God calls his Elijah Army (Present Arms)

by Dedric Hubbard
October 23, 2010

                                    2011-2012 (Introducing God’s Governmental Authority)

Anyone who understands God at his fullest must understand he never moves without a plan and he always introduces his people that will institute his plan, and as such 10-10-10 prophecies are not released for comfort but to communicate with God’s Elijah warriors for they move to a different beat and their beat is the heartbeat of God. While many will come to their tradition of rhyming slogans and so-called prophetic words that line up with man’s calendar years, God says he will use this space of time to begin aligning his Bride for connection, communication, consecration, and conservation. This is to let his remnant know that he is speaking to them in a language that those who have become comfortable in their positions, foundations, and ministries will not understand; as such it can be considered God’s modern-day parables. Because of the complexities and corruption of certain major prophetic voices which shall remain nameless at this time, coupled with many prophetic voices who have mishandled their gifts, offices, and ministries, this will be a notice to the world and to the prophets that the changing of the guard has taken place. Many must either conform to the standards of prophecy God is releasing or be humbled by the weight of Glory that will be displayed by his Elijah prophets. In revealing 3-10 prophecies God takes 2 years and makes the last first and the first last and reveals to his prophets the messages in alphanumerical Biblical messages and as such many will release prophecies based on their understandings patterns and not the understanding of God. These prophecies are no more than the start of the countdown to tribulation for Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and those who have sold God’s people out for the filthy lucre will be exposed and judged according to the iniquities in their heart.

Many Elijah prophets are virtually unknown and God will release in different ministry formats according to the level of man’s so-called knowledge of God. Elijah prophets that carry the mantle will recognize and confirm the prophets’ battle in religious atmosphere such as:

Scriptural Prophets: These prophets will be well-versed in the spiritual revelation of the Bible and not the biblical knowledge where many have introduced theology, man’s wisdom, and manipulative tactics to coerce the sheep into accepting religion’s traditions, bondages, and unapproved spiritual leaders.

Foundational Prophets: These prophets will attack the foundation of churches, ministries, and peoples' belief in God, challenging the people to understand and build a relationship with God past what man has taught. They will introduce them to God based on a spiritual experience and not just biblical knowledge.

Apostolic Prophets: These are apostolic teaching prophets that teach from a spiritual realm that will open a person’s spiritual experience of God. They will teach basic biblical spiritual principals in which they will start equipping the church according to God standards. In which this will intensify the hunger of God and cause the remnant to leave religious bondages for a more personal open spiritual experience with God.

Prophetic Apostles: These are prophets with an apostolic anointing in which they identify, equip, release, and restore years to ministries, churches, and people who will come to an understanding that religion has robbed them of an intimate relationship with God. These prophets are equipped and anointed to restore stagnant ministries to the Glory God has for them.

Priestly Apostolic Prophets: These prophets are the attitude, emotions, strength and the judges of God. These prophets are hidden in plain sight. There job is basically to enforce God’s judgmental findings and words upon the earth. When God releases them from their hidden veil, these will be the first to be seen as sons of God. They carry the mantle of Elijah and have unlimited access to the plans, power and knowledge of God. Many are hidden in veils of emotions, confusion, and environments because they have to blend in to come out. Many will be overlooked except for those of like spirit who will recognize but never reveal their true identity. They are considered the mirrors of God and they reveal to God the severity of man’s need to be redeemed from this world.

And it is with this distinction of Elijah prophets that many will know who are the called of God, the imposters of God, the wannabes, and of course the spot-lighters. Many prophets have already released prophecies concerning the disorder that is associated with the number 11 for next year and with that familiar knowledge of God, Elijah prophets release a freshness of God. It is now the Elijah prophets speak against the flow of familiarity and therefore, God will speak life from 2012 in 2011 meaning the judgmental and disorder in 2011 will be caused by the apostolic anointing from 2012 which stands for governmental perfection. Elijah prophets will flow in the perfect will of God and as such disorder assigned for next year will be caused by a perfect order of spiritual authority that God is releasing through prophet’s who carry an Elijah mantle meaning the prophets God is releasing will cause the disorder in the church doctrine, traditions, religion, gifts, leaders, etc will be challenge and defeated because of the Glory upon these prophet’s life. Many prophetic/apostolic appointments that have been made will be revealed as choices of man and not of God. For many to be able to flow in their anointing, appointments, ministries, and churches, they will have to humble themselves to be taught the new standards of spiritual warfare, prophecies, revelations, and order God has instilled and released through these prophets. This will be a modern day Pentecost in as such there will only be a select release of these prophets in certain states and the southern states is God’s state of choice. Look for these voices to emerge from the deep south.


1. Romans 5:10 (resurrection power) The Elijah prophets will appear operating in true resurrection power this will be only intensified by their connections; many Elijah prophets will realize a certain form of anointing when connected with different prophetic vessels.

2. Gal. 5:10 (confidence) Elijah prophets will go against the grain. Religion is their enemy and any that come up against them will be judged for their ignorance of the things of God when they speak against what they have no knowledge of. There will be no respecter of persons when it comes to those who God will make an example of for interfering with the prophets of Elijah.

3. 1st Thess. 5:10 (awareness) Elijah prophets awareness of the spiritual atmosphere speaks to their power in God for they are always a step ahead of religious antidotes. They must never be spoken to from a religious frame of mind.

4. Eph. 5:10 (accountability) Elijah prophets will never release the protection, anointing, and power of God on unstable foundations. The secret to their end-time anointing is that they are the ones who carry the seal of approval for ministries that have meet bridal status. When the tribulation happens, that ministry is guaranteed to be taken by the Lord.

5. James 5:10 (perfection) Elijah prophets are perfect in holiness, prophecies, power, obedience, faith, humility, and discipline. As such, many will release foolish revelations that result in their status before God. They are not afraid to use their body as an example, not as in the past but as they will be used in the future, to show the power and glory of God.

6. Proverbs 5:10 (death) Elijah prophets lives are dead in Christ and as a result any revelations, power, or wisdom they release are marked by death. As always, many have to be warned. To steal, misuse, or take out of context any part of an Elijah revelation and use it as a means to gain wealth or fill ministries claiming to be what you are not, marks an individual for death. Many will be warned once and judged with the next offense harshly and swiftly.

7. Ecc. 5:10 (wealth) Elijah prophets are not for sale. Many, when their power, anointing, knowledge and glory are shown, will see a sudden increase in ministry engagements. They will not accept every offer given to them for they understand certain prophets are assigned to certain areas and upon successful connections, many will refer people to the prophet that best fits their needs. This speaks to their humble and submissive nature.

8. Neh. 5:10 (honesty) Elijah prophets will never expect more than what God considers fair from the people they minister to. They will never stand before the people and call out monetary amounts to fill their coffers. This is not biblical and many of the sheep have been fleeced and not released.

9. Esther 5:10 (connections) Elijah prophets will make every effort to call the people to true repentance and holiness. Those that won't listen will wait until the last trump and will be lost in a religious mindset.

10. Psalms 5:10 (judgment) Elijah prophets are spiritual judges and as such when the last trumps get ready to sound, the wrath of God's fury will be released. Too many who have said that man cannot judge man will have to meet the Sampsons of this Elijah era.     

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