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The heathens celebrate 'Easter'

by Dedric Hubbard
April 17, 2011

 The "church" is now entering their famed heathen religious celebration they came to know as "Easter." Fresh from the throne in a seated position of standing authority, those who hunger for truth shall be satisfied. Those who are bound to the teaching of heathen leaders shall oppose the truth of God. To understand the revelation in fullness we create pleasure points; as the heathens excite your flesh, we will provoke your spirit to search and study to show your own selves approved. We start with the basics of knowing that the name "Easter" is derived from a demon known as Ishtar and her focus is to have babies to be sacrificed to the demon known as Marduk. So to portray Easter as resurrection Sunday but to allow people, let congregation, and make your congregation suitable for Easter Sunday is in direct violation to scripture in which a little leaven.... the heathens that you have acknowledged as leaders violate the Holiness of Resurrection Sunday anytime they refer to anything as "Easter." This is introducing the little leaven that leavens the whole lump.... (to paraphrase). They do this because they really have no relationship with God and thus they don't understand the power of the procession as read in scripture. We turn to your Bible in the book of Mark, 11th chapter. Understanding that 11 is for disorder it's no coincidence I release the revelation to cause the disorder of the heathen holidays as you sacrifice you and your children to the false gods of this world. Mark 11:1-11 we understand or should understand that Bethphage is interpreted as the house of figs. Bethany is interpreted as the house of dates and/or house of misery. Now if I was a prophet I would give you insight of to what's this means. If I was an apostle I would tell you how to order the scripture to get the fullness of what the Spirit is trying to reveal. If I was a son I would command a blessing for the obedient. But since we write to those of learned ignorance in which they don't go before the throne I say learn the parable of the fig tree but study the Palm tree. I save my revelations for the Bride and thus cast no pearls to the swine and yet I still warn in this season and at the appropriate time.

We understand Jesus sent to two disciples on a mission in that they were agreed on their mission. Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father had a mission and relayed that mission to the church in the form of a Bible and yet to this date they have not agreed to that mission for the pastors have left the prophet and apostle out of the mission for the sake of pride. The disciples were sent to get a colt tied and having never been ridden. They find it, the people ask and they let them go. They say they are anointed, have no proof and yet you let them preach, teach, and lay their hands on you. How foolish are people who believe any man that says they are a pastor? We understand or should understand that it was found outside. How is it that we don't understand that Jesus operates just as effectively outside of church as inside? Why is it that he was born outside in the manger and not inside at the inn? Because we see the disciples placed their cloaks on the colt in which why is it that man always has to add something to the instructions of God? Why does man have to validate your call? Why is it man always has to be proven to man when the instructions were already proven by God? But isn't it like Jesus to sit on anything that man has tried to use as their own transportation to God. Their own pastors, prophets, and apostles who are not valid, but because they put on the right collar, put on the right robe, put on the right cassock, or put on the right color these heathens think it's God. Yet if I was a prophet I would show the difference between the use of the words donkey and colt and its significance in relation to Jesus telling Peter to feed the sheep and the lambs. If I were an apostle I would line up the order and years as it relates to these animals lives, but I’ll just say the power in this procession was to signify Peter was not ready for ministry so Jesus had to take his burden to the people and who ever received the spirit of his actions beyond what is revealed in scripture, that is the beast that will carry the burden of the church. Isn't it funny everyone who is called to lead a church relies more on scripture to understand and not spirit to understanding to scripture to precepts upon precepts. Isn't it funny they rely more on interpretation revelation and not revelation interpretation? Isn't it funny they can tell you everything in the Bible and yet can tell you nothing about the spirit realm?

Yep, they praise the people in the temples, churches, and ministries in these buildings but all the true soldiers are sitting at home releasing revelations announcing they're coming out to introduce the power, authority, revelation, and knowledge that we don't see in these buildings. And yet Jesus came as the instrument of peace and looked in the temple at everything, but since it was late he went to Bethany with the twelve. Isn’t it funny how God sends prophets in the house to equip, encourage, and build the ministry but the pastor always usurps authority? Isn’t it funny how prophets know more in-depth about the situations that go on with other prophets, but yet prideful pastors say they are a disgrace, embarrass them, and say they need training and coverings. Isn't it strange prophets have more knowledge than the average pastor but yet pastors act as if they are the boss of God's church. Isn't it funny that what the scripture at the end is really revealing is that Jesus came in the spirit with people operating in the foundational gifts of God to turn the church around but man has already laid claim to his church and now he must go back the same way he came in, go to a place of misery and pick the date in which he must release revelations that will destroy the foundation of the church that men have taken over. In that we understand that Easter is demonic in origin and that it takes a rebellious vessel to continue sacrificing people to the goddess of Ishtar who then throws their souls into the fire of Marduk. Ignorance of the spirit is how it operates your mother of the church Easter means to them a new outfit and a big hat that is bright in color (signifying the religion of Ishtar has a covering). Easter to the people means parents that buy Easter outfits, get Easter speeches, Easter plays, and yet have the audacity to add resurrection Sunday to make up for their pagan holiday, thereby introducing the little leaven that takes the glory away from God which makes parents willing participants of the sacrifice. To the children it's Easter eggs, new clothes and shoes, speeches and plays and not the real knowledge of Jesus in that they are cursed to start the tradition of the pagan heathen religion of Easter. To the unchurched and barely saved it's a time that they just go in the building looking good. And to the leaders a chance that they get extra in the pot, a few new members to run over, and the traditional speech of the tomb.

So what is the power of the procession and the prophetic revelation of this coming special day as it relates to scripture? It's the day in the spirit in which Jesus will come looking for gifts in the church foundation but he will instead find a pastoral foundation in control and not the foundation he left, thus causing a misery in the spirit. As such the church will be officially considered public enemy number one, and the spirit of Ichabod will glow brightly. Cursed is everyone who celebrates any part of Ishtar's day!! Repent you heathens and come back to the throne and the foundation of God!!

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