The Shofar is Sounding

The Rules of Engagement Heaven VS. Earth

by Dedric Hubbard
July 5, 2010

Well in accordance with the Geneva convention and with the Spirit of the Lord we, meaning the earth, have come to an agreement to disagree with the standards that have been set forth in the Bible. God's position (for I speak as I son in this setting and not in a foundational position) is that he has tried to instill in the world his guidance through the teaching and preaching of his word. But you have elected kings unto yourself according to foundations he has set for equality. You have maimed the apostles, silenced the prophets, bought all the pastors, ignored the evangelist, and just destroyed the teachers all for the sake of a position of honor, entitlement, and status and this is from the greatest to the smallest. Therefore, we who are in agreement in heaven as I speak for the flesh for I was born in the flesh, must be put on notice that the destruction of earth and its inhabitants is forthcoming. Consider this a formal letter of intent to go to war and anybody or anything that stands in the way of souls, truth, and kingdom movement will be declared an enemy of God. No matter your status, position, or tv shows, all souls that you have won will be redeemed to the prophet that frees the people and your account will be empty in heaven as your life will be on earth. It is the elect's charge that those who have spiritual gifts that are truly connected to God if they hear or see a revelation that pricks their spirit it is your duty as soldiers to tell those in charge of what is being said and released in the spirit. To hold a word and laugh and agree with it and not to inform the rest of your brothers and sisters is considered treason in the army of the Lord. After the prophet releases the word he has done his job. If he releases it in accordance with God's plan the blood is off his hands and transferred to whoever has knowledge and yet fails to release it.

The leader in charge pastor, prophet, apostle that fails to take heed to a word of the Lord will be counted as a seed of satan and dealt with according to the iniquities in his heart. The world must understand the certain of the Elijah prophets are equipped to notice who reads, talks, converses, or discusses any word they release for they look out of the eyes of God and when a leader fails to humble themselves to a word of the Lord the prophet accesses the secret place and if he is allowed access he reads from the book of Life meaning they will use whatever you love and reveal to you the secrets of your family's history and will mention one name at the end. They will then access the scales of justice in God's heart and weigh your heart there are two sides knowledge and power meaning they will tell you how and when God decides to destroy you and leave the timing up to God. With that said Christians must take note that the Michael and Gabriel have been given permission to lead the unsaved to the throne of God. They have brought with them the spirit of Daniel and are releasing the revelations that were sealed in the book he wrote. You will begin to witness it between the north and south with Daniel standing on the river waters dividing the flow of the rivers in the garden. Be known that during this time that Daniel is controlling the flow or streams of anointing that are coming from the throne. Michael and Gabriel will be fighting against each other spiritually meaning Gabriel will be leading the kingdom and Michael will be leading the church. Gabriel will speak truth from heaven and Michael will speak and seek meaning his job is to bring the church out of the first battle which is religion. But their purpose is the same to lead them to where the spirit of Daniel resides; this is the point of cleansing of the bride and then you will enter in the stream of God.

When the war starts God will not be available. This is your last chance to seek him, for in this war God will judge the foundations meaning the world, church, and people. After this Melchizedek will judge tithes, offering, and giving of these foundations. Jesus will judge the heart, knowledge, and power of these foundations. The Holy Spirit will then judge once and for all taking the life out of anything that hasn't been sealed by God. It is after this when the tribulation will start. The time and time and a half is controlled by the elders before the throne meaning this could last no longer than a year, but because God controls everything he and only he knows. But this will be the point when the elders return with Jesus to fight. The best place to be at this time is at home, organic churches, and/or in tents proclaiming the things of the end if God gives you revelation concerning these things. There will come a time when God will call a solemn assembly in the spirit to release and reveal the anointing on a corporate level. Right now it is held by individuals ordained by God who stay in the secret place and they only speak when necessary, thus the first battle will be in the south where God will start the battle on the religion called non-denominational. My job is multi-tasking while hold the light, fire, and word under their feet for my assignment is news reporter with ties on the inside, which means we destroy from the inside-out provoking, taunting, and exposing the works of the Babylonian system of the church. Our first target is the spirits of pride, intimidation, fear, and rebellion. Our paths will take us to the independent ministry of mm, where we destroy the symbol of pride where in his heart he says he builds representing his overinflated ego, which will takes us over to the independent ministry of jl and spotlight the kingdom he has built for himself. Then I guess that light leads us to the independent ministry of the center of it all where we destroy and ransack this den of thieves, liars, and low lifes. Where we end up in the Euphrates river where this man is swimming in his own might as a follower and not a leader the independent ministry of jt where we leave the warning of test your foundations and now see if they withstand the wind of the Lord.

Whether they respond or not they enlisted in a war and now it's time to fight. Either way I have seen heaven, I have seen the God Head, I have seen the elders, I have seen the workings of heaven, I have seen the kingdom, with no help from anyone and with that said we have the right to destroy anything that doesn't conform to the pattern set forth in heaven and we are warning you to wake up and see the salvation of the Lord, or follow your religion to the death; either way we are already sitting here looking at you. And these are the rules for spiritual and earthly warfare, God or nothing.

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