Prophetic Judgement Blueprint
Pick your storm and find your leader's sin

by Dedric Hubbard
April 27, 2011

As we enter into a season of Judgement we must understand the symbols of judgment in this storm season according to your church leadership. Although it's not my mission to be proven wrong I just write what I hear and thus the blood is passed from my hands:

Catches Fire - Your leader is not recognizing all the Spiritual Gifts and must submit in Eph. order in the Bible (Natural Fire) 1st Warning

Lightning Fire - (Hits church and catches fire), your leader is slated for death if he doesn't submit to an Elijah Prophet (Supernatural fire) 2nd Warning

Holy Ghost Fire - Leader drops dead in the pulpit. (3rd Warning - smite the shepherd and scatter the sheep)

Branch Falls - Leader has a spirit of pride and is considered an idol (is not a leader sent from God). He must sit down and be replaced with an Elijah Prophet - First Warning

Tree Falls on Church - Leader knows they are not called, but refuses to step down. God smites what is closest to that leader’s heart. (2nd Warning)

Loved one dies - God will take the life of what's closest to that leader and in that will never allow them to recover from a broken heart, upon death he is automatically sent to hell. (Pride kills all that leader loves) 3rd Warning

Tornado - Takes roof off of the church (means that leader is teaching their own thoughts not Holy Ghost wisdom) 1st Warning. Must get an Elijah teacher or one that has the mantle that carries all five gifts.

Tornado - Destroys church (means that leader’s teaching has corrupted the church and their minds needs to be reprogrammed to Christ). If they start over it must be built upon an Eph. Foundation and that leader cannot preach the gospel, ever. (2nd Warning)

Tornado - Structural damage, windows blown out etc. That leader understands the foundation of the church and refuse to set it in order (dies in the pulpit) 3rd Warning. Pride kills all that leader has (smite the shepherd and scatter the sheep).

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