Trees, Channels between the Spiritual and Natural

by Joel Ramshaw (2011)

"for the tree of the field is man's life" (Deuteronomy 20:19)

Parts of creation such as trees, the human brain and organs etc. Are natural gateways between the spiritual realm and the natural. Your brain is intercommoning with the spiritual realm constantly. This is where human insight comes from, inventions, inspiration, vision, and revelation from God or divination from satan. Discouraging and thoughts that wear you down and make it seem like you cant overcome things are from demonic beings. Thoughts that prompt you to turn to God and do what is right, come from God and from the angel’s assigned to you.

- Trees are living beings with spirits. They are the "pillars" connecting earth with the first level of heaven. Trees are planet earth’s antennae she uses to communicate across the realms of heaven. Because of this conduit, demons begin to inspire Israel began to place idols under trees everywhere. (Isaiah 57:5, “ Inflaming yourselves with gods under every green tree,”) each tree was a portal for the demonic spirit to ascend from the lower realms of the earth into the second heaven where it would cover the area in a shroud of darknesses and rule over that area and have great influence over it, because when you operate at a higher realm you have power to influence the levels under you. That is why God says we are “seated with Christ in the heavenly places” a true believer who obeys God operates from the third heaven or higher. Satan’s authority is limited to the second heaven and lower.

- Trees release healing power to the body, soul, and mind of humans near to them in the area (but not the spirit)

KEY:(Revelation 22:2 “the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations”)

KEY:(Exodus 15:23-25, God told moses to throw the tree into the bitter water, and the bitter water was cleansed.”)

As these verses show there is healing power in trees!

- water represents LIFE. And the “bitter water” represents the poisoned LIFE a human has who is stresses and not in nature and not eating any natural things. Diseases of the BODY human’s receive in life, and also the BITTER hurt of the SOUL going through the motions of life without life. Trees impart life to your soul when you are around them and the bitterness is cleansed.

- there is a constant flow of spiritual substances of light and life pouring through from the spiritual realm and being emitted in the area around trees. Also healing angels are able to send down spiritual-substance impartations of health-protection (a spiritual aura from your soul which covers the near area around your body which protects it from succumbing to diseases, and mental problems, and such)

- you will receive more revelations from God and communion with God’s voice when you spend enough time outdoors and in nature also among trees. The Bible says “the heaven’s declare the glory of God. Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge ” meaning when you spend time in nature under the sky rather than under a roof, you will hear God speaking more. Creation is a manifestation of His nature and glory and He is pleased when you spend time with it.

- Jesus constantly spent time alone in nature to commune with God. Scripture would say He would climb a mountain to be alone with God (In Israel their mountains were much smaller than ours), he would go into the wilderness to spend time with God and seek Him. He had to run away from the crowds following Him, to spend time in nature with God.

- BRAIN CELLS are the same design as trees and were created under the EXACT same principle in heaven. Your mind exists in the same area of space as the brain. Except the mind is on a spiritual/invisible level and the brain is on the material/natural level. When the “decision-making centre” of your spiritual person has a decision made, such as to move an arm. Your WILL puts spiritual pressure inside your head. And this causes the chemicals in the area around the dendrites to align like magnets to what is being put out by your will. When demons enter a person (bigger spirits and demonic regional principalities have power to influence many many people at one time), their dark nature causes the chemicals in your brain (and body) to align differently to their darkness, and they block production of certain chemicals, and block chemicals from aligning where they should (like dopamine), thus causing depression and things like this.

As a result psychiatrists have made a man-made solution by prescribing pills which deaden some of the symptoms but are not a real solution and cause many other problems and side-effects because they are unnatural. Casting out of demons is what is necessary. Though this has temporarily blocked the symptoms caused by demons blocking production of those chemicals Known brain science explains the rest, the charged chemicals then travel through the AXON and etc, to operate your body. There have been found brain cells in the intestines and heart, which is why stress causes natural sicknesses and problems. And which why everything your carry in your soul, affects what happens across your natural body. Each organ receives pressure from your spirit depending on what you are feeling, and this affects its natural process. Scientists have discovered that there are neural "brain cells" in your heart and your intestines also, which is responsible for the “gut feeling” because your SOUL is connected in these places, and other organs like Kidneys.

If you study deeper you see the “DENDRITES” which branch from the brain cell and receive the messages are the same as the “branches” of the trees. The leaves are the endings which absorb the spiritual substance in the same principle as a solar panel absorbs light. The trunk of the tree is as the brain cell’s AXON which transmits out the signal the DENDRITES brought in. The roots of a tree are the TERMINAL BUTTONS on the end of the AXON of the brain cell which divide out the signal every which way.

- it is better to go to a place with “real nature” where nature grows freely everywhere not like most of the parks which have cleared fields of cut grass and trees here and there. Parks are helpful, but real nature not manicured by man is certainly the best place you want to hang out when you spend your time in nature.

If you have trouble finding time to spend in nature. Use your time for devotions to go to a private place in nature to spend time with God. If you are a student you can also use your time to study your textbooks from your college by studying in a place outdoor with nature and trees all around you.

“In that day every man will sit under his fig tree and be at peace” because of the impartations, the trees are imparting life to the human soul and their stress is being removed by the trees.

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