The Abrahamic Covenant and The Gospel of Ishmael

by Dedric Hubbard
April 10, 2011

As I heard the voice of the Father this morning he stated that many are in violation and are not in covenant with the blessings of Abraham. It has come to the point that many must understand that although you may be a seed of Abraham, your birthing canal was different. Some of you are the seed of the bondwoman and some of you are the seed of the free. Some of you are connected to Isaac and some of you are Ishmael’s. Thus we discuss whose covenant you behold. The blessings of Abraham that God is releasing this year contains wealth, anointing, understanding, knowledge, faith, gifts, and promises that must be fulfilled before we leave this place on earth. The Abrahamic covenant was built on one thing: obedience to the voice of God, the foundation of his relationship. Thus being led by the Holy Spirit became his protection of obedience which made his life God's life. We release this revelation out of concern that many are being held bondage by Ishmael’s family in churches, religions, relationships, job, cities, friends, advice and thoughts because we have mixed with their spirits. The only way to come back into right standing with God is to be obedient to his voice. You mix with them by having sex with them naturally through conversation by a man/woman that you just happened to meet, spiritually by attending churches and religion because you just happen to like what they preach, and you mix with them sexually by following the flesh and not the spirit of God. Thus you become in bondage to the bondwoman's child. Your husband treats you like a dog and yet your pastor preaches “stay with them no matter what.” Head 10 sizes too big in pride, lips like grapefruits, sleeping with everything that has an opening men and women, and your pastors teach stay with him no matter what. This is the gospel of Ishmael keeping you in the wilderness and don’t want to see you free. Preventing you from meeting your real husband to free you from the hurt and pain. The world teaches you the devil always has the counterfeit before God sends the real thing; it's the children of Ishmael mocking you of your blessings with God.

Been in this church all your life pastor lets you preach every now and then you get hyped and stay. The Gospel of Ishmael makes you think that he/she will put you in your rightful place, but you are bound because they don't respect your gift and if that the case don't respect God for how can you sit the prophet and apostle on the bench while the pastor stands out front sobbing to what you don't understand. That's because the spirit of Ishmael is controlling him through his weakness as a man. Your phone is ringing off the hook; it’s the men and women of your past. Ishmael knows what you like and before he lets you break-free he will keep you in bondage to your past. A little dinner, movie, smooth conversation is how the spirit operates, then we hop in the bed. The spirit of familiarity through sexual contact keeps you bound to Ishmael seeds whether they talk dirty, you have sex, or through natural conversation a spirit enters through the open doors. God has opened the door for you to be free and Ishmael always makes a duplicate key. Abraham left everything but Lot came along for the ride. It's your choice in the season to see Lot die. God told you to move to that state, Ishmael told you no. God told you that man/woman was your wife, Ishamel told you no. God told you to bless that man/woman, Ishamel told you no, God told you to leave that church and/or religion Ishamel told you “wait let me show you a sign.” God told you that he wants you to get rid of your past, God told you to move to that state to meet and/or marry your mate, God told you to get rid of all that drama in your life, God told you that ministry was yours if you step out in faith. The Gospel of Ishmael is making a mockery out of the Abrahamic covenant and many of you are willing participants because you can't let go of the past to see your future. With that many of you have only 30 days to move to what God has been telling you to do for the past 1 year. Stay in your Sodom and be destroyed or make it to Zoar to become a light. 

To make every effort to find your natural heritage and not know your spiritual heritage is spitting in the face of the Father for you were first spiritual than natural and everyone is not the seed of Abraham that preaches the gospel of faith; you might be the seed of Ishmael preaching the gospel of “I.” Thus this is a revelation of separation. It's time to grow with the wheat or fall with the tares. 

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