Through The Eyes of God

by Dedric Hubbard
April 11, 2011

SENDAI, Japan – A strong new earthquake rattled Japan's northeast Monday just hours after people bowed their heads and wept in ceremonies to mark a month since the tsunami that killed up to 25,000 people and set off a still-unfolding nuclear crisis.

Name - Sendai - Means a thousand generations

Situation - New Earthquake - Means God is getting ready to release his Elijah prophets that will cripple the foundation of the “church” in their revelations, anointing, authority, and power.

The quake, the second major aftershock in less than a week, was another jarring reminder of the magnitude-9.0 earthquake that spawned the massive wave March 11. People in a large electronics store in Sendai screamed and ran outside and mothers grabbed their children, but there were no immediate reports of more damage or injuries.

Officials said operations were not endangered at the tsunami-flooded Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex, where power was cut by the aftershock but quickly restored. Japan's meteorological agency measured the aftershock at a magnitude of 7.0, but a U.S. monitor said it was 6.6. The epicenter of was just inland and about 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Tokyo.

Situation 2 - major aftershock in less than a week - Means times are short and the Elijah prophets will introduce and lead the second-coming of Christ as they restore all things back to the Father

Place 1 - Electronics store in Sendai - Means that people are praying for Japan as they have been taught through generations of preaching, but God is not hearing for he can’t be found in a judgment position. Believe the reports of the Elijah prophets no matter how heartless it sounds.

Place 2 - Nuclear complex - Means God has risen a new standard to what church is supposed to be. There is no power or Glory in the church in its current state. They are following a cycle of religious spirit.

7.0 - Means the church is running without the glory of God, but in a cycle of their own wisdom.

6.6 - Means the first sin of the church is being exposed by Elijah prophets through revelation, teachings, and wisdom from the throne of God making way for the mark of the beast to be implemented.

Place 3 - Epicenter - means that God is getting personal, coming inland to warn his remnant about the spirit of pride the leaders of the church are operating in. God states that he is about to bring his wrath to the states.

100 - Means God’s Election of grace/children of promise/remnant

160 - The devils children of pride/operating in a spirit of pride

The Fukushima Dai-ichi plant is still leaking radiation after its cooling systems were knocked out by tsunami, and the government on Monday urged people in five additional communities near the plant to leave within a month, citing concerns about long-term health risks from radiation. People who lived within a 12-mile (20-kilometer) radius around the plant already have been evacuated.

Plant mention #2 - Means there is contamination still in the prophetic anointing that will be revealed through revelation by the Elijah prophets who have the grace of God to see through the heart of God which prophets are releasing false revelations. They will be given 30 days to release religious tradition because they are interfering with Elijah prophets, and after then they will be relieved and/or fired of their governmental authority and will be fired while working and not judged until the day of redemption.

5 - Grace

12 - Governmental authority

20 - Redemption

With workers still far from bringing the plant under control, the bodies of thousands of tsunami victims yet to be found and more than 150,000 people living in shelters, there was little time for reflection on Japan's worst disaster since World War II.

Situation 1 - Means God is getting ready to bring in Elijah prophets from out of the box of religion to be in place to serve the end-time harvest.

People in hard-hit towns gathered for ceremonies at 2:46 p.m., the exact moment of the massive quake a month earlier.

"My chest has been ripped open by the suffering and pain that this disaster has caused the people of our prefecture," said Yuhei Sato, the governor of Fukushima, which saw its coastal areas devastated by the tsunami and is home to the damaged plant at the center of the nuclear crisis. "I have no words to express my sorrow."

Situation 2 Time 2:46 - God states that sin(6) in church has created and made(4) a mockery of his name throughout the earth, and he will release his Elijah prophets to separate(2) the wheat from the tares using a display of power and anointing through his chosen vessel.

Quote 1 “ My Chest…..” - God is saying that his Son's heart is being torn by the suffering of his people for they are not being trained, equipped, or operating in the foundation that he died for and he is not speaking through your prophets but only to and through his Elijah prophets who will restore all things back to him.

In a devastated coastal neighborhood in the city of Natori, three dozen firemen and soldiers removed their hats and helmets and joined hands atop a small hill that has become a memorial for the dead. Earlier, four monks in pointed hats rang a prayer bell there as they chanted for those killed.

Place 1 - God is saying many of his Elijah prophets have already started destroying man’s wisdom and their leaders of pride but he stopped them to give the church time to stop praying against the true words in this dispensation. To pray against what God is doing as well as his Elijah prophets you pray against him.

The noisy clatter of construction equipment ceased briefly as crane operators stood outside their vehicles and bowed their heads.

Noise - Symbolic of the religious people who think we just talk to be talking and you call it noise but to us it’s revelation. This speaks to your fired status as a leader in this season and we bow our heads as a sign of shame that you cant hear the voice of God telling you that you are fired.

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