Gemstones and Choices

2nd floor

by Joel Ramshaw (2021)

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Looking toward the second floor, from a perspective outside the building I saw demonic imps taunting me out of all of the windows saying “you won’t be able to pass through here.” 

God said “you can skip this floor if you wish” 

But I did not want to miss out on plundering the enemy and said “not a chance, I’m not about to miss out on taking the enemy’s treasure. 

God said “some of the tests ahead of you will be in the spirit and some in the natural and you will be switching back and forth at times to pass these challenges.” 

I asked God what time the vision would occur for the 2nd floor and he brought up the scripture:
“Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” 

Walking in, it looked like an apartment hallway, where you exit from the stairwell. At the entrance, an angel held out a platter with three weapon choices: A hatchet, a morning star (spiked club), and an arrow. Being greedy, I grabbed all three of them and then ran inside. The hallway was so dark and had a foreboding feel. 

I entered the first room. The floor was multicolored neon-lighting tiles. The walls and roof were rotating, a black dome like outer space with stars rotating. It was kind of dizzying. Across the room there was a little 4-foot tall demon which looked like “baby bowser” from the super-Mario franchise. It had a mischievous expression on its face and was standing as if guarding something, which I assumed to be the door to the next room. It looked at me. I looked at it. Neither of us did anything. The thought came to mind “I am probably supposed to kill it.” I took an arrow and got it ready. That demon did not even flinch or try to protect itself. It was still just standing there staring forward as if oblivious to what was happening. I shot it with the arrow and it made a little screaming noise and collapsed. Suddenly two of its friends came from the next room and starting dragging it to safety. I quickly shot each of them with an arrow as well. Then walked over and bashed in their heads with the morning star. All of a sudden I noticed a treasure chest right where the demon had been standing. I knew the chest represented things God had given me, but which satan had stolen from my life due to believing his lies or being tricked by his deceit. Upon opening the chest, I felt an amazing impartation of power and restoration. This felt incredible and more tangible than any of the impartations from floor 1.  

Entering the next room there was this buff devil which looked like a ninja-turtle which was guarding the door to room 3. I spoke “the arrow of the Lord” and shot him with arrows in the head and neck, then ran forward and used my hatchet on his neck and then bashed in his head with my morning star to finish him off. Looking around I was expecting that with this larger demon there would be an ever larger treasure chest or bigger reward for slaying it. The search yielded disappointed and I was unable to find any treasure chest or reward for defeating him. The thought then came to search the body. Straightaway I found a set of keys around his neck and took them with me and opened the next door. 

Suddenly there was this lionlike thing coming at me in room 3, making very menacing, ferocious roars and growls. It was dark and I did not even see what it looked like, but knew it was a spirit of fear. Same routine….. arrows, hatchet, then spiked club. This fight went by so quickly, I could barely remember what went on in this room so as to write it down, and needed to go into prayer just to be able to recall the details of what actually went on in this scene. I do not recall receiving any reward or keys from this room. 

The next room there were three little demons guarding some kind of desk or control panel. I shot the one on the right and it fell immediately, then shot the middle one, but it remained standing. I attacked it with the hatchet and club, but it was being very resilient. The thought came to mind that one must be their leader. Taking a break from attacking the middle one, I figured it would be easy to take out the left one with a couple hits. After making short work of it, I resumed hacking away at the center one until he collapsed. At this point, I noticed two small angels beside me. The one I saw clearly looked around 10 years old with medium-long golden hair and a very genderless appearance. It was absolutely impossible to tell whether it was a male or female. In these little angels hands there were swords, which were very small. More like daggers than actual swords. I wondered how useful these angels would actually turn out to be and if they would actually make any difference, seeing how relatively weak they looked. 

The room was very dark and I could not even tell whether the object in front of me was a desk or a control panel. Trying to study it, the vision was so grainy and it was impossible to make out any detail. God kept giving me a hint into my spirit, “there is a way to attack the enemy in the next room before actually entering the room.” I looked around and saw a picture and moved it aside off of the wall. There was a small hole hidden behind the where the picture had been. I saw six small demons surrounding one tall leader devil. Taking the arrow, I lined up the leader until feeling confidence, then let it loose to assassinate him. Knowing we could not stay hidden and not really having a clue what to do I screamed “CHARGE!!!” and shoved open the door. It was total pandemonium. I attacked the demonic leader while my little buddy angels wrestled with the smaller imps. Soon we had them all whipped. The expression on the little angel’s face was a look of awe, like a child seeing its first fireworks spectacle, as if it was so excited to participate in its first battle against the forces of darkness. It also looked as if in awe of me, as a fan is to a rock star. It was excited to be able to work with a human to tear down the enemy’s kingdom. I ordered my angels “strip the bodies.” The angels went around, looking in pockets, taking out a couple coins here and there. The real prize was the keys on the leader’s necklace however, which my little angel handed to me. 

At this point the vision exited and my focus was back in the natural world. On my lunchbreak, I had talked with a co-worker about church the previous day. This co-worker brought up the conversation again. There was another co-worker in the room and God told me to witness to him. For some reason, perhaps fear of man, complacency, lack of regard for timing…. I ignored the instructions and did nothing. Later on in that shift, in the locker room I saw a safety poster for how to treat a dehydrated person. It read “offer sips of water, but do not force them to drink.” I knew that this was God reminding me to share the gospel with this person, but not force them if they do not want to continue the conversation. I wanted to share the word, but there were so many other people in the locker room and I was embarrassed. I looked up at a locker and it had a sticker with a company name “WARN.” It felt like God was manipulating me into having to share the gospel right then and there. I just had such trouble with the fact that there were so many other people in the area and I thought of it was a one-on-one conversation.  

The co-worker left without me having witnessed to him. Suddenly I felt the sadness, anger, and frustration of God against my disobedience. I have only felt this feeling a few times in my life and it is the worst possible thing you can have happen. The words “DISOBEDIENT” kept repeating in my mind from God. I knew this was very serious. I am driving home and usually listen to an audiobook, but was repenting the whole way back. I could feel God’s anger and distress over what had happened. I heard a conversation within the Trinity that said “after all I gave him, I gave him everything he asked for….. and he would DISOBEY.” Then God said “you hurt me,” which was heartbreaking to hear. Next I felt like judgements and punishments were being thought of and prepared for how to discipline me over this. I overheard God say “perhaps I should do this” and mentioned a certain destruction that could happen at my workplace and I cried “please no, have mercy.” Then he mentioned “perhaps I could do this” and showed another destruction but in my personal life and I cried “have mercy Father, I repent.” 

Upon getting home it was the day the garbage truck comes and my indoor garbage was full. Originally I was planning to take it out before he came, but realized there was nothing else besides repentance that mattered now. Usually after getting home I also check on my stocks right away, but I knew they would be instantly cursed even I even dared to think about opening them. Usually I’ll eat a ton of snacks after arriving back, but I dared not touch food. 

The fire of willful disobedience

For a person who is on fire, they teach you to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. This is a perfect metaphor for repentance. Disobedience is a severe fire that will destroy a person without timely repentance: 

STOP: Stop all worldly pleasures, amusements, food, distractions, carnal activity. 

DROP: Get on your actual physical knees when praying in repentance. Some people think God hears you the same regardless of your physical posture. Nothing can be farther from the truth. For repentance prayer you need to GET ON YOUR PHYSICAL KNEES and stay there praying fervently and sincerely until the burden is released, (which may be hours).  

ROLL: Change over from the old to the new. Commit to doing things God’s way. Confess whatever weakness caused you the disobedience and put yourself at God’s mercy and grace, asking him for the empowerment to overcome that weakness so the disobedience does not recur. Its alright to tell God you are so weak that you may even make the same mistake again without his extra divine help. But make sure to spend the required time praying (or even fasting) so that he can empower you in that weak area and compensate for your lack. 


I went straight to my knees and poured out my heart to God, confessing my weakness in evangelism and apologizing for how my disobedience had hurt God. My prayer was split 50/50 between praying for the co-workers salvation and then repenting to God and asking for help. I prayed for his protection against traffic accidents, suicide, heart attack, and pretty much every possible death I could think of that might happen to him, until at least I head another chance to share the gospel with him.ha After one hour of prayer I was so tired so as to be useless, but set my alarm two hours early. After sleeping for six hours I woke up and still felt the seriousness of God. I got straight on my knees and began praying again. As soon as I got on my physical knees, God spoke “you’re safe here.” After two hours of prayer, mostly on my knees, I said the words “please God, help me witness to _____ as EARLY as possible in the shift. I don’t want to have any delay whatsoever.” The moment I said the word EARLY, God’s mood entirely lightened. After all of this repenting and prayer, breakthrough was finally achieved. It felt as if God had saved my co-worker just from the prayer alone. I felt the joy and lightness of God once again. 

Upon getting back to work for the next shift, I was in a mission-critical state. My one and only concern was the fulfilling of God’s assignment for me to evangelize this co-worker. Early in the shift, I walked down to his area, but he was very busy with a product switch. I just invited him to a breakfast “on me” and he seemed interested but a bit confused and did not have time to talk about it at that time. I felt the weight lift off, as I had tried to setup an opportunity to evangelize. Later on in that shift, at a coffee break I finally caught up with him in the lunchroom. It was just me, him, and one other person who was just finishing their meal. The seconds felt like hours as I was waiting for this dude finish and to get out so I could have one-on-one time to evangelize. Of course my backup plan was just to evangelize to him anyways if he was about to leave, even if there were others in the room. At this point, my fear of God was so increased so as to drown out the fear of man in comparison. Now it was just me and him in the room. I asked him, 
“___, do you have any curiosity about faith, the afterlife, or religion”  
He responded, “nope, don’t think about it at all” 

I replied “so you have no interesting in talking about it whatsoever?” 

He responded, “nope, none whatsoever, thank you” then put headphones in. 

Well it was unfortunate that he did not want to accept Christ, but at this point I was only concerned about completing the assignment properly, so as to not incur the anger of God. With the assignment now complete, my thoughts drifted back to clearing the second floor and when I would face room 6. All of a sudden it became clear. ROOM 6 WAS THIS TEST. I was battling room 6 when fighting over whether or not to obey God in evangelism. But the actual test was REPENTANCE. God was evaluating the quality of my repentance, this was the test in room 6. Although I stumbled on obedience, God passed me for true heartfelt repentance and allowed me to move forward. 

Room 7

The next day, on my first day off from work, right after waking up I thought I heard God say something like “time is of the essence.” And felt he wanted me to re-enter the vision to do clear room 7. I was still kind of groggy from just waking up and wanted to make a coffee to clear up my head, check a few emails….. one email was my annual property tax bill and I was curious how big it would be and opened it to look. Again I heard God say “time is of the essence.” The clock was currently 6:35PM and he said I need to clear the room before 7:00PM. I put the coffee in the freezer and opened the Bible to prepare my spirit by reading two chapters of Proverbs. I then realized there was no time to prepare with devotions or anything. I would have to just fight as is. I guzzled the cooled-down coffee and then closed my eyes and prepared for the fight. 

“lets do this” 

Re-entering the vision I took a scan at the door to see what was behind it, and there was this ferocious wolf-type thing. I prayed for the boldness of God, then entered. It could only attack me through fear, not through any actual hurt. I took it out and it had a dog-collar type thing with a medallion and key, both of which I took. I now wanted to search for any treasure but the room was very dark with the only light being rows of various candles at the far end like in a temple; it was too dark to see anything. This time I prayed for the light of God to enter the place and after a few minutes of prayer the room lightened. I could not find any treasure, but then scanned the door at the end and saw that the treasure was behind it. Opening the door led to the treasure chamber, which was a small room like a walk-in closet. There was a heap of all sorts of gems and gold coins. I started gathering and instructed my helper angels to do the same. 

Although initially belittling the importance of the helper angels, God brought the verse to mind “be careful that you do not despise one of these little ones, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” To be honest, they were quite useful in helping with the simple tasks such as taking out the low-level demons, searching bodies for keys, gathering treasure. Despite me picturing warrior angels as being more “beefy” and masculine with giant swords, they have to start somewhere and they probably all started out small like the ones I was given to work with before earning their stripes and becoming more powerful. 

After gathering plenty of treasure, I felt I had the choice to move on. But being greedy I wanted ALL the treasure, despite not being sure how we could even carry it all. So, we kept gathering. Notably I found a longsword like the type William Wallace would use. “Now we’re in business baby” I thought to myself. Then had the feeling I should give my hatchet to one of the small angels to use, since I would no longer really need it. When it comes time to do the slicing and dicing I’ll be using the longsword anyways. I struggled for a few moments however, as to whether to give it up, but knew it was the right thing to do. As I passed the little angel the hatchet, receiving it caused him to increase in power, authority, and size and this angel now had a more matured, sterner expression on its face in place of the previous innocence. At this point, we have around 80% of the treasure in our sacs, but there are still plenty of coins and such lying around.  

God spoke, “you need to leave right away. The army of demonic reinforcements is coming at exactly 7:00 and I have not prepared you to face them.” 

The Holy Spirit spoke, “if you are not off of this floor when they arrive, they will take all of your treasure and you will have to exit empty-handed.” 

The scripture came to mind,  

“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first” (Matthew 12:43-45)

I looked at my clock (objects in the room were still visible, despite the vision) and the clock was at 6:56PM. There was still plenty of treasure to grab. I told me angels to triage, grabbing only the most valuable treasures, and leaving the lesser coins behind. Meanwhile I started trying to look for the exit for how to leave the place before the demonic army came. The thought came to mind that we might have to run through all of the seven rooms back to the original entrance, but then again, there was not enough time for that. I prayed for wisdom over how to escape and get to floor three. Searching more in detail all of a sudden I noticed an elevator button in the room. It seemed kind of ridiculous to me that the treasure room would be an elevator so I hesitated for a moment, but then remembered the verse in Corinthians, “the natural mind does not comprehend the things of the spirit for they are foolishness to him.” The time was now 6:58 and the demonic army would be coming at any moment. I pressed the “up” button and our treasure room/elevator ascended and I felt the darkness being left behind and a peace as we exited on floor 3. Unfortunately, I was only able to gather 80% of the treasure instead of 100% and God said “that is the difference between obeying “fairly quickly” versus instant obedience. 

Accessing Floor 3

 Being at the entrance of the 3rd floor we were now in safety. The first thought that came to mind was “you should give to God of your treasure.” I saw two options. The first was that I could give him a tithe of the treasure (Old Testament). The second option was to offer him ALL of the treasure (New Testament). I was really feeling possessive at this point and a part of me really did not want to give up my “hard earned” taken from the many battles. I had to struggle with it and go into prayer to overcome the spirit of greed. Then I offered God all of the treasure. I knew we could not fight properly carrying these heavy sacs of coins and jewels. Giving it up to God was a type of safekeeping in a sense. After giving God all the treasure (except the sword), I saw the coins as if they were “pixels” coming together and forming objects (like a 3D mosaic). I asked God what was being made and he said he was creating tools that I would need for competing on the levels ahead. Wow! The moral of the story is that when we give to God, he always gives us back more than we could have ever made on our own. 

God said “In heaven, coins are the atoms that I create blessings out of. When you give me your coins in tribute by giving to ministry or to the needy, I can create far greater blessings for your life and ministry.” 

After doing this, I saw the first door ahead of me was an “eye of the needle” where you can just only squeeze through. For those who are not aware, the eye of the needle is an opening in ancient city walls which was only barely large enough for a man to shuffle through sideways. You could not really carry anything substantial through. This was done so that when the city gates were shut at night, individual persons could still pass through as they would not be a threat to the city slowly coming in one-by-one. An invading army would have no way of using this point to attack, because the city guards could make mincemeat of the invaders as they tried to come in one-by-one. The disadvantage to this gate is that a wealthy person would have to leave all their bags of possessions behind to be able to fit through. So I was glad at having offered the heavenly treasure to God to steward because I’d have had to leave it behind anyways. The other point God spoke is that this gate represents FASTING. You cannot fit through with a big belly. 

I have been doing plenty of fasting but am STILL STUCK here even one month later! When the vision resumes I will finish posting the other floors! 

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