Jerusalem Is Now!
Jesus Enters Religion Unannounced

stripping all leaders endless motions

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 18, 2010

Religion is nothing more than the legion of demons that Jesus cast out and ran off the cliff. They fell into the water, symbolizing among other things that they entered into their master Leviathan in which false revelations of Jesus are spit from his mouth and as a result false gifts are born and this religion was formed. These demonic beings have built a complex yet simple maze of coverings that only those of God's heart can see and we will destroy the very foundation they use to spread this unnatural gospel in God's church. Although this may not be one of the most popular messages I have received from God it's meant to sound the alarm to the first wave of God's dreaded prophets to prepare to take the church by force and either flush the remnant out to join the Bride or let them be burned in the fury of God.

The time is now when Jesus will enter religions ministry circles in a mass formation and call the fire of God to destroy those who have shown themselves as masters of God's church. Anyone with a mindset that they are superior in the gospel among others will be destroyed in their sleep and/or removed violently among the people. The prophets will not have to fight this battle as their presence on the scene will bring the army of angels that were destined to show forth God's power in this end-time battle; many will never say a word. I saw them walking into religious churches and taking a seat and if they do not see the foundation of God but the foundation of men they will get up and leave as a sign to the angels to destroy this house in judgment. The Lord's fury against the churches for not equipping the people for the work of Christ has come before his throne. As many wish to know what they possess in God, this has left a void not only in the heart of God, but Jesus who came so as to let many know what power they have in the Father. And many who hold the position of pastor have not allowed the people to transform and be given their inheritance in God that their forefathers died for. As a result many who occupy this position have come to the conclusion they are the head of God's church, refusing to allow God's foundation to take it's place and in doing so they will die in their ignorance, pride, and self-proclaimed positions of honor.

And anyone and God said anyone who takes side against his movement to still proclaim a pastoral foundation as a position of honor will meet the same fate as their idol of flesh. Many will proclaim the revelations of the Elijah prophets as false for they were sent directly from behind the throne of God and have received their seal of death in which they are intimidated by no one, ministry, and/or death for they have already eaten from the table of God and many of your self-proclaimed leaders of the Gospel from your texas toast to your arena ass will fall from their throne of grace for preaching a watered-down gospel with man's wisdom and never causing the transformation of the people with the power of God. No signs, wonders, and miracles, just smoking glass and mirrors as they are led by the fallen angels that have taken residence within their souls, all for prestige, power, and money. It's a shame in which the preachers of the gospel are no different than the common sinners. Any mega-church that has built a presence in a city and that city is in monetary shame and yet they brag about and showcase their wares will be destroyed. One of the missions of the church is to establish government and yet many coffers are full and their city are struggling as they fleece the people that attend their ministries and yet won't fund the city that has given their congregation jobs for they file for tax-exempt status in attempt to keep all the fleece unto themselves while their leaders ride around in luxury automobiles, private jets, and gated communities. As a prophet of the most high God, any church that has any sheep that have committed suicide because of a loss of job and/or quality of life because their city was in monetary disarray and the church failed to attempt to help the city and/or that person(s) your leaders, deacons, and/or whoever controls the money your soul is required in hell to take the place of that soul which came to you for help and you refused but yet your leaders still live in tranquility. Any church that has gave itself mega status and has not contributed to the economy of that city is doomed for destruction. God is not pleased because you have people in your congregation on your payroll. That's what heathens do, look after each other; even wine-heads share a bottle. God is impressed when you supply a flow of cash to a city that is dying in finances in exchange for an elder on one of their boards as an advisor then God is pleased.

There are enough churches that if they operated in unity to get together and pay off debts of entire cities even rappers come together and by labels in which to distribute their music it's a slap in God's face when you see more so-called sinners doing more for homeless people than the so-called church. And many will feel the wrath of God for he is not impressed when pastors say they wont take salaries. It is because they have influenced your thinking with subtle mental manipulation and you run and buy all their books. How silly and confused can Christians get if all you need is in the word then why do you run and buy another's man's thought and try to live by them and no disrespect but that's what God gave him to encourage you, not to live your whole Christian life through a man. It's a shame before God when people come into a church looking, hurting, and wanting a word from God and a leader stands there and reads from another person's book. There is coming a time when a leader stands and quotes from an Eddie Long, Joyce Meyer, etc., that the fire of God will burn you in your shoes for disrespecting his throne. As many of the pastors who say they spend time meditating before God and you come back with another person's words, you haven't been in the throne room of God but of demons and if I was in a congregation like that I'll holler out “where's your revelation” until you either spoke from God or let another speak and I would dare you to touch me because I know I am in protected status and would watch as your heart stops beating for not knowing the voice of God.

God states that many mega-ministries will fall at the hand of prophets and their buildings and all that was associated with it will be purchased by the Bride and will remain vacant for a season as a witness to the power of God and they will transform their lots after a season into housing for their sheep and homeless alike. For many have built brick cities thinking it was God but it was the spirit of Nod at work for these leaders have coveting spirits inside them and as such they are prideful, arrogant, boastful, and are no use for the kingdom of God. Let it be known that the next time anyone stands behind the pulpit after October and does not have the foundation of God in place, there is a chance you will be missing in action. For God has activated his prophetic teachers who are even now teaching God's end-time ministries the end-time mysteries of God. When you hear the sound of the Glory Train starting (for it will start with a prophet's yell), run quickly to that point because you will know that it won’t be the Glory of God that fell but the Master himself has touched down and this time religion will be his crown and everything that has built upon the false foundation of Nod will be destroyed. For many leaders have built unto themselves a city of Selah and the prophets will enter your fortress and challenge you to come down and the power of God will destroy your Selah in your own town and then it will be voiced for miles around the fire of the Holy Ghost fell and destroyed a foundation that has defiled Holy Ground.

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