The Problem of Passive Prophecy

by Joel Ramshaw (2013)

Of the defilements in the modern prophetic “passive prophecy” stands out as the largest most common problem. It is essential that we listen to the people speaking complete prophecies and not the easy popular “passive” prophecy. The pure end times message of God is not being revealed through the name-brand mega-minister prophets, yet man happily accepts these people and gives them a platform. I no longer bother reading prophecies on some of the major websites such as, etc. Because the people who actually speak the true word of God are usually hidden away, not flamboyantly advertized, yet they speak the true and full word of God. They just pop out of the woodworks when God needs to use them to speak his message.

What passive prophecy is is words of blessing and encouragement but which include little or no action on your own part, allowing you to think you will automatically receive the blessings of the word passively with no action of obedience on your part. This is the single biggest problem tainting the modern prophetic. You cant give a blanket word of a “season of prosperity” or “time of God’s power” “this is the year of your breakthrough” etc, without mentioning the problems holding the church back from receiving that blessing. Thus people put a false hope in it and end up being discouraged, disappointed, and disillusioned with the prophetic. Not everyone will have their breakthrough this year, not everyone will have prosperity this season. Some people could have it but there are areas of their life which are in rebellion and repentance is needed first.

When releasing prophecy you must never just release what God is going to do, without also giving the word of God for the action of obedience he wants us to do to receive that word. Yes perhaps God is releasing power, fruitfulness, and prosperity, but what are we doing that is holding us back from receiving the prosperity? This is the most important part of the prophetic word, yet it is also the most neglected.

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