Vision Of Hell

by Joel Ramshaw (Jan 2022)

Recently saw an intense vision of the punishment of a child molester in hell. These are treated differently in hell than any others and have a far worse punishment. In the vision I saw a Catholic priest who was on his deathbed who had molested young boys during his lifetime, whom he was responsible for teaching. Around him were religious trinkets, figurines, and similar accessories. As he began dying and his breaths became more laboured, little monkey-like demons were jumping up and down beside his bed in anticipation and the closer to death he got, the more these little demons hyperventilated in excitement. And they began fighting amongst themselves as to who would be the one to collect his soul; as his soul untethered from the body it became a frenzy. Finally, a larger demon and his little squadron won and collected the soul of the priest to lead to hell. The next scene: Now in hell this group of demons were singing songs unto Satan while dragging the priest across the ground, passing various prisons and cages on each side, which contained humans in lesser punishments. Finally they approached a large black cube structure with thick black curtains on every side. They call this the "Bridal Chamber of Satan." Inside of this cube building was a large iron pentagram pointed downwards which they call the Altar of Sacrifice. They fasten the molester so he is spread out with each arm, leg, and head on each of the five points of the iron pentagram and is upside down. Now there is a large wheel on the back of this device where each demon grabbed a part of the wheel and began to turn it. This caused the device to expand outwards like a medieval rack, stretching the man painfully. It became hard to keep stretching and the demons pushed with all of their might trying to keep going farther as he ceaselessly screamed. A hairline crack appeared in the man’s hard outer-soul and began to spread across him. Finally after more pushing of the wheel, there was a giant CRACK sound as the man’s outer-soul split apart like large ceramic shards. The demons all began fist-bumping each other in celebration as the man’s soft vulnerable inner soul now protruded out. His inner soul looked like a gel bag. God then spoke and told me how this part of the soul is EXTREMELY sensitive and can not handle even being touched. Even the smallest lightest touch to the inner soul would cause unimaginable pain. This sensitive part of him hung out like a soft gel bag which had leaked out. The head demon walked toward the man, took his claw, and gently tapped the gel bag with his claw. This light touch caused the man to scream for minutes. That’s how sensitive the inner soul is. The abuser then begs the demons saying “my punishment is more than I can bear.” The devil then replies “your punishment has not even begun” as he grabs a white-hot devil pitchfork from this fireplace which had many torture devices all stuck in the fire so they would be white-hot. He slowly walks toward the molester priest who screams as he knows what is coming. The demon jams this white-hot pitchfork directly into the molesters inner soul, causing his pain to increase by 10,000x. As the heat of it sizzles, a cloud of steam comes up from him. The devil breathes this cloud in (which is the man’s pain). This causes a sexual-like pleasure and euphoria for the demon which did this. Now each other demon also sticks their white-hot weapon into the molesters sensitive and vulnerable inner soul and as the steam cloud of his pain comes out, they all breath it in and experience an intense euphoria, similar to a kind of hard drug. This puts the demons into a frenzy as they are now like deranged sharks to blood, constantly stabbing in more furiously and aggressively into the sensitive part of his soul, (the part of him which could not even handle being touched lightly). Now there are also another crowd of demons watching this punishment and waiting eagerly for their turn to do this same thing. When one of the demons tormenting gets busy or has to leave, another from the crowd immediately takes his place. This means the molester is tormented 24/7 continuously for years, decades, and centuries in the most ultra-extreme pain which we humans on earth cannot even begin to imagine. He does not even get 5 minutes of rest from his extreme punishment, it goes on 24/7 continuously. I then saw two high ranking demons making a treaty over their territories and the one demon gave one of these black cubes (with a molester inside) to the other demon as a gift to help cement the treaty. Because of the extra pleasure demons get from tormenting molesters, this makes these souls like currency in hell and these souls are traded and exchanged like any commodity as well as given as gifts between demons. Satan also gives these souls as a reward to high ranking demons who accomplish a mission of particular importance. For instance, if Satan assigns a chief demon to deceive a nation and that demon is successful, Satan will reward him by giving him a molesters soul to torment for his own personal pleasure. Now at this point thus far is only the devil’s punishment and if you think his punishment is bad, it is actually nothing in comparison of God’s punishment for the child abuser. Now at the end of the world (after the molester has already been punished 24/7 for hundreds of years in hell), two angels take this Abomination and bring him before the Throne of God to be judged. He can no longer walk on his own (due to how he has been “cracked” apart as mentioned earlier), but must be dragged by the angels. The FEAR OF GOD is so intense in front of the Throne that the molester begs to be allowed to return back to his punishment in hell rather than face God, but God then says that satan was far too lenient in his punishment of the molester and that now God’s punishment will be 10,000x more intense pain as compared to the devils. As the molesters sentence is read out by the angels, God pronounces him GUILTY. God then takes all of his fiery wrath against this man, and he builds a giant Sun out of it. He then takes the molester, and casts his soul into the core of this Sun where the soul slowly disintegrates as he burns alone for tens of millions of years as a warning unto all universes and creations of what happens when a person can be so STUPID as to harm one of Father God’s precious children. God’s heart is like a mother bear when it comes to protecting his young children and he will show absolutely zero mercy to the molester. God cannot hear this person scream from inside this Sun, nor does he want to. The man is completely alone and his screams of pain are neither heard nor acknowledged by anyone. This new Sun then completes its stellar evolution life cycle all the way to becoming a Red Giant type star (this process takes tens of millions of years, meanwhile the abuser is inside burning the entire time in the most extreme pain). Finally after tens of millions of years, God gets tired of having this person still existing in his sky, he touches this Sun (which by now has become a Red Giant type star) and he causes it to begin to supernova. As the star expands rapidly, the man’s pain increases another 10,000x with the increased heat of this star and his soul disintegrates much more rapidly in a final orgasm of maximum possible suffering. The star then explodes, ripping what is left of the molesters soul apart and scattering his particles and ashes across the universe, obliterating him from his miserable existence. This is the Law of the Father unto those who would abuse his precious little children.

Matthew 18:6 “whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”


Afterwards I saw the heart of Jesus for these souls and his intercession; it looked like he was dead inside out of compassion for how high their punishment is from the Father. Sometimes we write off certain people as “too far gone,” but if there is any chance of saving them they still deserve to hear the message of the gospel and repentance. Of course it is hard for a person who has been abused to forgive their abuser and pray for their salvation, but now that you know the depths and insanity of their punishment, we have no other choice but to hope and pray for them to be saved. Knowing their punishment and wishing for them to burn results in our own hearts becoming just as dark. Some may be too far gone, but others are not and if there is any chance they can be saved, we need to do our part to help them hear the gospel and repent before they have to face the worst horror.

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