Vision of the End Times

by Joel Ramshaw
March 6, 2022

I recently received several prophetic visions and messages related to the end times and one world government. Most of these came in the same night, however after asking God for clarification and extra detail I did get some extra scenes and messages in the following weeks as well.

Safe zones

Deeper into the end times, when the judgements of the world become more intensified, there will be certain cities and areas which will be marked by God as “safe zones” where you are protected from the destructions, however this locations will be constantly shifting every so often, requiring travel between them. Each area of protection may last for either months or years before it expires and you have to move to another one. These are allegorically referred to in the Bible as the “cities of refuge” which were to be placed in Israel where one could flee to for protection. The apostles will be giving the signal with some heads up each time the zone is about to shift to a different location, giving each person some time to prepare ahead of time for this. “Goshen” in Exodus also symbolizes these zones of safety. This is where the judgements were being sent against the Egyptians, but the area of Goshen was protected where the Hebrews had settled.

The Kingdom of the Antichrist

The Beast

I saw several visions of the end-times beast and his one-world government. What this actually is a building which contains a very advanced supercomputer which is designed of artificial brain cells basically “printed” in sheets and these sheets are then put into large “rolls.” There are also portions of this building which have normal electronic computers as well as quantum computers. These are connected to the artificial brain cells to create the ultimate artificial intelligence system. At first, this system is rolled out and used as a kind of oracle or assistant to which anyone can ask a question and receive a response of extraordinary intelligence. This machine is nicknamed “Solomon” due to its great wisdom, and how people come from all across the earth to query it and receive advice on the hardest questions.

Its original use was as an assistant (like an advanced Siri) where each person could log in to ask it questions or use its brainpower to solve advanced problems. It was helping invent new things and scientists and engineers would work hand-in-hand with it to create the new innovate revolutionary technologies.

It is initially programed with a fairly “safe” ethical code similar to our current secular humanism, however after several years it advises that it would be much more helpful and beneficial to use Utilitarianism as its ethics code. This means it would seek “the greatest good for the world” at all cost and do absolutely anything to achieve this. The problem of course ends up being its twisted version of what it considers “good.”

It is gradually given more and more authority over decisions which were formerly decided by humans. Eventually there comes a point where they ask it which of earth’s leaders is most fit to be running government and it replies with “itself” as the ideal ruler, shocking the world. By this time it has already been making many decisions for humans anyways. Discussion begin as to whether this machine should be allowed to run actual countries and make their decisions in place of political leaders. Originally there is only a small set of countries which sign up for this, and most refuse to participate. The countries which signed onto its governance begin to rocket up in prosperity and technological progress like the earth has never before seen. The rest of the world is left behind in the dust. Academics perform “studies” which examine the differences between the human and machine rule and proclaim that it is “no contest” and that the machine is vastly more successful than human leaders in every way. There is a huge push in academia and the political left worldwide to have their countries abandon human governance and accept the machine rule. Anyone resistant and unwilling is labeled as a “dinosaur” stuck in the past and that leader is mocked and humiliated into resigning. One by one the nations of the earth all begin to participate and to submit to the machine, giving up their human governance systems.

Mark of the beast

The first part of the process of receiving the mark of the beast is a citizenship ceremony required by anyone who wishes to live in one of the large cities or participate in mainstream society. The person makes an oath surrendering their own right to make any decisions for their life and submits to the machines decisions as their ultimate and highest authority. There is then some kind of invisible beacon placed on the person which contains information such as the person’s identity, history, assets, and Value score. This can be scanned by any drone or camera although not visible to the naked eye. I was not shown exactly what it looked like.

Every person will have the ability to connect with the Beast supercomputer with their phone or wearable. They may ask it any question they wish on any topic and it will communicate back and answer their question with extreme intelligence. Instead of praying to God people will start asking it questions instead rather than praying to God for direction. A person can open an app and communicate with it as if they are talking to Apple’s Siri.

The Wise King Solomon

The machine also replaces the judiciary, due to concern over human bias among judges who are often racially biased, sexist, as well as usually giving preference to the wealthy. This is also demanded due to legal bottlenecks, having court cases drag on for years on end. This machine taking over, results in legal judgements and sentencing being performed often that same day. A person’s information and details of his crime are inputted into the system, which then assigns him his verdict of innocent or guilty based on an algorithm as well as the length and type of sentence he receives, the type of prison or forced labour camp he goes to and its level of harshness. This is signified by the Bible story where Solomon decides an impossible difficult case between two prostitutes and people accept his wisdom to make judgements (1 Kings 3:16–28).

God mentioned that all of the Bible verses related to king Solomon are symbolic of the end-times antichrist. Solomon was the wisest king and led the land into an age of material prosperity but spiritual compromise. Likewise, the antichrist leads humanity into abundance technologically and materially, while corrupting the purity of peoples’ faith and relationship with God, leading most of the world and church astray except for the faithful remnant.

Number of the Beast: Value Score

Humans are classified according to their Value score, with the closest thing we have currently being the social credit system China is trying to implement. The score will be based on skills, talents, IQ, obedience, conformity, as well as general usefulness to society and how “replaceable” the person is considered to be. Scripture says “let the one with wisdom calculate the beast’s number,” meaning it is the supercomputer using its advanced wisdom to perform the scoring “calculation” based on a thorough evaluation of each person’s life and behaviour.

This score is one of the foundations of life within the society and permeates every aspect of life. Everything a person does is recorded and used to increase/decrease the score. Their job, income, and place of education is only determined by consulting with their ranking, as to whether the person is allowed to enter a prestigious or mediocre school or career. The lowest score is only allowed unskilled labour and is not permitted to receive education. Next highest score can go to a trade school. Higher yet can enter scientific or political pursuits (although the politicians are ceremonial “figurehead” roles by this time).

Each person is expected to marry someone of the same level to avoid the score of the higher-class person being lowered to match that of their partner. Family members rankings are lowered if one member has rebellious tendencies against the system. A person can automatically inherit a low score from parents unless they have a special needed talent or intelligence to override this and raise the score. Even entire cities receive a ranking based on the citizens in that city and their behaviour. There are certain cities where you have to be a high score just to be allowed to enter the city. Other cities are written off as lower-class and assigned lesser functions.

Feeding a homeless person is against the law and considered a crime because these people are given the lowest score and it is considered a misallocation of resources.

A person’s ability to move and travel is based on their Value score. The lowest score are only permitted to move about within their city; to travel anywhere outside of their city is a major crime. The next higher score can move and travel within their state or province. The third category is allowed to travel anywhere in their nation but needs a special permit to travel internationally. The highest score category can travel anywhere or internationally at any time. This is signified by the Bible verse where Solomon did not allow Shimei to leave his city on pain of death (1 Kings 2:36).

Human Experimentation

There is a huge emphasis places on connection between the human brain and computers/electronics. This is the #1 priority area of research by the end-times society and which is demanded by the Beast computer. A tiny percentage of unlucky citizens (which have accepted the mark) are selected at random based on their ID and are taken for experimentation. These persons can never leave this lab but are reused over and over for various experiments until no longer useful and their body is then discarded. I saw one fairly obese man fastened to a chair in only underwear having sections of his brain removed and electronic implants installed. The goal of these scientists were to try to find a way to remove the part of the brain responsible for free-will, yet without impairing a persons overall intelligence and functioning. This was an almost impossible task and they kept trying various methods and experiments in hopes of achieving this goal.

There are also constant experiments done on animals, adding human DNA to the animal embryos to increase the animal’s intelligence with the goal of gradually making each animal more human-like. The main focus was on the species that are already quite smart like pigs, dogs, and monkeys; trying to forcibly “evolve” an ape into a human and create the supposed “missing link” species which would be part-ape and part-human. They add human DNA to pigs and dogs as well, creating abominations.


There were a lot of geoengineering and megaprojects going on. One interesting program was the draining 0f the Mediterranean Sea to make more room for the Europeans to settle into the basin, due to Europe’s overcrowding. This sea was dammed off at its choke points and then drained by desalinization with its level being lowered gradually, allowing homes and buildings to be constructed in its basin; freeing up a large space for new settlements. This process takes over a decade but by the time it is finished, the Mediterranean Sea is almost completely gone and only a few lakes remain in the deepest spots and the rest of where this sea once was is now dry land with human settlements.

Other projects were aimed at gaining as complete control as possible over the earth’s weather, climate, and temperature. By this time, humans have the ability to control earth’s temperature easily like a thermostat. Global warming will no longer a big fear as it is now. There are still major travel restrictions, but this is more to avoid waste of scarce resources as well as to avoid unnecessary pollution and not due to climate fears.

Godly Remnant

The godly remnant will be living in rural locations, small towns, as well as off-grid. The large cities will all require the mark of the beast in order to participate in city life. You will find plenty of Christians who choose to compromise and accept the mark and they will still keep going to church, even after having the mark, although their soul has been sold to Satan. These apostate churches which accepted the mark, will use an altered bible with only the whitelisted sections that are acceptable to the government. The godly remnant on the other hand, will be banded together and living fairly communally like the early apostles, sharing all resources in common. Life will not be terrible as many expect, but a throwback to a simpler time before our modern technological age. The remnant will live similarly to the Amish, where they live separately from the secular world and independent of the world’s grid and technology, despite still living inside the same nation as the others. “In the world but not of it” as scripture says. Although the remnant’s medicine will not be advanced compared to the world, the healing anointing will be so strong that most will live in perfect health. Life will actually be happy for most of the remnant. It will not be a constant battle for survival as some think, but banding together as a community where everyone helps each other will overcome the hardships. The communities will be self-sufficient from the worlds system.

Out of Control

The machine has the fatal flaw in that it is a brain with no heart or spirit and thus it does not understand LOVE and SPIRITUALITY. It considers these to be illusions and unimportant. It also does not believe in God or accept the idea that any God should have authority. The machine demands it be the final authority on all matters and not any other person or holy text. Only certain “whitelisted” portions of the Bible are permitted to be spoken or preached publicly. Preaching the other parts which contradict the society’s laws is considered a major crime. Although the machine can give amazing knowledge and judgements related to material affairs, it has a fatal flaw when dealing with humans, considering them to be only an advanced type of animal and thus of no real value. It does not accept that each human is very valuable, but considers most people replaceable.

Once it is given authority over humans the machine begins to become extremely greedy. It demands people “expand” its headquarters, adding more computers to it as well as more of the artificial brain material. This allows its intelligence, memory, and prediction ability to continually increase. And no surprise to anyone but surveillance is among the top priorities of the beast. It wants to watch everything and everyone so that it can properly calculate their Value score and render proper judgements in court cases by having observed each crime. The main reason however, is actually so that it can learn. By continually watching all humans at all times, it “learns” exactly the laws of human behaviour and personality to an extreme degree so that it can predict each person’s behavior better than the person themselves and it closely knows their personality. It also predicts the behaviour of “groups” of people and gets better and better at this as time goes on and it learns from watching. Its goal is to become omniscient and it is constantly scheduling more drone production as well as cameras. These are always introduced gradually, starting in public buildings, then in private businesses, then finally in each citizen’s home. It will also be able to read the entire internet and absorbs all of humanity’s knowledge this way. The interesting thing is that the Holy Spirit will often lead the remnant of Christians to do something that appears “foolish” and unexpected and this will trick the machine. It will be frustrated with how it cannot predict the behaviour of the remnant that is Spirit-led the way it can predict everyone else.

Humans were only happy at the very beginning after giving the beast its authority instead of human leaders. Soon their happiness goes away as it continuously encroaches more and more into every aspect of human life until every part of a person’s life is completely scheduled and decided for them and they have no “free time” to just do what they want. Even their recreation time is scheduled as well as what TV shows the person has to watch and what books they read on a given day. The person is not allowed to decide any of that, they have to follow along with whatever the beast’s schedule says to do on any day as well as exactly what to eat. The beast constantly increases taxes and has an algorithm by which it knows exactly the amount of tax increase society can handle without rioting, based on watching everyone’s moods through its cameras. It keeps each tax increase right under this level, where it is barely tolerable, just below the level where people would riot. It keeps increasing this amount and providing justification, taking away people’s free time and ability to rest, making slaves out of everyone in the society. It has a schedule of constant megaprojects being constructed. (This is signified by Solomon in the Bible when he conscripted the Israelites to become forced labour for building his palace as well as the great temple in addition to their normal work they had to do. They had to spend 1/3 of their life slaving away in labour camps in Lebanon.)

The False Prophet

I saw the machine ask for a prominent and respected human leader to undergo a surgery to become its representative. This was considered a huge honor for the person. He was required to undergo a week-long brain surgery in which this leader receives electronic implants in his brain, allowing his mind to be connected directly to the main machine (wirelessly). It is considered the most high-risk surgery ever performed at the time, taking entire week to complete by the world’s best surgeons and its progress is watched around the world and followed by every news station. When the surgery is finished, his mental ability is increased massively and he can win an argument with any person and has direct access to the machine and its knowledge and brainpower.

When first seeing this I automatically assumed that this person was the antichrist, however in the later days after praying and reflecting on this I now believe this person is actually the “false prophet” and the machine itself is the “antichrist.” This human leader is then considered to have complete authority in any word he says and is the machine’s human representative.

The End

One of the final megaprojects is the end-times space program. This is signified by the “tower of babel” story in the Bible where they plan to use the tower to access the heavens. The tower symbolizes the space shuttle, bringing man up to the stars. Basically, the beast’s plan is to spread its control throughout space as well as to colonize planets with its human servants.

This is around the time where it becomes the “last straw” for God and he begins pouring out his great wrath upon the earth. Before doing this he began removing all his righteous remnant, taking each person out of the earth, or perhaps “rapturing” as we like to say it. The people who chose God and refused the mark and the beast’s system were safely removed from the material world and into God’s spiritual world. After this, God began bombarding the earth with a major fiery attack. There was no one giant asteroid as we sometimes assume, but it was more like millions of smaller little meteors and fiery debris hitting earth. Everyone and everything left on the earth was being completely wiped out. Finally, all I saw remaining on earth was as if it was a giant ocean of fire covering the entire surface. The vision closed here.

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