Murdered In Ministry

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 19, 2012

Attending an engagement dealing with abused people mental, sexual, emotional, and environmental. These all had something in common, they controlled their own destiny based on the actions of the reaction of their environment. As I sat the Holy Spirit says they are murdered in their ministry. In which he equated not having a person to teach you and move you into your destiny causes you to live life aimlessly on your terms or in your environments terms. With that the Holy Spirit stated that most Elijah prophets in this generation are being murdered in their jobs, churches, relationships, and environments because they have no knowledge of who they are outside of an audience. So we sneak through the story of Elijah understanding he showed up with judgment and instructions to Ahab in which most Elijah prophets can't show up to release judgment and instructions because they are being instructed by the wrong people. Their ability to belong or be the center of a group is the balance in their environment so we have some judgments that can't be released in this season because they are being murdered by the ministry of loneliness. We as prophets forget a pastor says it's a lonely; a prophet must know and have been taught by God that it’s a lonely job. A prophet that has never been in the cave will always fear the cave and yet function for attention, fame, fortune and feelings. A prophet hat has not been separated from the world is a prophet of the world. A prophet must experience and understand the rejection in order to minister to that which has been rejected. So much so that they lose all sense of wanting to belong to a group and they become watchful of their surroundings and people the examples of prophets today are poor and unskilled in prophetic ministry which causes most people to follow people who have a word from God but the word has not been validated by God.  

So many prophets called into this season of restoration, judgment and order are being murdered because they are trying to mimic those God has called them to replace they have idolize people so much that they will believe a deceived word over a true word of God. Thereby many have to understand that God never sends old prophets to release, lead and/or judge a new dispensation; he wipes the slate clean and replaces it with fresh wind, fresh word and fresh fire. Human nature is to never look weak so many will not accept the new wine God is pouring. They are listening to old wine people so they are stuck in a mindframe of “God wants to use me” but many never are used to their fullest potential because they are murdered in a ministry stuck waiting on ministry. Validate your gifts through the power you possess and then you will have the approval of God and yet be denied by men.

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