Are You An Additive, Preservative, Or Catalyst?

by Dedric Hubbard
April 10, 2011

Awakened in a manner I shall not disclose (for the faith of the strong may be made poison to those of the weak), entering into an entrance I dare not speak of (for those who has access to heaven understands the love and those who are bound to hate will resist the truth) I accept my pen in a dazzling display amongst the host of angels that I named in time past according to their station of grace. The voice of the father speaks so sweetly and as he spoke the mere words I write what is spoken and hear what is said, having seen the abominations that will take place. Understanding is the principal of heaven and pride is the enemy of any understanding. It's that I practice my pen with a three-in-one display as though to oil the 7 spirits of God as they make way to release the anointing to free God's sheep. It's that on your tax day that God will draw the line and as you pay what you owe Caesar you must also pay what you owe God. It is now the time that he smite you with a curse, as the spirit of Elijah gets ready to introduce the most violent power prophets known to man since the days of Elijah. It's in this lukewarm state of the church God has three questions he would like to ask:

Are you an additive? Which means were you added to the body by man or God? Have you added to the body rules by revelation or by man? Have you added thoughts of your wisdom or the Holy Spirit? Have you added the tithes as a means of judging the person or perfecting the church? Have you added your mate as co-pastor by scripture or by death? Doesn't matter, here this is sarcasm at it’s best. For to add a thing, person, or suggestion by thought of reasoning and not by the blood of the cross you belittle the meaning with which Jesus blood was shed. Have you cursed a person's gift just because you didn't understand? Have you preached about their life over your pulpit of dues or how about the nightstand where you and your mate do what you do? Have you kicked a person out of God's church as if it was your own? Are you waiting on apology from men and women who operate from the throne? Are you embarrassed by the lack of knowledge you receive? Are you jealous of another person's gift because you were not the one God wanted to use? And my personal favorite: did you not add the prophets in the order they were received, because you're the pastor of the church and what you say goes? Sarcasm at it best, so whatever the pastor says goes. Let's roll of a few of the choice scriptures because the word of God is final. Is that what your pastor preachs? Ephesians 2:20 foundation is clearly understood, you don’t need a revelation there. “Pastor” is not named among the foundation so let's go on to the next one.  Eph. 4:11 gives some gifts in order and it is structured as God pleases: apostle, prophet, pastor. There you go pastor, seems to me you are third. Why are you trying to be first? Is that not the order of God you deceitful heathens, how dare you jump rank! Let's keep moving and see what Paul has to say; that is the one that your pastors brag about on any giving day. 1st Cor. 12:28 says FIRST APOSTLES, SECONDARY PROPHETS, THIRD TEACHERS. There is a problem, where is pastor? Tell your pastor in the Elijah dispensation a pastor is no longer needed for the master pastor guides everything. There is no need to gather people into a congregation for show, for the power of God will be visible by the time they hit the door. So pastor, how did you add that the church belongs to you? How did you add that you run the show? How did you add it's your choice to preach? Quite simple, you usurp authority by keeping the prophetic mouth shut while you claim to be the prophet of the house. Your days are numbered and your ministry is about to fall; turn your face to the wall and say is what this prophets say true. As I speak for God, this one thing I know to be true: a pastor who remains in control of God's house is liken to a thief that stays until daybreak. Being in a place that you were not meant to be is death at the hands of the owner for being caught in his house taking his stuff without permission crying mercy at death's ear. The anger and wrath of God is furious and I plan to write every time he speaks. Pastors need to sit themselves down in the pews and listen to the prophets of Elijah speak.

Are you a preservative? Nothing like them days when big momma took them preserves out that jar to spread on them biscuits, what kind of woman was that? And though that scene was a natural one, it's liken to the church. As God asked what kind of church is that? They base how much love God on what you give. They base how obedient you are to God on what you give. They say you can't lay hands, preach, or minister if you don't give. They base how much you love your leaders on what you give. Preserving the law of the tithe in the spirit of giving they keep the sheep in bondage to tithing because the only gift they accept comes from a tree. Cursed is every man that hangs from a tree is what your Bible speaks, but since your pastors won't teach you what that means as it relates to tithes. I save that bread for the children of the harvest. When the tithe-free church starts to appear, curse every man that pays tithes in monetary amounts is the Gospel Elijah will preach. Have another cover, your ministry cursed is that ministry to the ground for following a man's rule for ministry and God has your rules for free. Trying to prove to a man that you are called to preach by preserving his thoughts inside of your spirit, cursed is your ministry! You were meant to learn from the throne, not from the mouth of religion's bastard offspring. One thing about when you open preserves is they get gone quick. Such as preservative Christian traditions, there is a voice coming out of the clouds the spirit of Elijah comes to set the captives free. Religion is declared dead, churches are about to be closed, and your pastor's funerals are being planned, for if they don't submit to the anointing of Elijah they are rebellious and considered as witches and warlocks and that means death in an instant.

Are you a catalyst? Elijah preaches if you don't know my story, don't narrate my faith. How can you allow a man to call you minister when God called you an apostle out of the womb? How can you allow a man to call you minister when God called you a prophet of his throne? How can you allow a pastor to belittle your foundation in God and yet they make sure you call them “pastor” every time you speak. Respecter of persons is the gospel they preach, for they understand who you are and what you possess, but to call you a prophet means they have to get in line according to scripture but yet they want to remain in control. But the foolish sheep allow them to manipulate the scriptures in their face so who are the false gifts in the church? Every pastor that has been preaching for years and never feels in their rightful place. The spirit of Elijah is a catalyst of troublemakers, rebellious, and disrespectful prophets who were born for this time to attack these prideful pastors who think they run the church. Disciplined in their actions and yet sometimes have to speak flesh-to-flesh, their job is to lead people back to God and take the power away from men who think they own God's house. As I laugh at one pastor who tried to come at me bold, hiding behind a text message and fake screen name on the internet mouthing off in the flesh, God says these are the kind of people who teache my sheep. After careful consideration, acknowledging the weakness of the flesh, I told that pastor down on 16th he was a b@#!$. To hide behind technology and cannot come to my face means you are inadequate for ministry. How can a pastor go before the throne boldly and you can't come to a man's face? Who is Elijah many ask? The prophets who have been rejected by the church, for they speak straight from the throne, rejected by the world because no one understands the anointing on their life. Rejected by their friends because they just don't seem right. Accepted by God for this end-time mission of restoration for one thing they know is the way to the throne and every door they open they always have the keys.

As I enjoy my pen that the Lord has given me, sitting on my deck looking into the spirit of judgment I see the southern state that is up next. Understanding why I had to leave you and set up shop from afar you can't see the judgment clearly when you are in the middle of the nest. Judgment has been slated to started after April 15 in alphabetic order to make it simple. To know when the spirit of God speaks, watch the state of Alabama and pay attention to everything you begin to see. As the wrath of God increases the foundation will begin to shake for the pen of a ready writer never makes mistakes. 7 churches are slated for judgment less one is slated for destruction and that makes 8 for it is not even mentioned in the heavens in the Book of Life for it's treatment of the prophets who have come to that church to give life. 1 is stricken with the curse of rebellion, 1 is stricken with the curse of breath, 1 is stricken with pride, 1 is stricken with death, 1 is stricken with religion, 1 is stricken with the plague as an example (a pastor's wife death), 1 is stricken with fear, and 1 is not named of God but a demon in disguise. The seven churches of Birmingham all need the spirit of Elijah to be released or they will fall in order as I call them by name, 3 to the anti-christ spirit and 4 to the mark of the beast. Everyone will follow their pastors to hell unless the spirit of protection comes to the sheep to give them a choice of who's voice they should hear. Think it not strange the Spirit of Elijah comes to your house? You lavish the anointing and yet you want to hush the prophet's mouth? Think it's not weird that you understand a prophet's plan and then you change the game? Be not dismayed when you shed a prophet's notes for fear that you have become accustomed to religions spirit of hate. Understanding the knowledge of a prophet is always limited to his ways. Denying the congregation of prophetic principals casts you into darkness when you look knowledge in the face. Preaching a prophets life over the pulpit is a curse; you have spoke your death, now your life is a vapor. As soon as you open the womb everything you have is dead, you are merely a cartoon. The unknown prophets of this hour speaks with sound advice listen to Elijah and enjoy the flight home. Listening to a pastor is now considered doom and gloom.

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