Gemstones And Choices

floor 1

by Joel Ramshaw
May 2021

When you think of “treasure in heaven” many think of some kind of extra jewels in your crown as a reward for a life of faithful obedience on earth. Thus plenty of people think “ah, I don’t care if my crown has extra jewels or my mansion is a bit bigger. Its not worth the suffering.” What they fail to realize is that the jewels and gems carry spiritual power, and they are not something you have to wait to go to heaven after death to use. They help you in your life and ministry while you are still on earth. So just because you lay up treasure in heaven, does not mean the treasure simply sitting there waiting. It is actively empowering you for life and ministry while you are alive on this earth.

1 Corinthians 3:12-15 “If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, or straw, his workmanship will be evident, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will prove the quality of each man’s work. If what he has built survives, he will receive a reward. If it is burned up, he will suffer loss. He himself will be saved, but only as if through the flames.”

Choice 1

While walking down a staircase I saw a vision of three gems set before me and God said,

“Choose your blessing that I will bless you with.”

He also said: “none of the choices are wrong or bad”

They were perfect spheres, wrapped in gold casing around the bottom and floating in the air in a row. On the left was a green gem. At the middle was a yellow gem. And on the right was a red stone.

I told God, “I will have to think about it and learn what each of these means before making the decision.”

God said, “It is not time-critical. You can take some time to decide.”

I got busy with things and was unable to discern the meaning of each gem and what it represented. Around a week later while in prayer, God gave me discernment to read the clear meaning of each gem:

The green one represented a prosperity blessing.

The red gem on the right was a NOW-anointing. It would bring an acceleration to the end of the trials and obstacles I faced.

The yellow gem in the middle was the hardest to read. It was not one specific thing, but more of a custom-made anointing made uniquely for me. Kind of like Joseph had the coat of many colors made for him, this one seemed to be all sorts of anointings God had made customized for my unique life and ministry. Full-time trader, intellectual, etc. All wrapped up in one. But it seemed to be a material anointing and material wisdom more so than spiritual.

Next, I could read the power-level of each gem. The green one was the weakest. It felt almost next to worthless. The red one was definitely stronger. But the yellow was the most powerful of all and I knew right away that it was the wise choice. After making this choice, and interesting thing happened. The red and green gems sacrificed themselves to feed into the yellow gem, to make it stronger. Kind of like how Moses rod turned into a serpent and ate the two false serpents. So the yellow became even more powerful.

Choice 2

About one week later, unexpectedly God gave me another similar choice. On the left and right were my old friends red and green, but in the middle this time there was a purple gem instead of yellow.

I asked God, “what does the purple mean?”

And the words “heart of sacrifice” came.

Wanted to choose the green and my inner greed really wanted it. But then I thought about the red and how nice it would be to have an accelerated end to the trials and obstacles I faced and all the extra productivity this would bring. Suddenly my discernment kicked in and I saw that this would be the wrong choice. That God was really looking for me to choose the heart of sacrifice. The most unpleasant and “undesirable” choice as it were to my soulish/fleshly nature. Wisdom kicked in and I saw how the purple stone was the one I truly needed for ministry. Ministry is all about putting others first and sacrificing ourself for God and others. God would not trust me as much if I carried the heart of greed and not of sacrifice. The purple was the right choice. After choosing it I felt an immediate increase in power and authority.

Suddenly I saw the yellow stone from the first vision hiding behind the purple gem as if hidden under its shell. I realized choosing the purple unlocked great increase to the yellow gem, the destiny anointing!

Afterwards God spoke “You do not have to wait until a vision like this to choose the heart of sacrifice. Put others first and pray for my help and you may choose the purple stone each day.”

Room 3

All of a sudden the vision became far more immersive. I was not only seeing the gems, but actually moving through a doorway and into a room. The floor was of sandy yellow stones, Egyptian-looking. The walls were the same color and the whole place just looked ancient. God gave me a cryptic hint “the things may not be as they appear to be.”

At the far end of the room and in the center on a platform were three flaming gems. The left one was red, the middle was orange, and the right was yellow. Each stone had continuous flames coming out and upwards as if on fire.

God spoke, “these are three trials.”

I started by examining the red stone. Up close it had a harsh violent burning pattern like when napalm is splashed on something and it cannot be put out. I knew this represented an intense harsh burning affliction. It would be a very short-term trial, but excruciating to bear.

I looked at the orange stone in the middle. Its flame pattern was a large WHOOMPH fireball rising up, but then completely evaporating into nothing whatsoever. Just the tiniest flickers left over. I assumed this must be a ridiculously big trial, but that would only last a day or two.

Lastly, the yellow burning gem on the right….. looking into it I saw a desert with smoldering all around. Like it did not represent an unbearable pain, but rather a longer-term frustration and deprivation. Like a desert that withholds resources. Like a parasite that just keeps robbing you, but you don’t notice it in an intense way day-by-day.

Neither of the gems on the left and right looked good whatsoever, so I decided to take another look at the orange to try to figure out what it signified. Immediately the thought came to mind that it represents ‘fear.’ Fear flares up a problem and tries to make it look large, but just as the fireball evaporated in seconds, there is no actual substance behind it. I knew this was the best one and told God right away, “I pick the orange one! This is definitely the best one. That’s my final answer.”

God laughed and said, “I never told you that you had to pick any of these.”

Say whaaaaat?

I had just picked myself a totally unnecessary trial!

Feeling tricked, but accepting my fate I resolved to be more careful and watch out for future tricks and traps which may occur.

A certain pattern is becoming obvious here. The middle gem is always the best choice. And yet in this vision I could have been deceived by choosing the burning yellow gem because the yellow was right choice in the first vision, even though the ‘burning’ yellow was an entirely different gem. That false pattern was the “trap.” The real pattern (so far) is that the center is always the best one. This corresponds to how the Bible states “do not turn aside to the left or right” and the book of Enoch mentions the middle gate contains the blessings while the left and right have curses (see article: Awakening the Wind)

Room 4

Exiting the room, I moved through the hallway which was darkly lit and of grey stonework, and proceeded the next room. Inside room 4 everything was very bright. The floor was light-blue tiles and the walls were either white or very light blue, it was hard to tell. This room was very bare, there was nothing in it whatsoever except for a ladder at the far-left corner; this is where the light was coming from. Walking over I gazed at the ladder, trying to figure out what the meaning was and what the test was. I heard the word “timing.” Confused and trying to figure out whether there was meaning to rungs and whether I had to climb by one or by twos……. Suddenly the Holy Ghost grabs me by the back of my shirt near the neck, pulls me backwards at 200 miles per hour, and then shoves me into room 5.

Room 5

Being in room 5, I felt like I had been teleported into the sky. I could feel this place was high up, an exalted heavenly place; like a person would feel in a zeppelin or at the top of a very high tower. The blue sky was visible through the windows at the boundaries of the room. This entire room was blue and the shapes and edges of things were distinguishable by being lighter or darker shades. The flooring was a blue tiles. In the center of the room on a coffee-table-shaped pedestal there were three orbs and after spending some time to pray and discern I read certain patterns. It felt like these would be my style of receiving from God and related to my journey in him.

The left orb felt like the Bahamas, pleasant, super-comfortable and peaceful like a vacation, but somewhat shallow; just like the Bahamas water is bright blue, but shallow.

The center gem was very blackish-purple. It was hard to discern what was inside of it, it felt as if it was resistant to being read. It was a crystal bulb-like shape, not quite spherical like the others. While gazing into it I saw a demon flash across its surface for the briefest millisecond. It became obvious that this choice was a trick and signified earthly wisdom, which is demonic (James 3:15, This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic.”).

The deep sapphire blue orb felt intense and refreshing. Like the feeling where you have been hard at work in the heat all day and then drink a Pepsi. I could feels the depths and how it representing deep and full experiences with God, not partways or shallow like the light-blue choice. But there was also greater intensity…. Not hardship, but just greater overall “intensity” of experience. This is the one I chose to receive.

Back in the hallway again. I asked God “Can I do room 4? Shouldn’t I be doing that one first? I don’t want to miss out if there is a blessing there.”

God replied, “why would you want to run right back to something that I just pulled you out of.”

It made sense. Just like in life God tries to pull us out of something that is dangerous, but we sometimes want to run right back without thinking.

Moving onwards, I proceeded down the hallway. There was a sweet brightness coming out of the cracks in the doorway to room 7,  but I thought I’d stop by room 6 first to see what it held inside…..

Room 6

Entering this room was like a throwback to medieval times. It was all grey brickwork, similar to how the hallway looked. There were burning torches on the walls to the left and right. On the far wall were shields and long banners, and at its center was a burning fireplace. In front of the fireplace was a square red carpet with golden trim around the borders. There was a tall table in front of the fireplace which had several weapons hovering over it, but the weapons were blurred and confused together and I could not make out what the choices were supposed to be.

I suddenly got the feeling as if the weapons could be used against me to attack and a creepy sensation as if this place could be some kind of trap. God then spoke,

“These weapons could empower you to attack the enemy. Or they could be an enemy attack allowed against you. There is a 50/50 chance of which one it will be, whether good or evil. If you accept this test, the door will lock behind you until you have made your choice. Even if the weapons are to be used against you, you will be unable to exit the room until you have chosen one. But you may safely leave now if you wish, without seeing what the choices are. You will miss out on either on the empowerment, or on the harm, whichever it turns out to be. Do you want safety, or to take the risk for extra empowerment?”

Well, being that one of my great passions is stock market trading, this evaluation of risk versus reward was nothing new to me. And one thing you learn right away in the stocks is that 50/50 odds are what is called “gamblers delight” (in other words they are trash odds). The only time you ever want to accept a 50/50 split is if the potential prize is much greater than the potential loss. And only if you know you can actually bear the loss.

In this case, as in the game of Poker where you are dealt an inferior hand I decided to FOLD this round and noped right out of that room as quickly as possible! God can always give us more empowerment for ministry, but it is unwise to open oneself to potential attack. God provides us a hedge of protection for a reason and we should never risk providing the devil with an unnecessary opening.

The funny thing is, earlier the same day was listening to an audiobook about the great banker JP Morgan and how he would literally lock business magnates in a room in his mansion until they completed the challenge of coming to an agreement. Similar to how I would be “locked” in to the challenge (whether good or bad) and unable to simply exit if I had accepted the room!

Room 7

Coming to room 7, the anticipation was enormous. Knowing the significance of the biblical number 7 and how it represents the end and completion, I felt this might be a final exam of sorts. The door to this chamber was a wooden arched double-door set. Going inside this room was golden-bright. The walls were gold and arched together somewhat like a dome but more like a bullet-shape. In the center was a large throne with while light covering its seat and with a brickwork path leading to it. Around the throne, between it and the walls was a donut-shaped grassy area like a park with many trees, like the garden of Eden.

As I entered my guide said “Can you tell which one is the tree of life?”

I could only view one tree in detail at a time and the rule in this chamber was that once you reject one tree, you cannot go back and choose it again, you are only stuck with whichever the choices are left.

At this point I felt somewhat like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade movie, where he has to choose which cup is the holy grail!

First I saw an apple tree. My discernment interpreted this to represent the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After all, an apple is what we give to teachers (who give us knowledge). Also, artists usually depict the Biblical tree of knowledge as an apple tree. Obviously I did not want to choose this one and so rejected it and passed on.

Next I saw a fig tree…. I knew this tree represented the gateway of timing, and everything to do with time and seasons. Thinking to scripture the only time I remember the fig tree mentioned is when Christ cursed it. My thought is if he cursed it, well then I don’t want it! Christ would never have cursed a tree that represents the tree of life. HARD PASS.

Next I saw a tree with large slabs of orange fruit like papaya. As I got closer to inspect, the leaves came into focus and it was the most beautiful amazing thing I have ever seen. The leaves were an opaque semi-transparent white, and they were shaped like bird feathers. These leaves were covered with the most incredible iridescent rainbow coating. The type of moving rainbow you see on the bubble when children blow bubbles, or when you spill certain chemicals on the ground and they form that chaotic moving rainbow pattern.

Something told me this was a wisdom tree. I felt the need to distinguish between the orange fruit and rainbow leaves. As the Revelation 22:2 states “the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” I understood the iridescent rainbow leaves to be the actual wisdom and the orange fruit to represent the prosperity and success that is the “fruit” (result) of putting wisdom into practice. (Regarding the fruit: Proverb 8:19 “My fruit is better than gold yea, than fine gold;”)(The color gold is like orange)

Suddenly the scripture came to mind “She is a tree of life to them which find her.”

Now I was extremely fortunate to have just finished reading proverbs only a week ago and have this important verse fresh in mind. I was about 80% sure that the “she” was referring to Wisdom, but not actually 100% sure! I really wished it was possible to stop and Google the verse just to make absolute certain, but of course I was in the middle of a test and that simply would not do.

So I told God “yep, this is it! I choose this one! This is definitely the one.”

And then felt the impartation of wisdom. I just wanted to stay and hug that tree and never let go, as if my life depended on it.

God smiled and then said “In your search for the tree of life, did you forget to also consider the Throne?”

All of a sudden it became clear. Although wisdom is a tree of life, the truly most important tree of life is OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER!

How easy is it to get so focused on all the good things God provides and enjoying his creation that we get so busy and neglect the relationship with the One on the Throne! The error of Gnosticism is to pursure spiritual knowledge rather than our relationship with God and this error caused severe division among the early church.

Adam and Eve’s sin was to choose knowledge before wisdom. God wanted them to first increase their wisdom so they would later be able to handle the knowledge of good and evil. God did not plan on permanently withholding that tree from them, but they were not ready. Adam also neglected his relationship with God, as scripture states he was lonely. He did not even communicate his loneliness to God or have that type of close relationship where you talk about what is really bothering you or on your heart. There are TWO trees of life, but they are not separate. They are connected. Wisdom is beside God’s throne, as stated in the apocrypha (Wisdom of Solomon 9:4, "give me the wisdom that sits by thy throne, and do not reject me from among thy servants.")

At this point the vision faded and I was back in front of my computer. It was around 4 or 5 am. I quickly wrote down everything I had experienced in point-form and afterwards went around and did a couple simple households tasks. All of a sudden the thought came to mind, “Maybe I should just check once more to make sure I am not missing out, whether God wants me to go into room 4.”

I asked God for permission and whether he would let me access room 4 and whether it was even a good idea to do so. I saw a picture of a “green light” and then reentered the vision. Walking back into room 4 I approached the ladder in the corner, but this time its rungs were moving continuously upwards like an escalator. I studied it for a second, then hopped on….. and disappeared into the light at the ceiling, carried upwards into the second floor.

The revelation later came, this test was all about TIMING. The ladder and its elevation were very good, but done out of God’s timing it would have taken me to the second floor prematurely, and I would have missed out on all the blessings in the 5th and 7th room. That’s why the Holy Spirit grabbed me and yanked me away so aggressively. It was God trying to protect me from doing something in the wrong order. Sometimes in our own lives, God shows us something good he has in store, but we need to complete certain things first and in a certain order. Trying to jump ahead to our “favorite” parts of God’s plan can turn a blessing into a curse.

Regarding the gemstones God told me we all make choices like these everyday without realizing it. Accepting heavenly treasure, or being robbed by Satan’s traps. Heavenly treasure is so much more than just shiny gems or extra jewels in a crown. They are empowerment for life and ministry while still on this earth. God’s treasure is worth fighting and sacrificing for! NEXT: Floor 2 of the vision

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