Elijah Teaches On THE POWER OF NOW!

by Dedric Hubbard (December 27, 2010)

Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

As God increases the anointing on one's life, he increase the tasks and/or information we receive. Many have a grace period, who are called to the front lines of this last and final battle. From now to January those in spiritual bondage to traditions, sins, manipulation, and people have unto the middle of April. All these situations take faith and not just any faith. Hebrews 11:1 is a scripture of faith but many teach it as Bible faith and thus no one gets the clear understanding of Faith in which in Hebrews 11:1 it is introduced as an action of faith. So what action are we taking? We need to know the meaning of the word preceding faith to get a better picture. Below are different definitions of now which speaks to different action levels of faith

           Now: : at the present time or moment

Where is your faith at this present season in your life? People have to understand and be taught that faith is more than a word, it's life. If you are dwelling on things of the past and you go to church and hear a right now word, it won't produce although it will prick your spirit because the word was brought after you have been dwelling on the 'b' path of now faith. Thus you think the word is for now in which it is after you have conquered your past then it will become 'now' and produce results instantly... after you have dealt with all your demons. 


          b : in the time immediately before the present

Where was your faith right before you heard your on-time word? Was it on the things of your life or the things of God? Was it on producing kingdom or producing material gains, asking questions about your life etc. If so, especially if you received a prophetic word, they have just answered you according to your heart’s desire and not God's desire. A prophet disciplined by God will never release a word for material gain into your life until you are established in the kingdom, for then God knows you will build the kingdom not bigger houses and fancy cars. Which means these sources did not come from God but satan in which after a season all these things will be lost because they were not added by God. 

          c : in the time immediately to follow : forthwith 

Where did your faith go immediately after you heard your so-called 'now word'? Did you ask God was your life in order? Did you ask God was the word from him? Did you ask God how long before these things come to pass? Did you ask God if those words were his words or just the vessel's? Why are these question relevant? Just because a word is confirmed doesn't mean it's from God. As above, where was your mind at before these words. Thinking about kingdom or about your life? Anytime you dwell on your life you are not dead but alive. If you dwell on the kingdom you are dead. If your life is in order, disciplined, and balanced then when you hear a word from a real prophet it manifests immediately in 12 to 24 hours depending on your heart towards God and his kingdom. If not, they tell you 3, 6, 9 months because the demonic angels have to come to a place where you actually believe these things come from God. When you receive a prophetic word from God and don't bring those items to the cross you wait on things that are not from God. You have counterfeit faith putting things before the kingdom. When you receive such things they become a burden and you really do not enjoy them as if God would have given them to you. 

Why is the word 'now' so powerful and yet often over looked when we preach faith? Simply because the person that preaches it wasn't qualified because their faith is counterfeit and depends on how well people receive them, thus their faith is dictated by what they are surrounded by and used to. The Spirit of Elijah and the prophets that operate in the mantle have the ability to redeem the time that has been stolen by false revelations, prophets, apostles, pastors, teachers, evangelist, family friends, etc. It's how you believe in them when they speak to your situation that determines what comes to pass. For even as I peer through the spirit on the way to the throne I see human promises given by false, passive, and manipulative prophets/apostles floating in no man's land. A spiritual desert in which when you think your prophecy is about to come to pass it doesn't, because the prophet giving you the word knew your life wasn't in order so they gave you signs and could never release the authority for it to happen because it wasn't sanctioned by God for they were only after your money.

          2 — used with the sense of present time weakened or lost to express command, request, or admonition now hear this.

Many of you received words while in a weakened state, which you thought was the voice of God and yet it was the voice of flesh. They say they command things to come to pass and yet they have no authority in that area and/or they have the wrong motives; in which you hear what you want but God hasn't sanctioned it in the spirit. 

          3 — used with the sense of present time weakened or lost to introduce an important point or indicate a transition (as of ideas) now, this may seem reasonable at first.

So many prophets have incited you in your weakened state and they say important parts of your life as to tell you or give you an indication that they are hearing from God. Thus you believe in them and yet it's not God's will. You end up with false words from false, manipulative, or passive prophets who hear from spirit guides. Thus after they reveal these so called prophecies, they stand before the people and use their faith to cause you to give into their life with a "God says." Nowhere in the Bible does God condone and/or permit this as prophecy. Only when you send for them you tell them what you can give them if you chose to honor them. You are only responsible for transportation and/or housing for they are mandated by God to release the words of that season in season without a price tag attached. Many have been prophesying and claiming offices and foundations they have no business in, releasing people and ministries into warfare without guidance, equipping and/or training them. As such, God says to consider this as an apology from the throne to the earth as he releases the Power of Now in which many have people in their grasp with the spirit of witchcraft. God plans to honor his word as they have committed themselves to death by speaking "God says" under a spirit of deceit. A well-known prophet will suffer an accident in which he will almost lose his life but it's to save his life. Thus, he will be used to usher in the second half of the tribulation as well as be the sign that God will begin sentencing prophetic vessels to death whose hearts have been lost from his years ago. It is in this season that he raises up Elijah vessels who say it how they see it because many have become fearful because of the anointing they have seen earlier prophets operate in. As such, if Elijah says you are fired they will not discuss and/or get into a war of words for they understand, have confidence in and aware of everything in heaven is at their disposal.

 It's here many grab their prophetic words see what level of 'now' you are operating in and is it aligned with the faith of that 'now.' Any prophecy you believe is from God, keep. If not burn it!! Don't throw it away as what God will do with the people who release filth in your life is sentence them to hell. You then look for destiny not desires, because if I be who God says I am 95% of the prophecies many of you have received the past 10 years are false. GO DO IT NOW!

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