Prepare For Bath And Bloody Works!
time to dress the bride

by Dedric Hubbard
May 9, 2011

Going to sleep with a vision of a Lion grabbing a man and shaking him violently I inquired of the Lord and he spoke:  For their leaders hearts are impure. They kill my people in their spirit of Pride taking away the need for the Lord to be the apple of thine eye. Excuses will not be necessary and vengeance will be swift. They have turned the house of the Lord into a house of hate and they prophesy lies and preach with mirrors in their eyes, only wanting to reproduce themselves as though they are the ones that hung on the cross and died. I the Lord will kill their land and curse their sheep, my remnant's eyes will be opened as they begin to follow my voice. They have been taught by whores who have raised their own names and built their own foundations on their own sinking sand. Does the Lord tarry in justice? No son, I won’t! They have made a mockery of my son, cursed thy God in praise and worst of all they have blasphemed the Holy Ghost by calling his name! For the heathens have occupied the upper room preaching in season just to fill their choice rooms and who have they encouraged in their messages of death? Who have they healed by preaching their messages of grief? And who are they serving by filling their bellies with the fatted calf of tithes? Who are they serving when my sheep cries hungry in the middle of the night! They have fed themselves the priest of the upper room of shame I see the son and I will call them by name! For I have awakened the prophet of old. The violence has not been spoken of and yet they have the plans as my wrath unfolds. Who is that teacher who calls himself master of The Book? Who is that prophet that calls himself master as he rapes the people in his name? Who is that pastor that preaches according to his reason? Who is that apostle that can't change the season? Who is that evangelist that sells scriptures for profit in televised lies? Who is that historian that says he can figure the Lord thy God out? I never knew them!! I have spewed them out my mouth!!  What is that glow coming from the South? There is a Morning Glory arising coming from down south. I will destroy their temples, release their shame, forge their names upon satan's throne for have they not read the writings, that is where they belong!! I will destroy their religion breaking baptist to breakthrough, causing catholics to commit, murder muslisms in their own madness, pinning pentecostals to their death beds, for the Lord of Hosts has risen and they don't look to the throne. They are pinned to words and don't understand the song of thy sweet Holy Spirit as he whispers revelations that are clean. What is your denominations? To which religion do you belong? The Lord of Host is not divided even on the Throne, for I have come to destroy the biggest whore of the year: non-denominational is the division of legion, show yourself for battle!! Be prepared to be destroyed the Lord thy God is not a religion but I am complete in my heart. Art thou thy brother's keeper you seed of Cain!! The Blood comes to speak and avenge for the killing of my name. Prepare for my kingdom, no whores, heathens, and pride is allowed but I will take your life as a sacrifice because you fail to come out of her! Now repentance is bland, you will be destroyed in your own vain land. Reprobates are rising as I release their temple to do what they choose!! Thy Lord will be magnified if only it be from one mouth, judgment has come and I the Lord will start down south!! 

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