. This is a prophetic decree from heaven to earth: any ministry that operates in a covering mentality will be destroyed, judged, and warned without warning. And to the simple-minded individuals who may think that I have wrote out of order it speaks to your limited relationship with God for when the prophets come with a word of judgement to prepare themselves you write to echo heaven not to please man's style of writing which means if you read this post in its form you have already been warned for this is a confirmation unto God that I am relaying back his revelation unto him. For a person who has a ministry and submits their spiritual authority to another man because of that man's spiritual wisdom and knowledge, and according to his years in preaching the gospel, can one of God's finest in the end-time tell you that in God's eyes you are committing the sin of homosexuality in the spirit? And a woman who submits to a man is consider a whore, and for those who are married or unmarried whatever the case may be you are committing adultery because you have disconnected connection. When God gives a person a vision and/or the plans for a ministry you stay in prayer until that which will come forth. You don't run to another man when God made us co-creators, you tell God to send what you need an create the atmosphere for his Glory.

God states that the church is built upon apostles/prophets who are the foundation and Jesus who is the cornerstone. The reason the church is stagnant with limited or no gifts, no fresh manna/revelation, and worships all these false anniversaries/men, is because they lack the basics for building that which God states are the only two gifts in the Bible that he calls holy. So how can you preach a holy word, release holy revelation, release healing, miracles, signs and wonders and without a doubt know it's God if you don't even have his foundation in place? And what this has caused is sin to run rampant in the church so much so that many pastors, prophets, apostles, are scared to even acknowledge sin is still in a person's life and to them your soul is required in hell for failure to preach a gospel of death and yet fail to speak to that which will send may to death which is the bondage of sin. But yet God has raised up the champions of this hour that don't care if you are in a dome, stadium, or have your own kingdom you built with you as the cornerstone, the idol, and lawgiver, you are all as filthy rags in God's eyes for he sent you to equip, teach, and instruct the people in the things of God. Not to make yourselves of high influence so they may flock to you as a god which has compromised the gospel with motivational speakers posing as preachers, and sinful men who order certificates of honor and then fleece the church with their theology-driven messages to honor themselves at their set time. You have prophets who have gone astray and who point people toward men instead of the foundation of God which increases their exposure and then you have bastards reproducing bastards after their own kind and no one is building the kingdom for they have become kings in their own eyes. I say to those with disconnected connection return to the one true God or face the fury of the Lord in all his vengeance in which you, your family, congregation, cat and dog feel the fire of hell's flame your selah is being judged and you will be destroyed in it and in your city of honor.   

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