Heavenly Mansions

by Joel Ramshaw (2022)

Many have the idea that if a person is extra good or holy on earth that you receive a larger mansion on heaven. The opposite is true. The closer you get to the Throne the smaller the mansions become and more tightly packed, like apartments. Materialistic Christians are given large mansions similar to what they so strongly desired while on earth, but the trade-off is they have to live far from the Throne. The best reward you can receive is a place close to the Glory of God, and being able to handle and share a larger amount of the Glory. You have the beauty of Oneness, everyone packed densely together close to each other and to God, able to fully share love and in unity. What do they teach in real estate to value a property? LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Its not the size of the mansion that is important but the location. Its just like in an earthly city, the larger houses are all on the suburbs and outskirts, and the closer to the city center the living spaces become much smaller and more densely packed like apartments. This is the reason in the New Testament the believers sold all their material possessions and lived a life in common. They were preparing themselves to receive the best portion, to live near the center of the New Jerusalem, near the Throne, even if it meant a smaller less glamourous 'mansion.'

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