TV Watching: A Ruinous Habit

series by Joel Ramshaw


1. Television Destroys us Physically
2. Television Destroys us Mentally
3. Television Destroys us Spiritually
4. Image of the Beast: Motion Picture
5. What I Saw I Cannot Unsee: the spirit of abomination

Watching television drags us down as believers. It takes us away from the image of God we were created to operate in. Rather than rule and reign we are melted into passive creatures, soaking up the filth of the world and its bad values. The news fills us with propaganda and fear. Lessening or getting rid of the television entirely can be a liberating experience. In 2018 I got rid of my television and was able to focus on God much more clearly, this website is the product of that higher spiritual focus and came into being only two months after getting rid of my TV. I am not claiming that I will never buy another one if I start a family, but as a single person being TV-less helped me focus on God and my spiritual mission with much greater clarity.

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