Powerful Testimonies

of supernatural encounters,
prophetic ministry, and miracles

by Teresa Seputis (Godspeak International)

The Best of the Best

Three Tests and Three Confirmations

Father Knows Best

True Riches

He Even Takes Care Of The Little Things

God Ministers In Seemingly Routine Situations

Learning A New Lesson

A Divine Appointment

A Sad and Sobering Encounter


Another Trust Lesson

Experiencing the Benefits of Intercessory Prayer

Enlarge Our Capacity to Receive

The Second Time Around

"God is Stretching You"

The Holy Spirit Takes Over The Service At Elmhurst Baptist Church

God Takes Care Of Me -- Twice In One Day!!

God Opens the Door, Literally

My Book Is Published!

God Uses The Book To Make Opportunities To Share The Good News

God Uses The Book .. Again!

Household Salvation

Bookham Prophetic Conference Trip Report

God's Sense of Humor

A Nice Dream

A Vision Of Sorts

Being Undone

His Amazing Presence

An Eye Opener

Living Romans 8:28

Anointing is not "Feelings"

Pondering God's Awesomeness

Just Judgements

God Spares My House

Secure In His Love For Me

God's Take On Giving

Friday Night Renewal

Taking It To The Streets

Pat Leads the Renewal Meeting

Extra Anointing?

Flowers from Jesus

Intercession In New Orleans

Dieing to Self, Coming Alive to Him

Rebuking the Devourer for Our Sakes

Renewal Service, Friday, Sept 1, 1995

Unity and Joy and Healing

Grieving the Holy Spirit

Flowers For Jesus


Prophetic Spark of Life

What a week!!!

Leading My First Renewal Meeting

Melted by His Love

Healing and Words of Knowledge

So Much Happened When It Seemed Like Nothing Happened

Learning to War

Kinship Experience

Incredible Vision

Healing Anointing

Getting Home Safely

Rodney Howard-Brown Meetings

Called Out

Prophetic Dream

Miscellaneous testimonies (Nov 1996)

Lord, Break My Heart With The Things That Break Your Heart

God is Lord of the Cyclone

Counting the Cost

Giving A Timely Prophetic Word

Learning to Obey When It Doesn't Make Sense

Psalm 78:23

God's Practical Joke

The Power of Prayer


Doing What the Father is Doing

Follow-up to 'Doing What the Father is Doing'

Not Easily Satisfied

Overcoming Flesh and Mud

Bits And Pieces

God Goes TO Jail (and takes me with Him)

Healing Conference in Victoria BC

Healed Again

God Sends Me to the Yukon

The Diamond

Sharing Christ At Christmas

Oil on Forehead

Glimpses of South Africa Ministry Trip

Benny Hinn Crusade in Oakland

God Provides Airfare

God Orcherstrates My Day

God Speaks To Me

God Confirms His Word

Winning Spiritual Warfare

Submitting to Authority Instead of Prophesying

Obeying God's Direction

God Reschedules My Plans

All Things Are Possible Prophetic Conference

An Interesting Discussion

The Desires Of Our Heart

Patterns Of Expectation

Ministering With God

Belem Missions Trip

Belem DAY 1

Belem DAY 2

Belem DAY 3

Belem DAY 4

Belem DAY 5

Belem DAY 6

Belem DAY 7

Coming Home (Belem Missions Trip)

Belem Followup 1

Belem Followup 2

God Invades Our Church Service

Repenting and Receiving Forgiveness/Restoration

Impartation Service

New Year's Day

A Week Of Healings

My Ordination

Omar Olier At My Church

Healing Afterglow

Email One from Mozambique

Email Two from Mozambique

Mozambique Missions Trip

Heidi Baker Meeting At My Church

Rolland Baker Meeting

What A Dream!

Another Resurrection Dream

Todd Bentley's Healing School

Todd Bentley Meetings: Day 2

Todd Bentley Meetings: Day 3

Todd Bentley: Last day of healing School

Todd Bentley: First Healing Service Meeting

Todd Bentley: Last Healing Service Meeting

Putting My Writing Under His Lordship

My first 40-day Fast

Clay in the Potter's hands

Prophesying the Sermon

Pleasing Him

God's Presence and enemy manifestations

A Fictional Story

God's Special Forces Team

God's Faithfullness in Finances

The Holy Spirit goes Grocery Shopping in Oakland California

Who wants revival more?

Medical Problems related to fasting

Seeing My First Angel

Be Filled

Interesting Dream

Fun Interceding at Billy Graham Crusade

Receiving My First Prophetic Word of Correction

Two Object Lessons

God Comes with Power to My Work ...Literally!

A Spanking

1st night at renewal meeting

Thursday, April 21, 1994

Friday, April 22 1994

Sunday, April 24, 1994

Monday April 25, 1994

First Night God Uses Me Powerfully to Pray For Others

John Arnott at San Francisco

John Arnott at San Francisco (Part 2)

Waiting on the Lord and His Holiness

Empowered to Impart

Cathy and Kelly Minister with Me

Mark Dupont

Randy Clark in San Francisco

Randy Clark: Missions Anointing

Tues in Toronto

Wed in Toronto

Thursday in Toronto

Friday In Toronto

Saturday in Toronto

Sunday In Toronto

Back in SF: a deaf woman healed

Friday, September 9, 1994

Sun, Jan 8, 1995

Kelly and I going to the hospital

learning that anointing is for service, not just to feel good

Off To A Good Start:

Tuesday Night

More from Tuesday Night

Wrapping Up Tuesday Night

Wednesday Morning

Toronto Local Pastor's Meeting

Ministry Time From Pastors/Leader's Meeting

Wednesday Evening

More Wednesday Night Ministry Time

Taking It To The Streets

Getting Me Ready to Minister

Monday's Conference

Tuesday Morning's Conference

Tuesday Night's Conference

Wednesday's Conference

After the Conference

The Flight Home

Taking the Anointing Home With Us

Summary of Moscow Catch The Fire II (1997)

Another Holy Spirit Breakout at Elmhurst Baptist Church

Living Psalm 91:12

2003 India Trip Report #1

2003 India Trip Report #2

2003 India Trip Report #3

2003 India Trip Report #4

2003 India Trip Report #5

2003 India Trip Report #6

2003 India Trip Report #7

2003 India Trip Report #8

2003 India Trip Report #9

2003 India Trip Report #10

2003 India Trip Report #11

2003 India Trip Report #12

2003 India Trip Report #13

2003 India Trip Report #14

2003 India Trip Report #15

2003 India Trip Report #16

2003 India Trip Report #17

2003 India Trip Report #18

2003 India Trip Report #19

2003 India Trip Report #20

2003 India Trip Report #21

2003 India Trip Report #22

2003 India Trip Report #23

2003 India Trip Report #24

Surpresa Comes To My Church

I Had Fun Praying For the Sick

Report From Nigeria Trip

An Incredibly Powerful Prayer

Randy Clark at My Church

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