The Lord is laughing

by Dedric Hubbard
May 21, 2010

I hear the Lord laughing and he just won't stop so I enter into his kingdom to inquire of this matter, but now the scene has changed. Where is the throne, gold, and all the priceless things? There is only a whirlwind with fire on the right and the left and a dark cloud in between. I hear talking and laughing as I move near. Then a man steps out of the middle and invites me inside and he said “don't worry, these are the two natures of God he is about to release and in the middle is the Holy Ghost dressed in confusion for the wisdom of this world, the chief apostles and prophets and masters of earthly things.“ As my spirit reveals the man I dare not say the word for the spirit says it's a surprise for those who doubt God's words.

So as we go inside the darkness I was surprised at the light; it was the Holy Ghost having a good time, he and the dreaded one were talking about old times. The Lord was speaking from somewhere afar, for some reason I was laughing every time he spoke. I didn't understand the word, but the spirit understood and that was enough for me. The dreaded one then took a sheet from the Holy Spirit's hands all while laughing and the dreaded one said “you need not worry, you are part of the plan. We need someone to introduce us as quick as they can. We were laughing at you when God rang your spirit and you answered the natural phone; it was me calling telling your spirit it's time and the Holy Spirit blew and woke you up.” As I recalled the encounter I laughed too. “Now you are here because we know your spirit and recognize who you are. Place this letter in your heart because we come to have fun to the intellectuals who claim they know about heaven and have not made it through the trials. They are inadequate and we are coming to wake them up,” -- in mid-sentence another man walked through and just shook my hand and turned around and walked out. My spirit understood who he was and he was giving me a blessing by far because of wisdom I dare not speak his name. Then the dreaded one said “this is the ready room where we assemble for battle before we go to earth” As they were still talking and I am listening I hear the Lord speak in a laughable tone it was quite joyful to hear.

I hear him say “son of man tell them it's time for me to enjoy the fruit of my works again so heaven is laughing at earth for they don't have a clue what I am about to do; only a select few have I called at this hour. Every time they say they have been in my presence from this day on if they don't show proof in this very hour count this as false and say the Lord says you are a coward manipulating my people through falsehoods and lies all so you can have a stress-free life. Enough is enough, it's time to send the fire of the heavy weights who worship the throne. Here is a poem I want you to recite word for word, tell the counterfeits goodnite.” Then a finger touched my heart and everyone continued laughing. Here we come, backup is on the way.

It is with that encounter that I pen the following in obedience:

For thus says the Lord to those who make a mockery of my word the same applies to you. When the Holy Ghost speaks it makes no sense for he speaks directly from the throne and for your failure to heed my words is Proverbs verse 1:26. For there are those who claim they are the best prepared for school and I will allow Elijah to take you to the test for we bring you to the mountain called Wisdom for the challenge at hand. The answers are quite simple if you are one with me, for I created you in my likeness and image so you would resemble me, but the things I see from heaven to earth aren't quite right. You try to silence my prophets to raise yourself and for that I have a judgement against you. For you lie on the Holy Ghost and said he says but you haven't been in the fire to have his words; for that I have a judgement against you. For you debate my words and judge my priest, have I seen your eyes? For that I have a judgement against you.

Pass this test and repent of your ways, follow the light I am sending by any way you can for they see through the darkness and understand the plan. I the Lord didn't ask for your opinion I have come to save your land, hear my people and live, listen to the world and die. For a ship is being built for transport and I have named her my Bride. Wisdom has prepared this test, the Holy Ghost will speak and Elijah will write, for God had a vision in his heart for you. The compassion in which he communicates his vision is evident in his movement for your life. From the heaven to his throne he wishes you to separate from anything or one who hinders you. For the preparations of your season is limitless and it depends upon your connection to the right people. The people you identify with are evident in the kingdom that you reproduce so unto all whom God has called, are you ready to go into production or destruction?

You were created in 12 distinct details. These details are keys to open doors. Inside that brief letter are all 12 in order. It is up to you to identify your weakness in one of those area's and lock it up and replace it. All 12 represent a dimension of God and his authority that you must walk in. Answers will revealed after Pentecost

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