Elijah Spies Return
the enemy in the images

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 31, 2010

As the first squadron of Elijah surrounds and begins destruction on the mountain of religion, Elijah’s spies have come with the report of enemy-taken territory in the land of television media. It is this deceptive and manipulative spirit that has introduced subtle catch-phrases and shows into the minds of Christians and with this they think it’s the character of Christ. For spiritual leaders to promote these demonically influenced ideas upon the sheep is strange fire in the house of God, for if the character and gospel of Jesus is not good enough to win souls in the church then what is there more powerful that the church can use? It is then the devil manipulates the thoughts of Christians as they introduce such language as “swag,” “that’s what up,” and “where they do that at” into Christian culture, to draw and entice so-called sinners into their buildings to make their church membership grow. As we search scripture before entering into the scripture we never see Jesus leaving what he believes to win souls to the kingdom. His life was acceptable to those who believe and that is what caused his following to grow. And as such the devil understands and the Elijah prophets have already been informed that the reason they turn to such tactics is because there is no power in the church and the foundations are not in place. For Elijah prophets would have told those in spiritual authority we don’t talk, act, or dress like the world to win souls; we show them through the power that God has graced us with. But many churches are substituting the power of the gospel for sin-sick television shows, barbecue by-backs, and ineffective evangelism in which they win souls through gimmicks and not the power evangelism the Jesus used with the woman at the well.

The prophetic evangelist has the authority, nature, and wisdom to change a person’s life more in 10 minutes than 20 years of normal teaching will ever do and so this is just a brief introduction as God lays down the plan on how to attack the television media as many enjoy these new shows that celebrate other god’s, beliefs, and religion. So what is Elijah looking for in media? We turn to the new TNT Hawthorne in which a glimpse of natural life the shows seems harmless, but yet a glimpse in the spirit and the leading character practices scientology and yet the demon assigned to this religion shortened the name for it means “hawk” and “thorn.” And the well-trained prophetic vessels understand what these symbolize in the kingdom of God and yet you have major mega-ministries call a conference with this title as their draw. Can we say satan’s simplest form of deception is spiritual ignorance? And it is the case that many should seek spiritual authority from people who can do more than just line up scriptures for revelation, but will actually take you into the spirit and teach you domination. For how can a leader instruct you in ruling and reigning in heaven and earth and they have never been taught in the spirit? Elijah knocks down the mountain of television media; part of the fall line-up on Elijah Watch at 6.   

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