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~~~~~Preparation for Ministry in Prophetic, Prayer, and Healing~~~~~

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Teresa Seputis)

A Beginner's Guide to Healing

Determining Your Healing Style

The Healing Presence of the Lord

Ministering Deliverance

Faith and Healing

The Reality Of God's Healing Power

Ministering At The Altar

Working With God To 'Keep Your Healing'

Healing Preliminaries

The Holy Spirit And Healing Anointing

God Is Still In The Healing Business

Healing Scripture

Divine Healing

Interferences To Healing

Ministry Team Training

Upper Room Discourse


Open Heaven

A Hockey Model Of Healing

Testimonies of Healing

Breaking Expectation Barriers In Healing

A Layman's Approach to Divine Healing

Are You Living In God's Reality?

Healing--Dare To Believe

The Role Of Obedience In Healing

Healing Tidbits (or Miscellaneous Teachings on Healing)

The Cost Of Healing

The Making Of A Prophet

Growing In the Prophetic

Prophetic Evangelism

Prophetic Bloopers and No-No's

The Prophetic In Church History

Stir Up the Gift

Laying On Of Hands

The Prophetic And Divine Healing

The Apostolic and It's Relation To The Prophetic

Prophetic Ministry: Rightly Related To The Body Of Christ

How To be Prophetic In a Non-Prophetic Church

Judging Prophetic Words

Fulfilling Your Destiny Through Knowing Him

The Practicalities Of The Prophetic

Vision for Your Life and Ministry

Desperate For A Word

Dynamics of Team Ministry

Ways God Speaks

Finding Your Place In God's Kingdom Order

Prophetic Resources Review

Angels Among Us

A Prophet's Eye-View of Old Testament History

Detecting the Spirit of Deception

Spiritual Warfare And The Prophetic

God Speaks To Us Through The Prophetic

Dreams, Visions And Experiencing God

Are You Part Of The Joshua Generation?

Dream Misinterpretation

Discerning God's Voice

Prophetic Evangelism (2nd Edition)

Become An Effective Messenger

False Prophecy & Second Heaven Revelation

Practical Prayer Tools For A Prophetic Person

When Should I Accept A Word and When Should I Reject It?

Fireside Chat: Informal Prophetic Mentoring

Fireside Chat II: Informal Prophetic Mentoring

Encountering God

The Judgments Of God

Judging Prophecy (2nd Edition)

Dialogue With God
(A Three Week Individual WorkShop)

Effective Prayer

Dressing For Intercession

Team Ministry

Prayer: A Life-Changing Experience

Prayer Resources

Identificational Repentance

Do You Have The Stuff To Maintain A Move Of God?

Mentors and Mentoring

God's Presence and Enemy Resistance

Studies In Intercession from the book of Esther

Getting In God's Order

Warfare Prayer

Prophetic Intercession

A Prayer Sampler

A Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Creating A Culture For Answered Prayer

Excerpts From Visions Beyond The Veil

The Real Thing



A Spiritual Checkup For Intercessors

Bits and Pieces -- Miscellaneous Teachings & Testimonies On Subjects Relevant To Intercessors

True Revival

Thoughts From Teresa

Grace and Christian Values

Ask Teresa

God's Purpose And Destiny For Our Lives

Proclamation Prayer

The Building Blocks Of Intercession

Praying To Obtain God's Best

Attacks in the natural may mirror things in the spirit

Praying in Jesus Name

Discerning How to Pray

Isaiah 4

Soul Ties

ABC's Of Learning To Hear God's Voice

Inner Vows


A Teaching Example In Judging Prophecy

Sins Of The Fathers Effect Their Descendants

Did I Disqualify Myself From My Word?

Symbols in Dream Interpretation

Why do Bad Things Happen To Good Christians?

Second Heaven Revelation

How To Pray For Someone With Cancer

Lessons From The Missions Field
(Part 1)

Lessons From The Missions Field
(Part 2)

Lessons From The Missions Field
(Part 3)

Lessons From The Missions Field
(Part 4)

Lessons From The Missions Field
(Part 5)

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