by Joel Ramshaw

There has got to be no more meaningless activity than watching the StupidBowl. Even digging a ditch and filling it again over and over at least gives you exercise. Imagine the indignity of subjecting yourself to getting excited and cheering for total strangers with multimillionaire incomes who are not even related to you. Meanwhile you are just a peasant. Imagine watching men in tights prance around kicking a rubber thing back and forth and actually finding it entertaining. The best part of all? It will all be forgotten by next years game. All that effort and energy in vain.

The Romans had a motto “bread and circus.” They invented the world-class stadiums with games to keep their populace content and distracted. The people would thus ignore the corruption and excesses of the government and elite classes. We are the same way, watching superstars duke it out on the field to distract us from our meaningless lives. Instead of this, why not take a hard look at your life? Look to solve the world’s problems, not be distracted from them. We have made celebrities and sports stars out to be some kind of gods when in-fact the world would keep running just fine without them. It’s the engineers and innovators who work tirelessly behind the scenes who we should be honoring. These are the people who built the prosperity of the modern world. Who cares if a track runner make it across the line one split second faster than the next person. What difference does that make in my life? The stadium is the modern day temple to the false gods of Rome. We have to be giving God this honor. He does not share his glory with another.

One parting thought: Imagine if the 100 million people who come together to watch the superbowl could instead unite for something meaningful.

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